The player who ruined 500 home runs for everyone

Here's a guess as to the player who started the avalanche of 500-homer cynicism.

Arian Foster attacks the NCAA

Editorial note: PFT Commenter's strong takes are presented as PARODY. Sorry. Not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional ... we think.

How the Wizards clawed back to respectability

For the past five years, Washington has hosted one of the NBA's most pointless franchises. Things are finally turning around in D.C.

Draft Numerology, NFC North: Johns & Blaines

You name your baby John because you're gauaranteed to find the personalized merchandise at Disneyland. You draft a lineman because it's better than drafting the next Blaine Gabbert. Draft Numerology takes a run at the NFC North.

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Luis Suarez: loathsome genius

Barring an impossible meltdown, Liverpool will soon lift its first-ever Premier League trophy. Their success is well-deserved, but star striker Luis Suarez remains one of the most loathsome...

After 100 years, Cubs still making children cry

There's still time to switch to the White Sox.

Fan completes Moyes butt tattoo

Important #butt tattoo update.

Let's get ready for the NFL schedule release!

The NFL is releasing the 2014 regular season schedule on Wednesday night, with GREAT fanfare. You need to start getting ready ... like, now.

Toronto's two senior members rise to the challenge

The two longest-tenured Raptors players arrived in the same year from the same home city and have been especially vigilant in overcoming the many losing seasons. In Game 2, DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson stepped up when their team needed them most.

Why Gerrit Cole wasn't suspended

Carlos Gomez and Martin Maldonado received suspensions for their role in the recent Pirates/Brewers brawl, but didn't Gerrit Cole start it?

'Field of Dreams': Worst baseball film of all time

As far as sentimental father-son stories set around baseball go, the film is a classic. In terms of telling honest truths about the game, it sidesteps some difficult realities.

Louisville's ACC welcome guide

An introduction to the conference for Cardinals fans, by members of each SB Nation ACC site.

No, PSU isn't restoring its Paterno statue

We know you know the difference between Penn State University and a State College business, but your friends might not. So just show them this.

Cooke's reputation returns

A bad hit on Tyson Barrie brings Matt Cooke's past to the present.

Ranking all 14 SEC Network school ads

ESPN's SEC Network released a 40-second spot for each SEC school. SO LET'S RANK THEM.

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