Arctic Man

Alaska's weeklong, booze and fossil-fueled Sledneck Revival bookended around the world's craziest ski race.

When Dan Snyder was a breath of fresh air


Lost in the gross incompetence, PR disasters and mismanagement that has plagued a once-proud franchise is the fact that when Snyder bought the team, he brought a sense of optimism.

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Emmanuel Sanders inspires the next generation


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Cavs have to trade Wiggins for Love


Teams should only deal No. 1 picks under extraordinary circumstances. This is an extraordinary circumstance.


Cotillo's Latest: Price to Jays?

A collection of notes with eight days to go before the trade deadline.

Watch Pac-12 Media Days online right here

Marcus Mariota, Mike Leach and Brett Hundley are among the big names at this year's Pac-12 media event.

For Noad Lahat, the real fight begins on Sunday


Noad Lahat -- the UFC's second Israeli-born fighter -- will fight Steven Silver on Saturday night in San Jose. On Sunday, win or lose, he will board a plane to Israel to fight in the bigger conflict.

Next generation of Chiefs ready to roll


The Chiefs bounced back from a rough season with 11 wins and a trip to playoffs in 2013. If Andy Reid's team is going to do it again, they'll need big contributions from these up and coming players.

Stoops mocks Saban's 'excuse'

Big Game Bob has had enough of this SEC rhetoric ... again.

The 10 best mixtapes ever


From John Wall to Andrew Wiggins, we collected the most ridiculous mixtapes we could find.

Cristiano Ronaldo was on Japanese TV, it was weird

Maybe it was just culture shock, but Cristiano Ronaldo looked like he hated every second of this awkward TV interview in Japan.

Shut up, Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy still can't stop talking about Michael Sam.

FSU leads All-ACC with 9 members

Elsewhere, North Carolina has more first-place votes than Coastal favorite Miami, and Virginia Tech has more picks to win the conference. The Coastal is a big crowd again this year, you see.

NBA must stop Thunder from denying rookie full pay


The Thunder may have found a loophole that allows them to strong-arm their first-round pick into accepting a D-League salary for one year. The NBA can't allow that to happen.

Summer League: The gag reel of the NBA season


Welcome to Punt Brothers, where the only listener is you. Ryan Nanni and Jon Bois talk to SB Nation NBA editor Mike Prada about the Summer League, and speak ill of players who are probably very nice.


Why a trade is best for Chase Headley's career

Headley won't have to fear the qualifying offer any longer, and that should open up his market this winter.

College basketball's shadiest loophole


Memphis hired an assistant coach because his sons are really good at basketball. This happens a lot, and a solution likely isn't coming anytime soon.

Ole Miss perfects social media recruiting

Why Photoshop a magazine cover when you can just write some fake tweets from the future?

Arizona State's reloading year

With almost all of last year's defensive difference-makers gone, Arizona State probably won't be a Pac-12 South contender in 2014. But if the Sun Devils hold steady on offense and play well at...

LeBron buys his neighbors cupcakes

People trampled all over LeBron's neighborhood as he thought about his free agency destination, but he made up for it with cupcakes!

The Rays' 4-pound burger is impossible to eat

Watch Marc Normandin get in a fight with a huge burger in Tampa Bay. He lost, but we can all enjoy the photos.

Jack White is at the Cubs game looking very upset

What's he so sad about?

Top college football recruits welcome gay teammate


Survey finds players have no problem with gay teammates and some encourage them to come out.

Madden 15 rookie ratings released

Madden ratings czar Donny Moore sits down with SB Nation to discuss the best rookies in EA Sports's latest football installment. Before you ask: No, Johnny's not on the list.

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