Alex Mack, Center, California: Scouting Report

By Dan Kadar,

Alex Mack - Scouting Report
School:    California
Birthdate: 10/19/1985

Height    Weight    40 Time    Bench Press    Vertical Jump    Three Cone
6'4    316    N/A    N/A           N/A           N/A

Scout: Dan Kadar
Date: September 16, 2008
Eval Position(s): C - Center

Best Fit Position/Role:    Center
Ideal Schema/Role: Power running scheme

General Traits
Character/Leadership Ability: Has no known character flaws. The unquestioned leader of Cal\'s offense. Has become a mentor to Cal\'s younger offensive linemen.

Competitive Nature/Work Ethic: Never stops competing, even when a play is halfway down the field. Plays with a lot of intensity. Returned to school because he wanted to get the program back on the right track.

Football Intelligence: Will end his career, barring injuring, as a three-year starter. Can be a little slow at times to read and react. Will really benefit from being just a full-time football player.

Size: Fairly tall for a center. Not especially long arms. Bulky build throughout his frame. Probably can\'t hold much more mass.

Athletic Ability: Incredibly athletic and agile for a big, powerful center. Former high school wrestler. Can do splits. Very strong. Moves to the second level quickly.

Toughness/Durability: Has been durable throughout his career. Plays with a lot of grit and desire.

Specific Traits - Center
Pass Blocking: Better against the run. Mack is sometimes slow to react, which brings in to question his awareness. Doesn\'t move laterally especially well. Can have some trouble reacting and neutralizing speed rushers charging the A-gap.

Movement/Space: An attacker at the second level. Seeks out opponents instead of letting them come to him. Really good cut blocker.

Quickness: Mack has great snap quickness to get the ball off and get into his stance. Doesn\'t have much speed, though. Kind of lumbers to get to opponents on the second level.

Run Blocking: Mauling run blocker who uses his powerful lower body to push back tackles. Incredibly adept at cut blocking. Exceptional trap blocker. Mack is a really good finisher.

Strength: Possesses great base strength. Registered a program-record power clean of 374 pounds. Especially strong legs.

Technique: Will get too tall in his stance. Needs to keep better balance and body, especially on the move. Base has to get wider or he could have some trouble facing players stronger than him.

Additional Comments: Mack is arguably the top center in college football since Nick Mangold. He's especially powerful. His biggest strength is in-line, run blocking. Needs to develop his technical skills better. A first-team all-conference performer as a sophomore and junior. As a junior, Pac-10 defensive linemen voted him as best offensive lineman in the conference. Has all the tools to become a top-line starter in the NFL.

Injury Concerns: No injury concerns.
Could Be As Good As: Matt Birk, Minnesota Vikings
Worst Case: Steve Vallos, Seattle Seahawks
Where He'll Probably Go: Mid 2nd Round
Where He Should Go: Late 1st Round

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