First Time Mock

Hey Everyone, first time poster here.  I'm a big draft buff, so I thought I'd kick things off with a mock draft.  Hope you guys enjoy it, I enjoy any and all criticisms, as long as they are put in a constructive way.  Here we go......


Round 1


(1)-Cleveland Browns select Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame. 

There are really only a few options with the #1 pick, a QB, DE, or LT.  Sometimes an elite talent at a position like DT, WR, RB, or CB will emerge, but I mean ELITE.  With that in mind, lets look at the Browns needs.  They need a RB, but they can get one later.  They need a WR, but there is not a player of that ilk in this draft.  There isn't a defensive position that is a need worth the pick here, and the Browns are set at LT with Thomas.  So by default, they select Mangini's guy that he will live or die with, Jimmy Clausen.  This is by no means a bad pick either, Clausen's leadership, arm power, and poise are things the Browns offense has been missing. 

(2)-Tampa Bay Buccanneers select Ndamakong Suh, DT, Nebraska. 

Tampa Bay's defense needs help.  They will prove it Sunday with an encore of the Monday night debacle versus Carolina a year ago.  Suh is possibly one of the best defensive tackle prospects of the decade, his rare blend of size, strength, and speed will be the difference in the Tampa defense.   A Warren Sapp comparison isn't too crazy. 

(3)-St. Louis Rams select Jake Locker, QB, Washington. 

The Rams biggest need is at QB, Locker has nice mechanics, good arm strength, and the Rams have enough talent on offense to support him.  There isn't really another position of need for the Rams worthy of this pick, Gerald McCoy was considered. 

(4)-Detroit Lions select Russel Okung, LT, Oklahoma State. 

Stafford has already been hurt this year multiple times, if the Lions want him to survive longer than Harrington they need to draft protection.  Okung is a great pass protector, and should start immediately.  Another option is Eric Berry, he would dramatically improve the Lions pass defense. 

(5)-Washington Redskins select Bruce Campbell, LT, Maryland. 

Dan Snyder can't ignore the offensive line any longer.....or can he.  Sam Bradford is a very legit possibility. 

(6)-Kansas City Chiefs select Eric Berry, FS, Tennessee. 

Berry provides an immediate upgrade over Jarrad Page and Mike Brown.  His playmaking ability will do wonders for the K.C. defense. 

(7)-Oakland Raiders select Taylor Mays, SS, USC. 

I have a formula for drafting for the Raiders, just take the best athlete on the board.  That is Mays.  Mays fills a position of need as well. 

(8)-Buffalo Bills select Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma. 

The Bills need help in run defense, McCoy provides a dynamic talent alongside Stroud.  If Sam Bradford is still available he is an option, as neither Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick are answers. 

*(9)-San Francisco 49ers select Trent Williams, RT, Oklahoma. 

Back to back Oklahoma picks here, Williams provides a strong presence at RT that the Niners are missing.  This is a run based offense, and with the resurgence of Smith, as well as Crabtree, they can focus on beefing up the run game.  There isn't a rush linebacker worth taking here. 

%(10)-Denver Broncos select Rolando Mclain, ILB Alabama.

Someone next to Andra Davis would be nice and help the occassional softness versus the run. 

(11)-Seattle Seahawks select Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma. 

The 'Hawks need a QB of the future, and Bradford will be an excellent QB for them.  He can sit and learn behind Matt Hasselbeck, then come in a year from now with a much improved team. 

(12)-New York Jets select Joe Haden, CB, Florida. 

Someone across from Revis would be good, especially with the way Sheppard has been playing. 

(13)-San Francisco 49ers select Brandon Spikes, ILB Florida. 

They need help next to Willis.  A CB would also be a good pick, but no one worth the pick. 

(14)-Houston Texans select Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky. 

No DT, guard, or bruiser at RB worth the pick here, Lindley shores up the Texans pass D that face's Manning twice a year. 

(15)-Tennessee selects Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma. 

Travis Lewis is a beast.  Tennessee could use help at corner to replace Harper, a dominating presence in the interior to replace Haynesworth, and some depth at DE, but no one available comes close to having quite as much impact as Lewis. 

(16)-Miami Dolphins select Terence Cody, NT, Alabama. 

Miami needs a NT, Cody won't fall past here. 

(17)-Jacksonville Jaguars select Tim Tebow, QB, Florida. 

The Jags need to sell tickets, and I could see them taking a chance on a guy like Tebow.  Otherwise this could be the L.A. Jaguars in a few seasons. 

(18)-Atlanta Falcons select Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri. 

Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech could be an option, but the Falcons need help at OLB more.  Weatherspoon is a solid fit for their system as well. 

(19)-Pittsburgh Steelers select Ras-I-Dowling, FS/CB tweener, Virginia. 

A guard like Mike Iupati is also an option, but Dowling fills two needs, at CB and FS. 

(20)-New York Giants select Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama. 

The Giants have had issues with their secondary, Arenas helps with depth, and a returner of his caliber can only help. 

(21)-Baltimore Ravens select Damian Williams, WR, USC. 

Put up decent numbers....with a freshman throwing him the ball.  Best WR in this draft class, something Baltimore desperately needs. 

(22)-Green Bay Packers select Charles Brown, OT, USC. 

The best OT left on the board, something of desperate need for the Packers. 

(23)-Philadelphia Eagles select Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech. 

Mike Iupati is an option to upgrade one of the Andrews, but instead they go DE to pump up their pass rush.  Morgan opposite Cole is scary. 

#(24)-Seattle Seahawks select C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson. 

Seattle needs an upgrade in the running game, Spiller is absolutely electric.  He'll step in immediately and contribute if nothing more than a change of pace guy. 

(25)-Arizona Cardinals select Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma. 

Can you imagine Kurt Warner with a solid threat at TE? 

(26)-New England Patriots select Jahvid Best, RB, Cal. 

New England needs defensive help, but there isn't really a player that fits a need worth this selection.  Best makes the New England offense two dimensional, as I don't believe anyone on the roster is a serious threat. 

(27)-Dallas Cowboys select Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa. 

The Cowboys need help at offensive tackle, and Bulaga is a very solid one.  He may not start right away, but I expect him to become the type of ten year vet that teams dream of finding. 

(28)-Cincinatti Bengals select Reshad Jones, Safety, Georgia. 

The Bengals don't really need a QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, OG, DE, DT, LB, or a CB.  The only need I can think of is center or safety, as I don't know who plays there for the Bengals.  Jones is a nice talent, he'll help an already strong defense. 

(29)-San Diego Chargers select Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State. 

The Chargers will be looking for WR help, as Floyd and Jackson are both FA's. 

(30)-Minnesota Vikings select Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas. 

I don't think Favre comes back, Mallet is a similar player, but is very raw.  Rosenfels could still beat him out. 

(31)-Indianapolis Colts select OLB Michael Morgan, USC. 

Continuing in the tradition of great USC linebackers, Morgan will also likely continue the tradition of good Colts linebackers who are let go. 

(32)-New Orleans Saints select Rico McCoy, OLB, Tennessee. 

New Orleans is desperate for OLB help.    

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