Montreal Moisture Madness

Well, I really enjoyed the Montreal race again this year. I know it didn't run the full length, but it was pretty cool to watch those cars go around the track in the rain and on Goodyear Racing Rain Tires.

I noticed that not all of the cars had the massive, and somewhat ineffective, wiper blade either.

It would have been interesting to see how the race would have turned out if the track drained better than it did.

If NASCAR wants to continue to race in the rain in the future at their lower speed venues I think that would be awesome, but they would have to get through some technology issues first, like having wiper blades on the cars that actually work. But if they have wipers on the DP cars in the Rolex Series I'm sure NASCAR can find a way to get wiper blades to work on their cars too. Where there is a will there is a way as the saying goes.

They would also need some sort of vent or fan for the front and back window so they don't fog up too much and block the driver's view.

All and all I was pleased with the race (except that they still had to shorten it, but oh well).

I was also pleased with Andrew Ranger's performance in the NCTS race prior to the Nationwide race, as well as during the Nationwide event. Good for him. No telling how he would have done if he were allowed to go the full distance.

Another thing that pleased me about the Nationwide race was Ron Fellows - not because he won, but because he was in a JR Motorports car.

Why is this pleasing to me you ask? Because Ron Fellows got screwed when Dale Earnhardt Sr died.

Let me explain.

The week before Dale Sr died he competed in the 24hrs of Daytona in a Corvette with his son and two other drivers, while Ron Fellows was in the sister Corvette with several other drivers.

Dale and Ron got to know each other and they hit it off. Dale Sr then promised Fellows that whenever NASCAR Cup was at a road race that he would make sure Ron was in a DEI car for each and every event.

A handshake deal between the two was then struck, with paperwork to follow later.

But Dale died the next week before any paperwork had been done, and DEI did not honour Dale's handshake agreement with Ron.

Now that Jr is out on his own, away from the grasp of DEI, it is nice to see him step up and give Ron a ride - just like his Daddy promised. It isn't Cup but at least he is trying to pay the debt.

My hat is off to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for doing this for Ron. Kudos!


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