Vince Young Era 2.0 Kicks Off This Sunday In Tennessee

Titans coach Jeff Fisher gives into pressure from owner Bud Adams and decides to bench Kerry Collins in favor of Vince Young.

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Collins: 'I Could Have Played Better'

Titans coach Jeff Fisher says he isn’t going to playing “musical chairs” with Vince Young and Kerry Collins over the course of the rest of the season:

Fisher informed both quarterbacks of the decision this morning, but did not address the team collectively. Young took all the first-team reps in practice Thursday.

“We’ve decided to go ahead and start Vince this week,” Fisher said. “As far as the future is concerned, I’m not one of those coaches who’s going to have musical chairs at the quarterback position. He’s going to be our starter. I felt like both quarterbacks had an extremely good week last week.”

"I'm still in Kerry Collins' corner because I don't believe that our record is a reflection of the quarterback play," Fisher said. "It's a reflection of the team play. I'm still in his corner, but we've decided to go ahead and make this change."

Meanwhile, Collins is surprisingly open about his disappointment. He's not a jerk about it, but usually quarterbacks are a little more sanguine than this:

Collins said he was disappointed to be benched.

“It’s a crazy business sometimes,” he said. "Just like last year, I didn’t take all the credit when we were winning and I don’t think it is all my fault this year either. Having said that, I could have played better. And when you’re 0-6, heads are going to roll and more times that not it’s the quarterback.

“I am not happy about, don’t get me wrong. By any stretch of the imagination. But it is what it is. I will do everything I can to help this team win. I will support Vince and where I don’t like it and I’m not happy about it, I’ll move on.”


Owner Bud Adams Puts Jeff Fisher In Tough Spot

Jim Wyatt from the Tennessean’s Titans Insider blog explains why this QB controversy may be a no-win situation for head coach Jeff Fisher:

At 0–6, the Titans need to show something to Adams in the final 10 games. It’s important for Fisher’s future with the team. Adams has said as much.

But if Young plays well, Adams will likely question why the fourth-year pro wasn’t playing earlier, instead of Kerry Collins.

And if Young plays poorly, and the Titans finish 2–14, Fisher’s job could be on the line.

In Fisher’s defense, Collins led the team to a 13-win season last year — that should be enough to earn him the right to be the team’s starting QB for at least six games this season. On top of that, it’s not like Young has shown much the few times he’s gotten into games this season.

Speaking of not showing much, at SB Nation’s Music City Miracles, they’re prognosticating how Young will perform on Sunday. The predictions are cautiously optimistic, at best, and disastrous, at worst. I’d be surprised if the outcome isn’t closer to the latter than the former.


Vince Young Will Start Vs. Jaguars

After about a year and a half break, the Vince Young era in Tennessee will get back underway this Sunday against the Jaguars. The Tennessean reports that Jeff Fisher will abide by owner Bud Adams’ wishes, and bench Kerry Collins in favor of VY.

The decision has not yet been made official, but is expected to be announced later today. All three men — Collins, Young and Fisher — will be available for comment after the team’s Thursday practice.


Fisher To Announce Starting Quarterback Thursday

The Vince Young-Kerry Collins-Jeff Fisher-Bud Adams debate looks like it will have an answer on Thursday:

Citing "competitive advantage," Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher delayed until Thursday the announcement of whether Vince Young would replace Kerry Collins as the starting quarterback Sunday against Jacksonville. [...]

"I’m going to assume that as long as we can keep this thing a mystery the better chances we have. There’s clearly a difference in skill-sets between the two quarterbacks," Fisher said.

Fisher would not say who his starter would be, only fueling further speculation that a change might be forthcoming.

Fisher seems to be getting a little desperate at this point in the season with his winless Titans. If announcing your quarterback three days before game time is your big game-changing decision, you’re pulling from the bottom of the barrel.


Should Bud Adams Have Faith In Jeff Fisher?

Despite an 0-6 start, Jeff Fisher is still considered one of the best coaches in the NFL. So, maybe, Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams should trust his veteran coach in his decision to start Kerry Collins?:

Because if Collins is playing so poorly—which we can all agree on by watching this offense in ’09—then why hasn’t Young already been asserted into the starting lineup?

Now, we can speculate all we want, but Fisher has earned the respect in this league for his coaching abilities. I don’t know him personally, but I do know many of his former players, and I have never heard a negative thing uttered about the man. He seems, well, like the ultimate head coach to play for. Plus, we aren’t on the practice fields and we aren’t in the meeting rooms. We can’t see if VY is ready to play, or if he has shown the coaching staff that he is now mature enough to lead this offense.

Despite the team’s struggles, Fisher has kept Young on the sidelines thus far.

In saying that, we should respect Fisher’s decision for having kept Young on the bench thus far this season, because if he was good enough to play—and win—for the Titans, he most likely would have been in the lineup already over Collins.

Only time will end this debate. Who will budge first: Fisher or Adams?


The Safer Option For Fisher's Job Security Is To Play Young

SB Nation’s Music City Miracles ponders which move is smart for Jeff Fisher’s future with the team — play the QB he personally prefers (Collins) or start the guy the owner likes (Young)?

The safer play for Fisher is to go with VY. For the obvious reason that this is what Bud wants him to do, but also because if they lose 6 more games in a row, he can tell Bud that he lost those games with Bud’s boy. It would make it a little bit tougher for Bud to blame the losses on Fisher.

I don’t think it makes a huge difference either way. Collins has been bad, but quarterback play alone hasn’t lost any games. Vince could provide a spark, but in my opinion that would be limited to a game or two. I think Fisher needs a 5-5 finish to save his job, and it doesn’t look like either guy can give him that.

The counter argument to that would be this: If Fisher needs to get to five wins to keep his job, then he needs to start the QB that gives his team the best chance to win right now. And despite Kerry Collins’ poor play this season, he’s still probably the best QB in Tennessee.

Having said that, doing as your boss tells you to do is usually pretty fail-proof.


Titans Owner Has Seen Enough Kerry Collins, Wants Vince Young To Start

Sure, Kerry Collins was the right choice for the Titans last season. You know, "managing the game," not making stupid mistakes and allowing the running game to do its thing. Those Titans were 13-3. These Titans are 0-6. Which means these Titans have nothing to lose. And When you have nothing to lose, then you know it's Vince Young time again.

That's how owner Bud Adams feels, anyway, according to the Tennessean:

Adams wants Vince Young starting at quarterback beginning with Sunday's game against the Jaguars.

Following the 59-0 loss to the Patriots on Oct. 18 that dropped the Titans to 0-6, Adams told The Tennessean he'd made Coach Jeff Fisher aware of his desire to see Young play.

In the past week the 86-year-old owner has been more direct, according to sources familiar with the situation. Adams wants the change now. [...]

"I have been wanting (Fisher) to play Vince Young more because Collins has been having his problems out there,'' Adams said. "I just think we need to find out how well (Young) can do."If you don't play the guy and lose all your games, it is hard for you to see what he can do for you. Vince has won a lot of games for us.''

Assuming the team still feels that Young can be their franchise QB at some point, it makes no sense not to start him. Plus, we can all agree that a Vince Young-led team is an exciting team -- often in a train wreck sort of way, but still: exciting. Although, from Fisher's perspective, he has job security to worry about, so every game he can win -- even with the Titans falling short of the playoffs -- goes a long way towards cooling down the ol' hot seat.

Then again, if Titans fans had their way, none of this would matter and the team would just draft a QB in April.

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