NHL Power Rankings, Week 6: Flames Fight To Fifth Spot

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NHL Power Rankings, Week 6: Sharks Sit Alone at the Top

After slowly climbing the ranks, the San Jose Sharks have finally claimed the top spot in our weekly power rankings. Despite not having Alex Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals are holding on in the top three while the Calgary Flames burst into our Top Ten rankings all the way up to No. 5.

Surprise of the week: After falling out of the Top Ten, Philadelphia is back at No. 6.

PLEASE READ: Western Conference rankings are determined by votes from Western Conference bloggers, Eastern Conference bloggers for Eastern rankings. The Top 10 Power Rankings are determined by a separate vote of Western and Eastern Conference bloggers.

NHL Top Ten Power Rankings
 Rank  Last Wk  Team  Record  Comments
1 2  San Jose Sharks 12-4-2 After a slow start, the Sharks are unbeaten at home and 8-1-1 in their last ten games.
2 1  Pittsburgh Penguins 12-5-0 After 17 games and five injuries I have concrete proof that the apocalypse is upon us. Add together the injured jerseys 25+48+55+58+71 you get 257. Add goals for (54) get 311. Add half goals against and get 333. Times by 2 consecutive Stanley Cup Finals appearances and you get..666!     -Pensburgh
3 4  Washington Capitals 10-3-4 The loss of Ovechkin for however long he might be out didn't hurt the team much, nor did it sway the voters.
4 3  Colorado Avalanche 12-4-2 Despite being tied for the NHL lead in points, the Avs still don't get the respect needed to climb all the way to the top of the rankings.
5 -  Calgary Flames 10-4-1 A three game winning streak propels Calgary back into the Top Ten.
6 - Philadelphia Flyers 9-4-1 At some point, the Flyers will actually catch up to the rest of the NHL in games played.
7 10  New Jersey Devils 11-4-0 Five straight wins and Brodeur is as hot as ever.
8 9  Los Angeles Kings 10-6-2 Despite a two game losing streak the Kings are still in great position in the West.
9 5  Buffalo Sabres 9-4-1 The Sabres have hit a bump in the road, but voters are confident they'll hang on.
10 7  New York Rangers 10-7-1 After a rocket start, the Rangers are just 3-6-1 in their last ten games.

Western Conference

Biggest Winner: Calgary Flames (+5)

Biggest Loser: Phoenix Coyotes (-3)

Western Conference Power Rankings
 Rk (Prv)  Team  Record  SB Nation Blog
1 (1)  San Jose Sharks 12-4-2  Fear The Fin
2 (7)  Calgary Flames 10-4-1  Matchsticks and Gasoline
3 (2)  Colorado Avalanche 12-4-2  Mile High Hockey
4 (5)  Los Angeles Kings 10-6-2  Battle of California
5 (3)  Chicago Blackhawks 9-5-2  Second City Hockey
6 (9)  Columbus Blue Jackets 9-5-2  The Cannon
7 (4)  Phoenix Coyotes 10-7-0  Five For Howling
8 (6)  Dallas Stars 7-4-6  Defending Big D
9 (8)  Vancouver Canucks 10-8-0  Nucks Misconduct
10 (10)  Detroit Red Wings 7-5-3  Winging It In Motown
11 (11)  Edmonton Oilers 8-8-1  The Copper & Blue
12 (12)  Nashville Predators 7-7-1  On the Forecheck
13 (14)  Anaheim Ducks 6-7-2  Battle of California
14 (13)  St. Louis Blues 5-6-4  St. Louis Game Time
15 (15)  Minnesota Wild 6-10-0  Hockey Wilderness

Eastern Conference

Biggest Winner: Philadelphia Flyers (+3)

Biggest Loser: Montreal Canadiens (-4)

Eastern Conference Power Rankings
 Rk (Prv)  Team  Record  SB Nation Blog
1 (2)  Washington Capitals 10-3-4  Japers' Rink
2 (1)  Pittsburgh Penguins 12-5-0  PensBurgh
3 (6)  Philadelphia Flyers 9-4-1  Broad Street Hockey
4 (5)  New Jersey Devils 11-4-0  In Lou We Trust
5 (3)  Buffalo Sabres 9-4-1  Die By The Blade
6 (4)  New York Rangers 10-7-1  Blueshirt Banter
7 (7)  Ottawa Senators 7-5-2  Silver Seven
8 (8)  Boston Bruins 7-7-2  Stanley Cup of Chowder
9 (10)  New York Islanders 6-6-5  Lighthouse Hockey
10 (12)  Tampa Bay Lightning 6-4-5  Raw Charge
11 (11)  Atlanta Thrashers 7-6-1  Bird Watchers Anonymous
12 (8)  Montreal Canadiens 8-9-0  Habs Eyes On The Prize
13 (15)  Toronto Maple Leafs 3-7-5  Pension Plan Puppets
14 (13)  Florida Panthers 5-9-1  Litter Box Cats
15 (14)  Carolina Hurricanes 2-11-3  Canes Country
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