The right decision


Even if it doesn't mean the easiest path to a championship, the return of the King means a young roster has the best leader it could ever hope for.

Which dominoes fall after LeBron's return?


Chris Bosh will probably land on his feet, but Dwyane Wade's future is unclear. Where will the second-tier free agents land?

Love 'intrigued' by Cavaliers after LeBron signing


Could the LeBron signing pave way for the Cavaliers to add another star? According to a report, Kevin Love is "intrigued" by the idea of heading to Cleveland.


What LeBron returning to Cleveland means for Cavs

So this just got REALLL interesting.

LeBron will return to Cleveland

In a stunning turn of events, the best player in the world is going back to where he began his NBA career, spurning the Miami Heat despite four straight Finals appearances.

Twitter reacts to LeBron returning to the Cavs

Jubilation in Ohio, desolation in Miami. This is how the world is reaction to LeBron's second decision.

How Bosh and Parsons gave LeBron a deadline

LeBron James may have single-handedly brought the opening of NBA's free agency period to a halt, but the Mavs may force the King's hand sooner than he'd like.

Cavs explain why they took down Gilbert's letter


Dan Gilbert's infamous letter to LeBron just disappeared from the Cavs website. Here's their explanation.

Guide to every LeBron Internet conspiracy theory

Reading the LeBron Internet tea leaves is stupid and amazing and fun!

The Bulls are still alive for Melo

Could New York's star free agent be reconsidering staying in New York? A report suggests that he's regained interest in signing with the Bulls.


Tanaka has partially torn UCL

Tanaka might be able to avoid surgery, but we've heard that story before.

Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano: 'I tore my anus'

Argentina's midfielder made a spectacular save against the Netherlands. At the expense of his bottom.

The NCAA has even more to fix than you think

A former college athlete's first-hand perspective on Wednesday's NCAA Senate committee hearing, where the organization had no good answers for hard questions about how it oversees its variety of athletes.

Every signing and trade in one place

There's going to be a lot of player movement in the NBA this summer. Keep up to date with all of it here.

All eyes on the Sooners

Oklahoma was both lucky and good at the end of 2013. The Sooners have the easiest conference schedule of any Big 12 contender, but can they prove that last year's holes have been plugged enough to reach the College Football Playoff?

PRESENTED BY 128373454_mcdonaldsclubhouse_stb_whiteoverlay

MLB All-Star Game 2014

Everything to know about the Tour de France

Are you just catching up on the Tour de France? Here's a helpful guide to use as cycling's biggest test winds through France.

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