Mock Draft 4 rounds


1 CLE  Sam Bradford QB   Cle will shy away from another ND QB and take Sam if he is healthy at the  combine.

2 STL  Jake Locker QB       Kyle Boller at QB will not do.

3 Det    Ndamukong Suh    DT   Anyone who saw the Texas game knows Suh can have major impact on any game.

4 TB    Eric Berry  FS   Eric can give immediate help in D backfield

5 BUF  Jimmy Clausen QB 

6.  KC Russel Okung T  This should give KC two good T's

7 Oak  Taylor Mays FS     Kind of player Al Davis likes.

8. WAS Trent Williams T   Whoever their QB is , Trent will help.

9.  SF Bryan Buluga T    

10 CAR to SF Carlos Dunlap DE    Buluga and Dunlap will help them in both trenches This guy has big talent but potential character issues.

11 Chi to Denver  Derrick Morgan DT     Derrick has moved up most boards.

12 HOU Rolando McClain ILB    HOU D remains a work in progress but Rolando can cement it together

13 ATL Joe Hadan CB         Fills one of the holes in their secondary

14 Jets Gerald McCoy DT 

15 SEA  Ryan Mallet QB  Will understudy Matt  Hasselbeck for a year.

16 BAL  Bryant Dez WR   Hopefully for Ravens, Mason stays another year, but even if he does Ravens could use two WR prospects.

17 MIA  Travais Lewis OLB 

18 TEN   Jason Pierre Paul DE  Raw talent who will put up big numbers at the combine and climb up draft boards.

19 JAC Tim Tebow QB     If Tim can make it at  QB in Jacksonville, he could sell tickets.  This is about putting folks in seats not talent.

20 Giants  Trevard Lindley CB       need help in secondary

21 GB  Anthony Davis T    GB must protect Rogers

22 DEN to SEA    C J Spiller RB    Explosive back could do wonders for this running game.    

23 PIT    Mike Johnson OG Ala. help in O line to protect Big Ben.  ( CLE has sacked Big Ben at least 5 times in the first round tonight) Very good S wil be available in Second.

24 DAL  Brandon LAfell WR.    Roy is not consistant, DAL needs a second option.

\25 ARZ Pat Robinson CB  

26 NE Jerry Hughes DE        Defence needs help.

27 PHI  Brandon Spikes ILB      Mcclain may have replaced him as the # one MLB but Spikes can play on Sunday. 

28 SD Jonathan Dwyer RB         Even if LT has anothern year Dwyer will help.

29 CIN Jermaine  Gresham TE       If he has a good combine Jermaine will go early.   TE who is a great target.

30 NO Sean Weatherspoon  OLB   A little more D may put NO in Super Bowl

31 Min  Colt McCoy QB  I believe Colt can play and if Bret stays another year it will do wonders for him.

32 IND  Norwood Eric OLB       

2nd Round

33 Cle   Arrelious Benn WR     This pick will give Sam a another target.

34  STL  Daimen Williams WR    STL needs WR's

35  DET Charles Brown T   Suh starts to turn around the D and Charlie Brown shores up the O line. 

36 TB  Golden Tate WR       ND    Productive WR 

37 BUF Corey Wootton DE      If healthy, Corey has a good combine and moves up.

38 KC Jahvid Best RB    Again,if he is healty at the combine he will go early.

39 Oak Bruce Carter OLB    I do not pretent to know who Oakland will actually pick,

40 WAS Ciron Black OL    A little more protection for QB.   Campbell is starting to look better , by getting more protection they can delay picking  QB

41 SF  Kyle Wilson CB     Needs help in D Backfield

42CAR  Jevan Snead QB     Snead is not playing that well but has big upside.

43 TB (from CHI) Greg Hardy DE  Mississippi

44 HOU Terrence Cody DL      I believe Cody will fall to the second round ( a good chance he is over wieght at combine) 

45 KC  from ATL Rob Gronkowski TE    This pick depends on Rob being healthy and having hugh Combine.

46 Jets  Eric Decker WR        Getting Edwards didnot solve the Jets WR issues, Eric should make everyone better.

47 SEA Jordan Shippley WR     Retooling the SEA Offense  picked up RB, QB and now a WR

48 . BAL RAS Dowling  CB  

49.MIA  Willie Young DE  North Carolina State

 50 NE from TEN Javier Arenas CB  NE likes multi taskers and Arenas fits the bill  

51 NE from JAC  Evan Royster RB PSU  Two of their running backs are getting very old. 

52 Giants  Dennis Pitta TE   BYU

53 GB   Mike Lupati G   GB must protect Rogers.  After watching the Monday night game against Ravens the GB may not need this much help in O line.

54 DEN Sergio KIndle OLB Texas

55 PIT Major Wright FS      PIT needs deepth in D Backfield

56  DAL    Jason Fox OT    Miami

57 ARZ Dan Williams DE    This D looked wonderful against MINN, but can use the help.

58 NE Jon Asamoah OG   NE will draft mostly D but a little help on the O line is needed.

59 PHI Sean Lee OLB    Penn State

60 SD Aruthur Jones   DT Syracuse

61 CIN Jared Odrick DE Penn State

62 NO Marvin Austin DT    North Carolina

63 MIN Brandon Lang DE Troy     Brandon is a good pass rusher and could give the Vikes a rushing threat from both sides

64 IND Nate Allen FS South Florida


Round 3

65 Cle Toby Gerhart RB   With Lewis retiring , this should be a good spot for Toby

66 STL Kyle Calloway OT

67 DET Darrell Stuckey SS

68 TB Syd Quan Thompson CB    SYD and Eric Berry should address D backfield issues

69 BUF Rennie Curran LB

70 KC Ricky Sapp DE Clemson

71 Oak Pike QB Cinn 

72 WAS     pick used in Suppliment Draft

73 SF Gabe Carimini OT

74 CAR  Jermane Cunningham DE Florida    He may not fall this far

75 CHI Dezmon Briscoe WR Kansas      This their 1st pick CHI could use a WR

76 HOU Jacoby Ford WR Clemson      Lots of speed May get open alot with A Johnson getting the double team.

77 ATL Bruce Campbell OT

78 CLE from Jets Jason Fox OT Miami   If Fox can play right tackle it will be a big help

79 PHI from SEA  Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi   With Westbrook having concusion problems Dixon gives them deepth.

80 BAL Marty Gilyard WR  

81  MIA Dexter McCluster   WR/RB  Miss   Need Help at WR and Dexter can  give them deepth and a different look than their two big Backs

82 TEN  Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forrest       TEN needs help in Secondary.

83 JAC  Ga    Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State

84 GIANTS Morgan Burnett FS Georgia Tech

85 GB Joe Mcknight RB USC 

86 DEN  Lee Ziemba OT

87 PIT  Matt Tennant C  

88 DAL A. J Edds OLB

89 ARZ Ed Dickson TE

90 OAK from NE  Thomas Austin OG

91 PHI Render Sergio OG

92 SD Navorro Bowman OLB    If Bowman comes out

93 CIN Blair White WR   Big WR who can find the end zone.  No character issues.

94 NO M. Pouncey G Fl.

95 MIN Zane Breadles OT

96 IND Perrish Cox CB Virginia

Round 4

97 CLE  Devin Ross CB   Speedy  CD    

98 DET Cameron Heyward De Ohio State 

99 TB Charles Scott RB

100 STL Boo Robinson DT

101 BUF Arthur Castonzo OT

102KC Riley Cooper WR  FLorida

103 OAK  Rickey Sapp DE Clemson

104 WAS Case Keenum QB  Even keeping Jason, some  back up

105  SF Chad Jones S  If Chad comes out he may not fall this far.

106 CAR Kerry Meiri WR

107CHI Sam Young T TEN 

108 HOU Demarco Murry RB

109 ATLKam Chancellor FS  This pick plus the earlier CB should tighten up the Secondary

110 JETS Von Miller DE

111 SEA Jerremy Perry G

112 BAL  Danaro Alexander WR    3rd WR in top four This may be excessive.  But if Mason leaves Ravens will be depleted at WR.,  Danaro is big 6/4 and can catch and has put up big numbers ( best in College this year)

113 MIA George Selvie DE  Florida product falls this far/

114 TEN Myron Rolle SS

115 JAC  Nate Solder OT

116 Giants Rodney Hudson G

117 GB  Devin McCortney CB   Explosive player who can block kicks and return. 

118 DEN Dan Lefevour QB

119 PIT Montario Hardesty RB   Tenn      Fast Willy may be moving on  

120 DAL Donivan Warren CB

121 ARZ  Mike Pouncey OG Fla.

122 NE Chris Cook CB  Va

123 PHI D., Dickerson TE PIT     In state TE, who can catch and find end zone

124 SD Terrance Tolliver WR

125 CIN Noel Devine RB  WV

126 NO Ryan Mathews RB Fressno State   If Reggie leaves NO will need another RB

127 MIN Prince Amukamura CB

128 IND Marcus Cannon OT TCU

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