As Tiger Woods' World Turns: Digital Recreations and Dubious Mistress Claims

Before we get to this alleged other mistress of Tiger Woods, you must drop everything and watch this video:

The two scenarios being played out are outstanding. It's not enough for a newscast to just explain what might've happened -- let alone wildly speculate -- but we get an actual computer animation. (Where does this recreation rate compared to the local news bear attack?) Obviously Google Translations are far from perfect, but here's a look at the accompanying article that goes with the video which includes this headline: "Woods, broken windows at night to save his wife crash shady husband."

The other "development" on the Tiger Woods front is that while Rachel Uchitel, the woman named by the National Enquirer as Tiger's mistress and a possible source for a domestic spat, said "not a word of it is true," we've now got another alleged mistress coming forward. (Editor's note: I put the link there as a courtesy, but don't force yourself to visit US Weekly's site. Too much pink text.) Forgive me if I'm skeptical of this woman's claims.

⇥A Los Angeles cocktail waitress tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands Wednesday) that she had a steamy 31-month fling with Tiger Woods and has a voicemail recording and text messages to prove it.⇥

⇥Jaimee Grubbs, now 24, tells Us Weekly she began having an affair with Woods, 33, in April 2007.⇥

Here's where this story begins and ends for me: she was on a VH1 "reality" show called Tool Academy. I was not familiar with this show, so I checked handy Wikipedia and here is its description:

⇥"Tool Academy is a competitive reality television show featuring "unsuspecting bad boys" who have been sent to "relationship boot camp". The men, all of whom have been nominated by their respective girlfriends, initially think they are taking part in a competition for a title. However, shortly after arriving they find out the truth: they are actually being entered into a "charm school" which focuses on teaching them how to behave as boyfriends.

Done. I'm sorry, but anyone willing to appear on this show -- or any VH1 reality show for that matter -- should not be treated as a credible source of information at any point. Here's a life lesson, if you haven't already figured it out: people who appear on VH1 reality shows are the most desperate-for-attention type of people that exist on the face of the earth. Let's ignore this one and wait for more from the police. Or just watch that crazy Chinese animation a few more times.

UPDATE: Desperate for attention or not, this woman definitely had a voicemail from Tiger that sounds rather incriminating on the infidelity front. Perhaps even more telling is the story in Esquire about Tiger's reputation as a "chaser."

(H/T to Unsilent on the video)


This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see The Sporting Blog Archives.

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