SBNation NFL Mock Draft, Pick 58: The Jacksonville Jaguars Select...

No. 58
Pick by Big Cat Country

Lawrence Jackson
Defensive End

Southern Cal

With the 58th overall selection in the 2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected USC defensive end Lawrence Jackson. River City Rage, head of the Jaguars community Big Cat Country, made the pick and explains himself below:

Jacksonville struggled last year with age and injuries on their defensive line. The Jaguars haven't spent a first day pick on a defensive lineman since drafting John Henderson in 2002. That's catching up with the team now as they struggle to create a pass rush while only rushing four players. Considering the amount of passing talent there is in their division and the AFC in general, getting consistent pressure on the quarterback while keeping seven guys in coverage.

The first step was in selecting Trevor Laws, who's got huge potential at defensive tackle and addresses the absence of Marcus Stroud. With the situation surrounding Defensive End Reggie Hayward's achilles tendon and the loss of Bobby McCray, finding a starter at end is very important to the Jaguars.

Lawrence Jackson of USC is not the perfect end for the Jaguars situation. They'd prefer a faster edge rusher to get after the quarterback, but at pick 58 he's the best end available. Jackson is really a better strong side run-stuffing sort of DE, but with the talent around him, he should prove valuable in the Jaguars rotation. Unfortunately, this quality of Jackson as a pick depends on if Reggie Hayward gets his first step back. Should Reggie become the pass-rush that we've missed, Jackson on the strong side is a great pick. If Reggie's still regressing, Jackson does little to help attack the quarterback.

I considered LB Shawn Crable and RB Jamaal Charles, but the need at Defensive End is just too great to pass up. Running Back depth will be a priority in the 3rd or 4th round.

Matt Miller, host of this site as well as owner of New Era Scouting, provides his analysis below:

After wisely passing on an end in round one, Jacksonville picks up a very solid player in round two. Jackson didn't have the amazing senior year that most expected, but he was at one point a 1st round player. He's a good athlete and a player who can play all three downs without falling off. Jacksonville has solidified their line here, and with the additions made in free agency, the team has few real needs left.

Grade: A :: Lawrence Jackson Scouting Report - New Era Scouting :: Matt Miller's Top Five Prospects Remaining: 1. LB Shawn Crable, 2. RB Jamaal Charles, 3. TE Fred Davis, 4. QB Chad Henne, 5. TE Martin Rucker

The Indianapolis Colts are now, finally, on the clock. The folks over at Stampede Blue have been waiting a very long time with this. Their pick coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

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