Nuggets, Magic Won't Rule Out Signing Allen Iverson Either

One day after Allen Iverson was officially released by Memphis, it appears the Knicks aren't the only team that could consider signing him.

NBA Fanhouse reports that, if George Karl is to be believed, the Denver Nuggets might think about Iverson if circumstances change for them.

"A.I. for us is an injury discussion,'' Karl said. "I don't think it's a discussion right now for us... But just say somehow (guard) Ty Lawson is out for the season, I think speed and quickness is what Ty gives us. A.I. would be on the list of speed and quickness.'

Karl also admitted that the Nuggets briefly talked about signing Iverson during the offseason.

Denver isn't the only contender considering Iverson. One day after losing all-star point guard Jameer Nelson for four to six weeks due to a knee injury, Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith indicated to the Orlando Sentinel that Iverson is a possibility.

Magic General Manager Otis Smith is more inclined to use veteran point guards Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson while waiting on Jameer Nelson to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery in four to six weeks.

At the same time, when asked by the Sentinel about the possibility of signing free agent point guard Allen Iverson, Smith didn't reject the idea out of hand. He has usually shot down scenarios involving players who come with baggage or questionable character, citing team chemistry and how it might affect superstar Dwight Howard.

"It's hard to say. You have to evaluate it. But it has to make sense for your team," he said. "I just got the news (on Nelson) a few hours ago, so I can't rule out anything yet. You have to take a step back. That's how we've done things."

Karl and Smith both believe that Iverson will be on an NBA roster at some point this season, even if it isn't theirs. So ... maybe there's still more to be written in the book of Allen Iverson's NBA career. 

However, it's also possible Donnie Walsh, Karl and Smith are just being polite because of all Iverson has accomplished in his career.  Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears have been asking nearly every team in the league whether they would sign Iverson, and none has even responded with a "maybe."


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