New Hampshire - A Few Days Late

Let's talk about the race now shall we?


Here are my observations in point form;


1) Dale Jr runs great until just past the halfway point yet again.


Much has been said about his verbal outburst over the radio to Eury Jr, but honestly, let's put it into proportion; yet again he has a killer car, he comes into the pits, they put new tires on and his car drives like Kyle Busch's car at the beginning of the race.


O.K. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but at the time I bet that is how Dale Jr felt and what is he supposed to do about it? Get out of the car and have a gentleman's discussion with Tony Eury Jr and the rest of the crew? No. Dale's only source of venting, besides driving the car into someone or something is to push the mic button on the steering wheel and verbally abuse whoever is listening.


This is nothing new here folks, it has been going on since drivers first started using radios and will continue to go on.


A good example of this happened back in 1999 when I was listening to Dale Earnhardt Sr's radio while he was running 5th at MIS. I thought his car was driving pretty good and he was staying in the top 5 for most of the race but Dale thought otherwise. Dale keyed the mic and said the car was tight and they needed to make it turn better. Dale's crew chief, Kevin Hamlin, replied that Dale was running fine, not too worry, and that they could maybe do a slight air pressure adjustment next stop. Dale's response was, "Get your head out of your a$$ Kevin and make this thing turn."


Nothing new here folks, let's move along now.


2) Kyle Busch can kiss his bonus points good-bye. I don't care what the official word is I believe that the reason the bolt broke is because it wasn't tightened properly. It may have been hand tightened and then overlooked for some reason.


If indeed the bolt was tightened properly and just broke if I were JD Gibbs I would replace all the bolts I have in the parts department because it was defective and where there's one there's bound to be more.


3) Watch out for Jimmie Johnson, that cat is stalking that Championship trophy. He is capable of second and thirding them to death over the next 9 races in order to secure his place in history with Cale Yarborough as the only 3 time consecutive winners of NASCAR's biggest prize.


4) Hamlin, Harvick, and Burton all had good runs, but expect them to put together 9 more races like that.


5) Kenseth's luck can't get any worse. Well, at least he is still mathematically in the hunt but that is the extent of it I'm afraid. Add Gordon to that too.


6) Yeah for the Biff! Great run, but I wouldn't be slotting him as the next Sprint Cup Champ just yet as teammate Carl Edwards might have something to say about that (along with several others in the Hendrick camp - you know who they are).


7) That was a great fight after the truck race, wasn't it? Seeing that gave me visions of Harvick jumping up and over cars in pit lane in order to get to the driver that peed him off like he did in Martinsville in 2001.


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