NBA Power Rankings, Week 4: Where The Lakers Are Repeat Winners

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SBN NBA Blogger Power Rankings Week 4: Where the Lakers Repeat

Well, they repeat for this week at least.

There were a bunch of challengers trying to knock the Lakers off the top spot, but when the shoes cleared, they were still at the top.

Perhaps if there weren't so many challengers, their divided votes may have been enough to crown a new number 1.  As it is, the Magic, Suns, Hawks, and even the Nuggets garnered at least one first-place vote.  So until one of those contenders breaks away from the pack a bit or the Lakers take a tumble, we might see them at #1 for a while.

Orlando had the biggest jump this week as they re-established themselves as an elite team.  The Utah Jazz also had a six-position jump after ending their drought in San Antonio and breaking .500 for the season. Atlanta could be the hottest team in the league right now as reflected in their five-game climb.

The biggest fall this week came from the Raptors who dropped 5 spots.  Coincidentally, opposing teams are dropping a 5 spot per minute against them.

On to the snarky and insightful comments.

NBA Power Rankings

Rank (LW) Team (First Place Votes) Record Team Blog Comments
1 (1) Los Angeles Lakers (2) 10 - 3 Silver Screen and Roll Bright Side Of The Sun: "Pau's back. Rings given. Shoe thrown. Nose held. Respect paid."
2 (8) Orlando Magic (4) 11 - 3 Third Quarter Collapse Third Quarter Collapse: "Tied with Atlanta for the league's best record and tied with Dallas for the league's longest winning streak, at 5 games ... It's hard to overlook the defensive clinic they put on against Boston. "
3 (2) Phoenix Suns (2) 11 - 3 Bright Side Of The Sun At The Hive: "The Suns' 3P%, as anticipated, has fallen from "this is #$%$# ridiculous" levels. They're good, just not *that* good."
4 (9) Atlanta Hawks (3) 11 - 3 Peachtree Hoops Silver Screen and Roll: "We're still trying to figure out how legit they are, and whether they'll be up here in February. But there's no questioning how good they've been in November."
5 (3) Boston Celtics 10 - 4 Celtics Blog Rufus on Fire: "Like the Spurs of recent vintage, the Celtics' regular season record barely matters, so long as everyone is healthy and rested come playoff time."
6 (7) Dallas Mavericks 10 - 3 Mavs Moneyball At The Hive: "Into the door have come Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, Drew Gooden, and many more over the years. But the Mavericks know where their bread is buttered... and man, is that some delicious bread right now."
7 (4) Denver Nuggets (1) 9 - 4 Denver Stiffs >Bright Side Of The Sun: "Earl Smith III is back and bombing away as Melo's sidekick and Ty Lawson's punch cannot be undervalued. Throw in the home court lack of oxygen advantage and just enough lunacy to make your hair stand straight up and this team just might be able to beat the Lakers"
8 (5) Portland Trail Blazers 10 - 5 Blazersedge At The Hive: "Can you imagine the 2008-2009 Portland offense with the 2009-2010 Portland defense? I have, often, and mostly in terrible, terrible nightmares. "
9 (6) Cleveland Cavaliers 10 - 4 Fear The Sword Straight Outta Vancouver: "The Big Shaqalier is looking like more like The Big Shaqstacle when LeBron drives into the lane. Depth is a question; I like Hickson, but Antwan Jamison proved the kid isn't ready."
10 (11) Milwaukee Bucks 8 - 3 Brew Hoop Clips Nation: "Sure, their schedule has been loaded with weaklings, but they're 8-3. The Bucks are 8-3. I still can't get over it."
11 (10) Miami Heat 8 - 5 Peninsula Is Mightier Straight Outta Vancouver: "If it weren't for a Wade buzzer-beater, they would be on a four game losing streak. It's clear that Miami needs Beasely to step up his game Quentin Richardson shouldn't be a number two option."
12 (12) Houston Rockets 8 - 6 The Dream Shake At The Hive: "Number one sign the Mayans were right: Tracy McGrady believes he's healthy enough to play basketball."
13 (16) Oklahoma City Thunder 7 - 7 Welcome to Loud City Straight Outta Vancouver: "I still don't think they make the playoffs this season, but Thabo Sefolosha has finally grown into the Swiss stopper we've always known he could become. They still play young, however, which means they often fall into playing at their opponent's level."
14 (20) Utah Jazz 7 - 6 SLC Dunk Peachtree Hoops: "The winner of "it was too early to freak out" award!"
15 (13) San Antonio Spurs 5 - 6 Pounding The Rock Clips Nation: "One of only four NBA teams without a road win, the Spurs are surely better than this - but they haven't shown it so far."
16 (15) Chicago Bulls 6 - 6 Blog A Bull Third Quarter Collapse: "I have no idea how the Bulls can be at .500 with their offense, which shoots fewer three-pointers and more long two-pointers than any other team in the league, per If they keep playing good D, they should make the playoffs again, but it's hard to imagine them posing as much of a threat as they did last year."
17 (19) Detroit Pistons 5 - 9 Motown String Music At The Hive: "The team's leading assist man averages 4.2 a game, and he comes off the bench. I'm not saying you can't win this way, I'm just saying you won't win this way. "
18 (17) Indiana Pacers 5 - 6 Indy Cornrows Silver Screen and Roll: "5-6 and 8th in the East ... is the East falling back down to earth? Still, give the Pacers at least a little credit for proving Boston's mortality."
19 (14) Toronto Raptors 6 - 8 Raptors HQ Peachtree Hoops: "Can beat any team in the league that plays defense against itself."
20 (24) New Orleans Hornets 6 - 9 At The Hive Silver Screen and Roll: "Byron gone, Chris Paul out, and ... three straight wins, including consecutive victories over Phoenix and Atlanta? Uh, what the hell...?"
21 (18) Sacramento Kings 5 - 7 Sactown Royalty Bright Side Of The Sun: "Paul Westphal FTW!!!"
22 (21) Los Angeles Clippers 5 - 9 Clips Nation Clips Nation: "Lose to Memphis, beat Denver. Hard to figure this team, but they could be good when Gordon and Griffin return."
23 (23) Philadelphia 76ers 5 - 8 Liberty Ballers At The Hive: "Elton Brand is very, very mediocre. And before wondering why I've got them ranked 25th, keep in mind that the Sixers are a combined 6 points away from TWO losses to the winless Nets and a 3-8 record. They can rebound, but this is not a good team right now. "
24 (26) Golden State Warriors 4 - 8 Golden State Of Mind Silver Screen and Roll: "I have more sympathy for Bay Area basketball fans than any other group of fans in sports, right now. Yes, even more than the Clippers. These devoted fans deserve better ... A LOT better."
25 (22) Charlotte Bobcats 4 - 9 Rufus On Fire CelticsBlog: "Cap'n Jax to the rescue? Oh boy."
26 (25) Washington Wizards 3 - 9 Bullets Forever Third Quarter Collapse: "Key players are hurt, Gilbert Arenas is unhappy, and the Wizards are underachieving. What else is new in our nation's capital?"
27 (27) Memphis Grizzlies 4 - 9 Straight Outta Vancouver Clips Nation: "With the Iverson saga over, these guys may turn out to be OK."
28 (29) New York Knicks 3 - 10 Posting And Toasting CelticsBlog: "Progress on court and off-court. Passing on AI was a smart move."
29 (28) Minnesota Timberwolves 1 - 12 Canis Hoopus Silver Screen and Roll: "Only the Nets are saving them from the bottom slot, at this point."
30 (30) New Jersey Nets 0 - 13 Your Blog Here CelticsBlog: "Here is how bad it is in NJ. Friday afternoon, a Nets ticket rep called me offering "a bunch of FREE" tickets to Saturday's game against the Knicks."


Thanks to the illustrious panel this week that voted.

Peninsula is Mightier - Heat
Bright Side Of The Sun - Suns
Straight Outta Vancouver - Grizzlies
At The Hive - Hornets
Brew Hoop - Bucks
Rufus on Fire - Bobcats
Clips Nation - Clippers
Third Quarter Collapse - Magic
CelticsBlog - Celtics
Peachtree Hoops - Hawks
Indy Cornrows - Pacers
Silver Screen and Roll - Lakers
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