Carl Cuts Loose at Kansas

Well I've got to give Cousin Carl an 'A' for effort in his last ditch effort to pass Jimmie on the last lap in turns three and four this past weekend.


When I watched that whole thing play out I actually thought that Carl went into that corner like I sometimes do when I play my video game and when he gets out of his car he talks about how he meant to hit the wall and hoped to carry the speed like in video games.


I then think, "Hey wow, that is what I actually thought," and then I instantly thought, "Man, now that he said it no one will believe me when I write about it. Darn."


So here I sit, writing about it anyway leaving it up to you to choose whether or not you believe me. It is what it is.


As you all know I'm not Carl's number one fan, but I've got to give him credit for 'going for it' especially with so much on the line. I honestly don't think anyone else with so much to loose would have done the same (OK maybe Kyle Busch). I think most would have settled on finishing a solid second instead of risking cutting a tire or worse, like digging into the soft wall causing the car to spin and loose considerable points in the Chase as a result.


You know, this also says a lot about the CoT as far as durability. I don't think Carl would have done that 'calculated risk' if he didn't have faith in the car's integrity to withstand a stunt such as that.


I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday's contest quote so I'll put two up today and one more on Friday. So here goes, which Dale, Sr or Jr, said;


2) "Everybody else got by us, but that cue-bald-headed fool (Todd Bodine) can't get by us without wrecking us."


and which Dale, Sr or Jr, said;


3) "I knew nobody would go with me on the outside, but it was the only chance we had to win. I'm not here to run fifth or eighth or whatever we finished."


Remember to keep track of the quotes and email me the answers after Friday's quote.


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