2010 Mock Draft - Rounds 1, 2, and 3

Well, this is the product of quite a lot of labor.  I'll probably update it in 1-3 weeks (a long period, I know, but it really depends on work and life schedule).  You can feel to disagree...but you'll be wrong! :-)  I pretty much have juniors staging a jailbreak from the NCAA, which at this point is what I think will happen.  Obviously it'll change as they make up their minds.  On to the show!


Round 1

1. St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Even more than the Bucs or Even more than the Bucs or Raiders, the St. Louis franchise is in desperate need of a a complete reset. You start with that by building from the most important piece: quarterback. With Sam Bradford getting knocked silly twice this year, Clausen becomes the #1 prospect and the #1 pick

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

As close to a no-brainer as you can possibly get. With the Bucs drafting their (hoped for) QB of the future in Josh Freeman last year, it's time to pay attention to the trenches. From what I read, Tampa's coaching staff is already totally in love with Suh and by picking #2 they're virtually guaranteed to get him.

3. Cleveland Browns - Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Certainly quarterback is a big temptation here, but I just get the feeling Eric Mangini is going to search in the mid-rounds for his new QB. That is, if he doesn't trade his entire draft to the Jets for Kellen Clemens. Anyway, the Browns defense is atrocious and in desperate need of playmakers. Eric Berry defines the term. If there is one player who (barring injury) will NOT bust this draft, it is Berry.

4. Kansas City Chiefs - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

 think the Chiefs are gonna pull a Robert Gallery move with Brandon Albert. Albert appears to be out of his depth at tackle, but I believe he could be a dominant guard. With Cassel getting knocked around like an unpopular pinball, the Chiefs will take the best lineman in the draft to keep their $63 million dollar man upright and throwing.

5. Oakland Raiders - Jake Locker, QB, Washington

Two things have to happen: 1) 2010 has to be an uncapped year so they can comfortably rid themselves of JaMarcus Russell. 2) Locker has to actually declare for the draft. If both those things happen, Davis will take Locker in a heartbeat. Locker has arm strength and athleticism, so as far as Al is concerned he can stop evaluating right there. Fortunately for the Raiders, Locker is a decent overall prospect beyond Al's only two criteria. If there is a cap for 2010 or if Locker returns for his senior season, then this will probably be Taylor Mays, Carlos Dunlap or some other equally stupid Davis pick based mostly on 40 times and upside.


6. Detroit Lions - Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

The Lions are a team that is definitely trending in the right direction. Unfortunately, they're still not very, you know.....good. Stafford appears to have a real future in the league, so you've gotta put the pieces into place to keep him healthy and developing. This is a very deep draft on the defensive side of the ball, so I can see the Lions addressing that in the mid-rounds. For now, they'll take Bruce Campbell. He can protect Matthew Stafford AND fight demons. Groovy.

7. Tennessee Titans - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Who saw this coming at the beginning of the year? Anyway, Kerry Collins is done and the Titans appear to have given up on Vince Young. Forget Bradford's injuries: I still firmly believe he's going to be an excellent NFL quarterback. Plus, the Titans are in a situation where they need someone who can step in and start on day 1. Bradford has the college experience and work ethic to make that happen.

8. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) - Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama

Is Terrence Cody a legitimate top 10 pick? No. Do the 49ers need him? Most definitely yes. Can they afford a luxury pick here since they have another 1st rounder coming? You betcha. Can Mike Singletary kick Cody's butt enough to keep him motivated and in shape? Absolutely. San Francisco should send a Christmas card to the Panthers for sucking so bad this year.

9. Washington Redskins - Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

Yeah, yeah, I know. They need a quarterback. Somehow, I can't see Dan Snyder falling in love with Colt McCoy, though, and the other, better options are off the board. What the 'Skins do need in the worst way is an upgrade at defensive end. Whether or not Dunlap is that guy remains to be seen, but I can envision Dan Snyder convincing himself that he'll have found his Mario Williams. Caveat: If Jon Gruden is the next head coach, this pick is Tim Tebow.

10. Buffalo Bills - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

The Bills can't stop the run and McCoy is the BPA.  You do the math.


11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

I know this is currently the trendy thing to do in the mock drafts already out there, but when the owner says he'd like to draft a player and that player is available when his team picks, that's tough to ignore. Until I see evidence that the Jaguars are thinking of someone else, this will remain Tebow on my board.

12. Seattle Seahawks - Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

We can (and will) argue until doomsday about whether or not McCoy is a top 15 prospect. When you look at the Mora/Knapp style of offense, I have to believe that they'll think Colt McCoy tumbled straight out of heaven into their laps. Add that to the fact that Matt Hasselbeck isn't getting younger or healthier and you have what appears to me to be a pretty likely pick.

13. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse

Dear Denver: You're welcome. Here's a guy who can play nose tackle or end in your 3-4. You need a guy like that, don't you? Love, Chicago.

14. Miami Dolphins - Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

Okay, so they've got a quarterback and a running game. Now they need some legitimate receiving threats. Enter LaFell.

15. New York Jets - Damian Williams, WR, USC

See above

16. San Francisco 49ers - Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

The 49ers are still searching for that franchise left tackle. I think Bulaga has a good shot to be that guy.

17. San Diego Chargers - Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse

I originally had this as Travis Lewis as a replacement for the almost certainly departing Shawne Merriman. Then I remembered that the Chargers have last year's first round pick, Larry English, to take that slot. So it seems that San Diego will address their suddenly problematic wide receiver depth with this pick. They'll just have to hope this wide receiver named Mike Williams works out better than the last one to enter the draft.

18. Philadelphia Eagles - Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma

My first instinct was to go inside linebacker, but the Eagles already addressed that by trading for Will Weatherspoon. Outside linebacking could use a boost and Travis Lewis is an animal.

19. Green Bay Packers - Charles Brown, OT, USC

This has to be an OT.  Green Bay's line has been just awful this year.

20. Dallas Cowboys - Jason Fox, OT, Miami

The first round run on offensive tackles continues. I know this pick might surprise a lot of people, but I look for Fox to rise steadily up draft boards.

21. Houston Texans - Taylor Mays, S, USC

Houston could use an upgrade at the safety position and Mays has the potential to be a bigtime playmaker.

22. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Haden, CB, Florida

The cornerback position is the Achilles heel of the otherwise fearsome Ravens defense. Haden is far and away the best cornerback in the 2010 class.

23. Cincinnati Bengals - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

I'm really not fond of their depth at wide receiver and Marvin Lewis has shown he's not afraid to take a chance on players who have done some things they maybe shouldn't have. God knows he has to be used to coaching them by now. Bryant is a steal at 23.

24. Arizona Cardinals - Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Sweet daddy Jeebus, this a deep class of offensive tackles, which is fortunate for the Cardinals, since they need one.

25. Atlanta Falcons - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

Atlanta is a super solid team overall, but that secondary just makes me wince. I'm going to say Robinson's participation in the FSU cheating scandal won't hurt him too much since it's been a couple of years by now. Greg Hardy wouldn't go amiss here either.

26. New England Patriots - Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi

Derrick Burgess hasn't gotten it done for the Pats. (Did Al Davis actually get the better of that trade?) Greg Hardy has the size, speed and athleticism to play with his hand on the ground or stand up and rush the passer. His injury history causes him to drop to here, but his talent is too great to ignore.

27. New York Giants - Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri

A pure tackling machine at a position the Giants might want to try to upgrade. The possibility that this becomes Nate Allen goes up exponentially (I'm talking nearly 100%) if Kenny Phillips is forced into retirement by his injury.

28. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

Offensive tackle is a serious thought here, but their receiving corps has a lot of good-not-great guys and TJ Houshmandzadeh is creeping up on his mid-30's. Benn could be a superstar someday. You wouldn't hear me give the Seahawks any grief if they went with an OT here, though

29. Pittsburgh Steelers - Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

The perfect guy to step into James Farrior's shoes in a year or two and continue the tradition of great Steeler linebackers. I also can't manage to shake the suspicion they might have their eye on Mike Johnson or Mike Iupati if they think either one could be their new Alan Faneca.

30. Minnesota Vikings - C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

The perfect complement/contrast to Purple Jesus.

31. Indianpolis Colts - Nate Allen, FS, South Florida

I originally had this as Eric Norwood but changed my mind. The utter inability of Bob Sanders to stay healthy makes safety depth a necessity for Indy. Allen also happens to be awesome. 

32. New Orleans Saints - Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State

Stick this guy next to Sedrick Ellis and the Saints will have a truly terrifying defensive front four. 



33. St. Louis Rams - Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

Okay, they've got the QB. They got the tackle last year. Now it's on to the defense. Leonard Little is like 700 years old. Brandon Graham will do a good job replacing him.

34. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest 

Speaking of 700 year olds who need replacing, we have Ronde Barber in Tampa Bay. The Bucs will take Brandon Ghee here to create a formidable young corner duo.

35. Cleveland Browns - Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

Go ahead and laugh at me if you must (and I know you will) but I think Robinson is excellent clay to mold an NFL QB from. His size, arm strength and accuracy are all pro quality. Plus, he played in an offensive system that let him take some snaps from under center.

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina

Another year, another lackluster Chiefs pass rush. Mike Vrabel is just about past it as well. 

37. Oakland Raiders - Ciron Black, OT, LSU

Right tackle has been an epic disaster for the Raiders all year long. Even Al Davis can see the need for a change, preferably a big, mean run blocker to open holes for McFadden, Bush and Fargas. 

38. Detroit Lions - Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

Detroit's pass rush is anemic in the extreme. Von Miller is the most dynamic pure pass rusher in this year's draft. Is he largely a one year wonder, though? 

39. New England Patriots (from Tennessee) - Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

Stephen Neal is getting up there in years and the Pats always have to be thinking about protecting the franchise. 

40. Carolina Panthers - Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Obviously this changes if he doesn't declare, but I have to think he will. His stock is hot and with the potential of a lockout/rookie cap in 2011, he probably won't want to risk another year. 

41. Washington Redskins -  Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

Pike is rapidly becoming one of the "sexy" picks, so I can easily see Dan Snyder grativating in this direction, especially since he happens to need a quarterback.

42. Buffalo Bills - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

With the great T.O. experiment not likely to last beyond this year whether Dick Jauron stays or goes, the Bills will be in need of more weapons for Trent Edwards. Tate is easily the best still available

43. New England Patriots (from Jacksonville) - Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

I know as well as you do that Gilyard is overrated, but I think he could actually fit pretty well into the Patriots offensive system.

44. Seattle Seahawks - Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

They certainly need some help at tackle and I think the athletic Capers is the best fit for their offense.

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) - Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota

The Bucs are in desperate need of some depth at WR and Decker happens to be the best available.

46. Miami Dolphins - Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

Probably a bit of a reach here, but Jason Ferguson is nearing the end of his career. Where else are the Dolphins going to find a 6'3", 327 pounder to clog the middle? Besides, it's not like Williams doesn't have a lot of talent to go along with his bulk.

47. New York Jets - Boo Robinson, DT, Wake Forest

The Jets were forced to go sign a castoff to step into the spot vacated by Kris Jenkins when he went down for the season. They need more reliable depth. I believe Robinson has slimmed down some this year, but can easily bulk back up.

48. San Francisco 49ers - Mike Johnson, G, Alabama

The 49ers guards, particularly Chilo Rachal, have been in and out of Mike Singletary's doghouse all season. Johnson is talented and versatile.

49. San Diego Chargers - Tyson Alualu, DT/DE, California

Jamal Williams going down hurt the Chargers defense bigtime, but it's not like their defensive ends have done a lot to pick up the slack. Alualu comes from a 3-4 scheme, so it's a perfect fit.

50. Philadelphia Eagles - Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke

The Eagles drafted Trevor Laws in the second round in 2008, but he hasn't exactly set the world on fire. They can try again with Oghobaase, who might even be able to push Mike Patterson for starting time. Patterson's production has dropped from his 2007 peak.

51. Green Bay Packers - Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia

Charles Woodson and Al Harris are both still effective, but aren't exactly getting younger.

52. Dallas Cowboys - Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern

I'm not sold on Igor Olshansky as the guy at DE for Dallas. Wootton seems like the kind of player Jerry Jones could fall in love with.

53. Houston Texans - Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

The Texans continue their quest to beef up their secondary by taking the talented Mister Lindley.

54. Baltimore Ravens - Terrence Toliver, WR, LSU

You can never have too many weapons for your franchise quarterback.

55. Cincinnati Bengals - Everson Griffin, DE, USC

With Antwan Odom down with a serious injury, Robert Geathers kind of "meh" and Michael Johnson an unknown quantity, the Bengals could do worse than to snag a guy as talented as Griffin at this point in the draft

56. Arizona Cardinals - Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

You can never, ever have too much cornerback depth.

57. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta) - Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

The Chiefs got this pick in exchange for Tony Gonzalez. They desperately miss Tony Gonzalez. Here's a guy who reminds me a whole lot of Tony Gonzalez. He's a first round talent, but for his injury. At this point, the Chiefs won't hesitate.

58. New England Patriots - Jahvid Best, RB, California

Ever notice how most of New England's moves at running back never seem to quite work out 100 percent? They'll try again with Jahvid Best.

59. New York Giants - Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

Two of their defensive tackles are up for free agency and you have to figure at least one is leaving.

60. Denver Broncos - Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

Spikes is easily the BPA at this point and Andra Davis will be 31 before the end of the 2009 season.

61. Pittsburgh Steelers - Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

Pittsburgh's offensive line is improved this year, but still kinda shaky. Davis can play tackle or guard

62. Minnesota Vikings - Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

A bit of a luxury pick here, but when you're a solid as the Vikings are overall, you can afford to do such things. Burnett can play either safety position and probably play his way into the starting job within a year or two.

63. Indianapolis Colts - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

A classic Colts player: a solid citizen off the field and an intense, hard-worker on it.

64. New Orleans Saints - Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson

A bigtime talent at a position where the Saints aren't exactly weak, but could use a boost.



65. St. Louis Rams - Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane

Clausen is going to need some people to throw the ball to, and St. Louis is currently short on those folks.

66. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

Their defensive line is just terrible. They fixed the middle with Suh and now they can work on the ends. This draft is insanely deep. To get a player like Morgan over 2 rounds in is a bargain and a half.

67. Cleveland Browns - Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee

Here's a guy who flies a bit under the radar, but who I see having a big future in the league. Jamal Lewis should've retired a year and I'm not wild about the other horses in their running back stable.

68. Kansas City Chiefs - Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

Larry Johnson appears to have Tweeted himself to a one-way ticket out of Kansas City. He's also going to be 30. Dwyer will be the replacement.

69. Oakland Raiders - D'Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech

Let's run through the checklist: A position of need? Check. Projected to run a sub 5 second 40 time at at 300+ pounds? Check. Filled with that nebulous thing called "upside" he may or may not ever fulfill? Check. Welcome to Oakland, D'Anthony.

70. Detroit Lions - C.J. Wilson, DE, East Carolina

A bigtime producer at an area where the Lions have been getting little to none of it.

71. Tennessee Titans - Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia

Is he the next Haynesworth? The Titans will certainly hope so. At the least, I think he'll be a lot of help to their reeling defensive line.

72. Carolina Panthers - Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

They've got a disgruntled Steve Smith, a 5,000 year old Mushin Muhammed and a bunch of mannequins in uniforms. They need to take the best WR available.

73. Buffalo Bills - Jevan Snead, QB, Mississippi

Has managed to play himself out of being a surefire top 10 pick and back into the mid-rounds. The smart thing for him to do would be to stay for his senior season and try to play his way back into first round contention. Then again, it's easy for me to type that, since lots of dollars aren't at stake for me. Anyway, I think Snead could be a nice project for Buffalo while Trent Edwards gets one more chance.

74, Jacksonville Jaguars - Brandon Deaderick, DE, Alabama

If the Jaguars stick with their conversion to a 3-4 defense, they'll need better defensive end play. Deaderick is one of the most underrated players in the draft and comes from a great 3-4 college system. Plus, he got shot. With a bullet. Fired from a gun...and didn't miss playing time. That's a warrior, right there.

75. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) - Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech

76. Chicago Bears - Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State

Is he the next Urlacher? The Bears will certainly hope so. He might be too...right down to the tendency to get injured at the worst possible times.

77. Miami Dolphins - Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

They're going to eventually need a new Joey Porter.

78. Cleveland Browns (From New York Jets) - Zane Beadles, OT, Utah

Joe Thomas is one of the best in the league. They could use a better bookend tackle on the right side.

79. San Francisco 49ers - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan

Here's another player that I'm really, really high on. I think LeFevour has the potential be a lot like Steve Young or Jeff Garcia.

80. San Diego Chargers - Jay Ross, DT, East Carolina

Ross is a big space filler and they clearly need a guy like that behind Jamal Williams.

81. Philadelphia Eagles - Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, California

The Eagles aren't averse to having corners who are somewhat on the small side, but are very athletic and play with intensity.

82. Green Bay Packers - Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State

Aaron Kampmann is miscast as a 3-4 linebacker and is probably gone this after this year to someplace where he can put his hand back in the dirt. Navorro Bowman is probably the best outside linebacker available at this point.

83. Dallas Cowboys - Reshad Jones, S, Georgia

84. Houston Texans - Colin Peek, TE, Alabama

A great pass-catching weapon for Matt Schaub and blocker for Steve Slaton. Peek is everything a tight end should be.

85. Baltimore Ravens - Chris Hall, C, Texas

Eventual replacement for all-world center Matt Birk, who's getting up there

86. Cincinnati Bengals - Sergio Render, G, Virginia Tech

Guard is a bit of a weakness on their offensive line and the whole team begins and ends with Carson Palmer.

87. Arizona Cardinals - Rennie Curran, OLB, Georgia

88. Atlanta Falcons - Charles Scott, RB, LSU

With Turner dropping in production this year and Norwood's contract expiring, the Falcons will snap up Scott as insurance.

89. Oakland Raiders (from New England) - Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech

Cooper Carlisle has regressed this year and none of their depth guys at guard seem to....oh who am I kidding? Go take one look at this guy. Tell me there shouldn't be a law requiring him to be a Raider.

90. New York Giants - Daryl Washington, ILB, TCU

91. Pittsburgh Steelers - Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

92. Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

Antoine Winfield's injury exposed their lack of cornerback depth.

93. Indianapolis Colts - Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas

The best quarterback in the league must be protected at all costs.

94. New Orleans Saints - Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin


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