Is There Any Fantasy Hope For The Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are, to put it mildly, completely falling apart.  They shipped their best offensive player (WR Braylen Edwards) to New York, their franchise running back (Jamal Lewis) has said he'll retire at the end of the year and they've already benched their starting quarterback.  This week, they fired their GM but won't tell anybody why.  

"We felt that, organizationally, this was the best decision in order to move forward."

That was about as deep as Mangini would venture into the Kokinis matter. Mangini spent most of his news conference politely deflecting questions about why the decision was made.

He was asked if there were legal reasons why he couldn't address Kokinis' exit.

"There's really a variety of reasons," he said, "and I'll just leave it at that."

Umm, ok. 

For fantasy owners, there really isn't a single usable offensive player on the Browns.  Jamal Lewis is losing interest weekly, the receiving corps aren't seeing any passes, and QB Derek Anderson has put together a string of some of the worst statistical games in league history.   Worse than that, there isn't even a usable offensive player on the horizon for the Browns.  No rookie waiting for his chance, no veteran on the bench waiting for a shot to start.

Except for Brady Quinn.

Quinn was benched once this season after averaging 160 passing yards per game over two and a half games.  That was considered to be a poor performance until Derek Anderson came along, who's averaging 123.8 passing yards per game over five and a half games.  The only hope to get fantasy production out of the Browns this year would seem to be Quinn provided he can regain his starting position.  But how can the Browns admit they were wrong and make a second u-turn at this point in the season?  That would seem to require a new front office manager with the experience and authority to single-handedly decide who should start for the Browns at quarterback....

As for a possible replacement for Kokinis, Mangini would not comment when asked if former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar might handle some of the GM's responsibilities. Kosar was recently brought in by Lerner in an unspecified consulting role that could expand.

That would do the trick. 

Obviously, this is just guesswork at this point.  There's no firm news that Kosar will be the new GM and even if he was, he might not bring back Quinn.  And even if Quinn did start (again), he might stink (again).  It is a possibility though, and even a slim chance of getting fantasy production out of the Browns makes it worth thinking about.

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