Biking Bhutan with no balls and a gracious prince

Attempting to complete the world's most grueling one day mountain bike race across 268km of extreme climbs and descents through Himalayan passes.


Watkins, Tate save the day

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White takes a closer look at good days from Golden Tate and Sammy Watkins.


The Royals are not dead, the World Series has just started

Just in case you needed a reminder, "narrative" is the way the World Series is packaged for us, not the way it's necessarily happening. Case in point: sometimes a Royals loss is just a loss, not a...

4 things we learned from the Giants' 7-1 win


The Giants ended the Royals' postseason winning streak in blowout fashion.


Wade looks like his old self vs. Rockets

The Heat star looked like his old self against Houston, an encouraging sign for Miami fans worried that he couldn't carry the load without LeBron James.

Projecting the ACC

In the ACC conference race, Florida State still has some work to do, and the national dream of a seven-way Coastal division tie is on life support.

The Numerical: Don't forget Ohio State

Good calls (in Tallahassee) and bad calls (in Berkeley), great performances (in Columbus) and horrible performances (in Gainesville), and a blowout in Tuscaloosa highlighted the numbers in Week 8.

The brave souls who made it into Breaking Madden

In total, 12 of you will be featured in this week's Breaking Madden. If you're one of them, I'm sorry. Let's talk about the worst days at work we've ever had.

UGA moves to #FreeGurley

"I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made," says the former Heisman front-runner.


NFL Picks, Week 8

Can Denver hold off San Diego in an important AFC West matchup? Who will come out on top in the AFC North battle between Cincinnati and Baltimore? SB Nation's expert panel weighs in with their...

Week 9 betting locks and a TON of smoked meat

We run down the biggest matchups of the week -- Ole Miss-LSU, Utah-USC, Mississippi State-Kentucky, and more -- while dining on smoked meat and poutine at the always excellent Mile End Deli.

Michigan gets pranked by Spartans

College kids and their college pranks, I tell you.

Broncos on top, Seahawks fall in power rankings

Coming off a 42-17 win, Denver remains on top in the latest power rankings. Things have not gone as well for a couple of preseason Super Bowl favorites who have now fallen out of the top 10.

D-Wade plays 1-on-1 with 90-year-old for birthday

Dwyane Wade accepted an older fan's challenge to a game of 1-on-1 -- kind of -- and gave her an awesome 90th birthday.

Rose puts Cavs on notice

Derrick Rose looked as explosive as ever in scoring 30 points against the Cavaliers in an early potential Eastern Conference Finals preview.


Rice files grievance against Ravens

The former running back is also awaiting a hearing to appeal his suspension from the NFL.


Royals fan picked an odd time and place for a nap

A Royals fan was caught sleeping during Game 1 of the World Series.

Cowboys waive Michael Sam


The Dallas Cowboys parted ways with the former Missouri defensive end, according to the team's web site.


AM roundup: Red Wings lose Datsyuk's debut

Pavel Datsyuk was back for the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night and very nearly scored one of the prettiest goals of the season. Meanwhile, the Nashville Predators continued their fast start to...

Cain Velasquez injured, out of UFC 180


The UFC's snakebitten year continues. Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, the lynchpin of the UFC's expansion into Mexico, withdrew from his upcoming title defense at UFC 180 on Tuesday.

Skip Bayless says a really dumb thing about Kobe

Suggesting rape allegations help Bryant sell sneakers is ridiculous.

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