Braylon Edwards Traded to Jets, Expected to Play Monday Night

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Advanced Stats Don't Bode Well For Edwards, Either

We’ve already covered, with simple standard stats, why Edwards might not bring all that much value to the Jets. Jets fans will be glad to know that more advanced metrics don’t rate Edwards’ last few seasons very highly, either:

The advanced stats on Football Outsiders, though, say Edwards wasn’t particularly valuable even in 2007. His Defense-adjusted Value Over Average was just 3.3%, good for 40th in the NFL. That can be explained partly by his paltry catch rate of 52%. Last year, his value dropped along with his basic numbers — to -16.8%, which ranked 73rd in the league. And so far this year, Edwards’s DVOA stood at -6.6%, 47th in the NFL.

The Jets already have a better receiver: Jerricho Cotchery. He ranked higher than Edwards in each of the last three seasons, and this year is having a career season, ranking 12th in the NFL in DVOA.

Of course, anyone with eyes can see that Edwards is a talented guy; he’s big and strong and fast and all that. Maybe a change of scenery is just the change he needs. But in so far as Edwards’ production the past few seasons is independent of context, this is bad news for the Jets.


Jets' GM Mike Tannenbaum Says Braylon Will Play Monday

It seems Braylon Edwards’ big Jets debut will happen in prime time. The team’s GM Mike Tannenbaum announced today that he expects Edwards to play against the Dolphins on Monday Night Football this week.

Tannenbaum also said that he’s banking on the change of scenery as the catalyst for a Braylon rebirth in NY:

“Sometimes a fresh start does a lot of people good,” said Tannenbaum. "We can look at (tackle) Wayne Hunter and Kris Jenkins. I think they came here and they exceeded our expectations with a fresh start.

“As I told Braylon this morning, let’s learn from what happened in Cleveland. Today is a new day and a new team.”


Does Braylon Edwards Actually Make the Jets Better?

The Jets made the NFL's second-biggest move today when they traded for Braylon Edwards. Everyone in New York seems pretty pleased that they finally have a number-one receiver (especially since that whole tampering with Michael Crabtree thing didn't work out). The Daily News has even proclaimed, "What a Catch!" (See what they did there?) Our own Gang Green Nation shares in their optimistic thinking.

... I really like this trade. There's no question Edwards has number one receiver talent. He can stretch the field and draw double coverage. It potentially gives the Jets the chance to use the Giants' Eli Manning model. They gave him the big target as a safety blanket, Plaxico Burress. Burress drawing double coverage made life easier for the run game since defenses had to key on him. The struggling backs aren't going to see as many eight man fronts with Edwards there to stretch the field. Jerricho Cotchery's also going to benefit. He's off to a hot start even though he's the focal point for opposing secondaries. Edwards-Cotchery is immediately one of the better receiver tandems in football.

But, eventually, that initial excitement will die down, and then fans will begin to realize they just traded for a receiver who essentially has had one good year. So the question must be asked: does Edwards make the Jets a better team?

But he is no sure thing ... He hasn't had more than 884 yards in any other season [other than 2007], and he was without a touchdown in the Browns' first four games this season.

Edwards is also prone to dropping a ton of passes - way, way too many for a receiver with his kind of raw talent. Every receiver is entitled to a dropped ball here or there, but with Edwards, the drops have been a major problem throughout his career.

The other downside is Edwards' off-field behavior. Early Monday morning, he allegedly punched a friend of LeBron James outside a Cleveland nightclub. The NFL is investigating the incident, and could impose sanctions if it is determined Edwards violated the league's personal conduct policy.

Edwards was also was partying with receiver Donte Stallworth in the hours before Stallworth struck and killed a man in Miami last March. Stallworth pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.

Inconsistent, a bad case of the dropsies, and the dreaded "character issues" -- seemingly a big gamble by New York (and why you won't see them rushing to sign him to an extension) but as Bob Glauber points out, they needed "a speed receiver to play opposite Jerricho Cotchery" and "the compensation wasn't ridiculous." 

And about all those dropped passes? Not to worry -- New York fans are patient and forgiving. Surely they'll give Edwards plenty of time to adjust. Say, all of one series.


Jets Haven't Signed Braylon Edwards to New Deal

According to PFT, the Jets acquired Braylon Edwards without signing him to a new contract. Edwards is in the final season of his rookie contract. This means the Jets could potentially be loaning the WR for this season, because he will be a free agent after it’s over.

Obviously, this could cut both ways: If he continues to be awful this season, the Jets are out two picks and a couple players, but at least they haven’t wasted money on Edwards. But, if he returns to ‘07-Braylon, then he’s able to walk and sign with another team after this season.


Jets Send Two Picks, WR Stuckey, LB Trusnick to Browns

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer has details on the players the Browns acquired in exchange for Edwards. The haul includes: two draft picks, WR Chansi Stuckey and linebacker Jason Trusnick.

The two picks are believed to be a 3rd and 5th rounder. Unclear right now if those come in next year's draft, or if they're spread out.

Stuckey is the Jets’ No. 2 WR. This is his third season after being a 7th round pick out of Clemson. He has 130 yards on 11 catches this season.

Trusnick is a back-up linebacker who is mostly a special teams player.

Overall, seems like a good deal for both sides: Jets get a potentially No. 1 WR (although he hasn't produced like a No. 1 since '07 and is plagued by a bad case of the drops), and the Browns get a couple of draft picks and two serviceable pieces. Even if Braylon returns to '07 form in New Jersey, it doesn't reflect poorly on the Browns -- he wasn't producing for them. Why not horde some draft picks before hibernating for a couple years in the rebuilding cave?


Braylon Edwards Reportedly Traded From Browns to Jets

This is just being reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter, so much more to come, but for now the news is that WR Braylon Edwards has been traded from the Browns to the Jets.

This should teach us all a valuable lesson about punching LeBron's friends. Although if it got Braylon shipped out of Cleveland, then mission accomplished.

For reaction to the deal today, check out SB Nation's Gang Green Nation and Dawgs By Nature.

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