Sadler Back In The 19 Car, But For HowLong?

I'm normally a "glass is half-full" kind of guy, but not this time - it is definitely half-empty here.


After a serious threat of a lawsuit by Elliott Sadler to GEM/Petty Holdings (when is the new name coming?) he is now again the driver of the #19 Dodge. But for how long? Really.


Listen, I support Elliott in his threat of the lawsuit because he had a contract and GEM/Petty Holdings would have been in violation of it if they put the 'Dinger behind the wheel instead of Sadler, but in the end Sadler's victory is going to be a hollow one.


Why you ask?


Good question my young NASCAR fan. Let me tell you.


You don't think that by what happened with the whole Allmendinger replacing Salder thing there wouldn't be some hard feelings by all those involved?


Sadler is bitter about being replaced after signing a contract and having to sue to get back in the 19 car.


GEM-Petty Holdings is bitter because they had to put Sadler back in the car after the threat of a lawsuit right during merger negotiations and if the threat of suit had actually had been filed then I don't think the merger would have happened because of the large pay-out that probably would have been awarded to Sadler. And too the large pay-out probably would have seriously hurt the day to day operations of GEM financially.


Allmendinger is bitter about being told he is in a full-time ride and now is put in a part-time ride until a sponsor is found to go full-time.


It is a lose-lose-lose situation. The only winners will be the lawyers in the end.


Sadler's performance is going to be scrutinized like a microb under a microscope and if he doesn't perform he'll be out for sure. But rest assured if that happens Sadler will counter with the old stand-by that the reason he didn't perform well is because GEM/Petty Holdings didn't want him to perform and set him up with bad motors and the like so they could get him out of the car and put The 'Dinger in instead.


Of course Allmendinger will drive the wheels off the car and make it perform better than it was and GEM/Petty Holdings will be saying "I told you so" to Elliott Sadler, but rest assured when The 'Dinger get behind that wheel and starts performing better than the previous driver Sadler will say he was set-up by the race team so they could get him out of the car and out of his contract by making the car perform worse than usual.


Hey bartender! My glass is half-empty! Fill'er up will ya?


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