C.J. Spiller NFL Draft scouting report

C.J Spiller

5'11. 195 pounds | Running back | Clemson

Acceleration/burst/quickness: Other than perhaps Cal's Jahvid Best, Spiller has the best burst of all draft-eligible players in the nation. Uses his quickness really well on spins and cut backs to make defenders miss. Has fluid hip movement that allows him to change direction without losing quickness.

Elusiveness: Moves into and out of lanes quickly without taking many false steps. Cuts and plants exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that Spiller may be best-suited to play on a team that zone blocks.

Pass catching: Can be dangerous when lining up in the slot. Uses his excellent quickness to get off the line of scrimmage. Doesn't run very disciplined routes and allows defenders to stay on him. Hands are good for a running back. Had more than 30 pass receptions a year his final three seasons at Clemson.

Pass blocking: Adequate pass blocker. Played in a one-back system where he was the last line of defense against pass rushers. Although Spiller gives good effort on blocking, he needs to learn the fundamentals and apply them. Doesn't always go through his blocking progressions from the outside to the inside correctly.

Power: Inconsistent as an inside runner. Finds creases well and dashes through them, but doesn't always like to run inside. Doesn't break a lot of tackles because he runs somewhat upright and allows defenders into his frame. Needs to be more assertive running inside. Not a downhill runner.

Size: Spiller's size is somewhat of a concern. In a league where nine out of 10 of the top rushers in 2008 were over 200 pounds coming out of college, Spiller is lacking bulk. His muscle build is good for his frame, so he might not get much bigger without losing some quickness. Size issues may lead to some durability concerns by evaluators.

Speed: Possesses elite game speed. Spiller should time well and his speed is evident on the field. Runs away from just about any defender. Hits holes really fast and gets up to his top speed quickly.

Vision: Spiller does a nice job setting up his blockers, particularly when he's working in space. Really likes to work to the outside where he can use his agility. Clearly knows how to "run to daylight." Finds openings with ease and gets through them to produce extra yards. Unlike a lot of quick backs, Spiller is an intelligent runner who doesn't run backwards in an effort to make a big play.

Final word: Where Spiller lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in speed and athleticism. A dynamic running back who considered entering the 2009 NFL Draft, Spiller is a multi-threat player who can play special teams and catch passes. But he's made his name running around and past defenders. He instinctively eludes contact and gets up to speed quickly.

Size is a concern, but his running style often negates his lack of bulk.Spiller really broke through in his senior season after splitting carries with James Davis his first three years.

Spiller might not necesarily be the next Chris Johnson, but he'll be the closest player to him in the NFL.

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