Mock Draft New To Me

1.St Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

The Rams have to take a QB, Bulger isn't the answer everyone was hoping he'd be for this team, and now I understand that this team has many issues, and many people are saying how do u pass up someone with the talent level of Suh, but QB is the leader on the field and the Rams don't have that.  They have some decent offensive weapons in Donnie Avery and Stephen Jackson, so they might be able to win a couple more games just by scoring more points.

2.Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska

With the Rams skipping Suh with the first pick, the Lions are now drooling at what they have just acquired in terms of talent on their defensive line.  Suh will turn into the Lion's defensive version of Calvin Johnson, in the fact that he will be the cornerstone of this defense, and something this team can build on in the future. Also the Lions worked on the offense in last years first round, so now it's the defense turn.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Berry S, Tennessee

Tampa's secondary isn't quite terrible yet, it needs help though.  The pick of Aqib Talib was a good pick up, he'll provide a good starting corner for years to come, and on the other side they have Ronde Barber who is still good, but might have lost a step or two, and needs help from the safeties.  Berry would give either safety spot some dept, considering that they have two young safeties already, but it's possible that Berry overtakes one of the two spots, if drafted.

4. Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma St

Kansas CIty, to it's defense, has done something to try and fix this team.  Todd Haley is trying to make this his team, by trading for Matt Cassel and revamping a bad team overall.  Cassel isn't a bad QB but when you have an offensive line that can't protect you and can't open up the ground game, you're in for a punishing season.  Jammal Charles is a good back, definitely an upgrade over Larry Johnson, who was dropped too late, but at least it's done, but as I said needs some holes to be able to rub through.  WR isn't as big of an issue with Chris Chambers being picked up in the middle of the season and Dwayne Bowe.  You have to start in the trenches and Okung would be the starting of getting this offense in the right direction.

5. Cleveland Browns: Colt McCoy QB, Texas

Now I know that the Browns drafted Brady Quinn with the intention of him becoming their saving grace and leading this team to bigger and greater things, but look how well that has ended up for them.  I know it's a little to early to give up on Quinn but with Mike Holmgren coming in, you've got to shape this team in your image not the past managements.  McCoy is a proven winner, he hasn't won the big game yet, but he is the winningest QB in college football, some people could argue that he's had a great supporting cast around him which he has, but a certain level of it eventually falls on him.  With the fact that it's unknown whether Ryan Mallet is coming out, if I was Holmgren, I draft McCoy and start over because you can't fall very far to the bottom as it is.

6.Washington Redskins: C.J. Spiller RB, Clemson

People have been calling for the head of Jason Campbell for a long time, but he always manages to show flashes of being good. Unlike the Browns, I think that the Redskins stick with Campbell and address a different area of need in RB.  Clinton Portis is a great back, don't get me wrong, but he's geting older and more beat up.  It's been very apparent especially during this season, I think if the Redskins could go back in time and take back the Portis for Champ Bailey trade they would.  Anyways, I think with Portis on the edge, a duo of Spliier and Betts would really shine in Washington and later in the draft they could address their horrible OL.

7.Buffalo Bills: Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland

Jason Peters being gone for the Buffalo Bills has been apparent; whether it's the fact that they haven't been able to run the ball consistently with the duo of Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson or the revolving door at QB, which is partly due to the fact that they have inconsistent receivers in Josh Reed and Lee Evans.  When you have a powerful and scary running game like Buffalo has the potential to have, you must work on the OL first.

8. Denver Broncos: Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma

The Broncos are slowly learning Kyle Orton will never be a franchise QB for any team, he's good hence their 6-0 start but after that spurt their 2-6, a whopping 2-6! They need someone who can throw the ball deep to the weapons at WR they have in Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, and once a while Brandon Stokely.  The run game is set with Moreno and Buckhalter, so now it's time to fix the problem at QB.  Bradford would have been a top pick last year, but opted to stay in school for one more year to try and win a title, but ultimately left millions of dollars on the table.  Hurting his shoulder twice this season will make a lot of teams skeptic of whether he is injury prone, but someone will shell out the money for him and take a chance to have a franchise QB or another great college star that failed in the NFL.

9. Seattle Seahawks: Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma

Walter Jones has been a mainstay at LT for the Seahawks for years and years, but finally his time has come to retire and the Seahawks will need someone to replace him to protect Hasslebeck or their new QB of the future, whom I think they'll take later in the draft. 

10. Oakland Raiders: Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida

As everyone knows in the NFL, Al Davis loves taking physical freaks, but they also know that doesn't always translate into greatness.  Dunlap is one of those players, he's going to post great numbers at the Combine and is an athletic freak, but his production is always great and the character issues for off the field issues might turn some teams away, but Davis must do something with Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour are not getting any younger.

11. San Francisco 49ers: Joe Haden CB, Florida

The 49er's a couple years ago shelled out big bucks to Nate Clements to be their shut down corner, and while he's been good, he hasn't been worth the 80 million dollars they paid him to be, I dont even think he's been close, but that's the past.  Now with two first round picks this year, the 49er's have the ability to change things around and make a good decision in Joe Haden from Florida.  The duo of Haden and Clements is certainly a scary thought for offenses especially when you play the pass heavy offenses of Arizona and Seattle twice a year.

12. San Fransisco 49ers: Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers

Many people are saying that the 49ers will take Bryan Bulaga the OT from Iowa, but Im not seeing that unless there's a run of OT's at the beginning of this draft which is possible, but Im not sold on Iowa linemen after Robert Gallery happened, anyways Davis looks like he will be a good OT in the NFL, which the 49er's need with the likes of Frank Gore in the backfield.  Gore is an explosive back, but he needs holes to run through and with linemen that can't block he has no holes, thus they don't win games, simple as that.

13. Houston Texans: Earl Thomas S, Texas

The Texans have helped themselves on defense greatly through the draft lately with picks such as Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Amobi Okoye, and Brian Cushing.  Now they can help themselves further with the pick of Earl Thomas, who has been simply amazing in the Texas secondary helping them to the national championship game.  With Dunta Robinson likely on his way out of Houston, they'll need some additional secondary help and where better to start then with Thomas.

14. Atlanta Falcons: Patrick Robinson CB, Florida State

The Falcons need secondary help period.  With the injury to Brian Williams, Chris Houston is left on his own in coverage and is getting burned. Teams are finding the weak spots in the secondary and picking the Falcons apart.  The offense is fine, but teams are able to keep the defense on the field and pick them apart.

15. Miami Dolphins: Terrance Cody DT, Alabama

When you run the 3-4 defense like Miami does you need to have a big nose tackle to fill a lot of space for you so that your linebackers can make plays.  When a big man like Jason Ferguson goes down, it's felt everywhere.  Paul Soliai is a good player, but he's not starter material.  This year should make the Dolphins come to terms with that they need some play makers at NT and Cody could be their man, as long as he keeps his weight down.

16. NY Jets: Ras-I Dowling CB, Virginia

The Jets keep spending the big money in free agency trying to find the right combination to get their team into the playoffs and win a Super Bowl and, well, they keep coming up empty.  They pump money into players like Alan Fancea and Brett Farve and still empty handed.  They've had the luck of drafting some good players as of late in Darrelle Revis, Dustin Keller, Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene, but still nothing.  One thing that sticks out is that Lito Shepard is not the player he once was for the Eagles and that was apparent this season, Revis needs someone who is a shutdown corner on the other side of him. 

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Morgan Burnett S, Ga Tech

With the injury to Troy Polamalu this season, it's apparent that the Steelers aren't the same team without him.  They need help in the safety department with Ryan Clark on his last year of his contract and getting older and Tyrone Carter is not Polamalu in any way, so safety depth is a must with this team.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Iupati OG, Idaho

It's not a flashy pick, but it's a pick that gets the job done, and thats what Gene Smith's about.  Last year Smith drafted two OT in the first two rounds of the draft to restore the line to it's former glory.  Vince Manuwai has been a great force on this team, but is starting to reach up there in years and his play is starting to show it. On the other side; Uche Nwaneri is a younger guy still trying to figure out what he's doing out there after replacing Moe Williams.  If Jacksonville wants the powerful running game to return, it has to start in the trenches.

19. Tennessee Titans: Brandon Spikes LB, Florida

With David Thornton and Keith Bulluck both going down with injury issues this week, the Titans will be looking for some help at the LB position this off season either through the draft, FA, or both.  One thing is for sure though, Bulluck and Thornton both basically signed their letters of goodbye with the Titans after the injuries.  Thornton has had a history of injury problems and Bulluck is in a contract year.  Spikes has come under some fire for his coverage skills and some technique issues but those can be fixed with time, especially with a team that has improved players of the quality of Thornton and Bulluck.  Spikes is a very good player and would help the Titans immediately, where they have little depth as it is.

20. Seattle Seahawks: Tony Pike QB, Cincinnati

Many people may question this pick, but the truth is that Seattle needs a franchise QB badly, Hasslebeck has maybe one or two good years left in him, and Seneca Wallace isn't a franchise QB at all, maybe a backup at that, and possibly a spot starter from time to time.  Pike has led a team that at the beginning of the season was thought to be decent and not playing the preseason favorite to win the national championship Florida in the Sugar Bowl.  Now PIke might cause some controversy with the fact that he hasn't played the strongest competition their toughest games coming against South Florida and Pitt, but he has great targets to throw to in Nate Burleson, Deon Branch, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and up in coming John Carlson.  Another fact is that many people may criticize that Pike played in a spread offense but if Seattle is smart, they'll start throwing the ball more.

21. Baltimore Ravens: Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma St

Baltimore had to lure Derrick Mason out of retirement to come back and play for them again because they had no faith in the rest of their receiving corps.  Look at the stats, Mason in his five seasons with the Ravens has 4875 yards receiving, and 22TDs, while Kelly Washington, Mark Clayton, and Demetrius Williams have a combined in their carrers with the Ravens 4505 yards receiving and 18TDs.  What does that say about the three other receivers on the Ravens, one thing, whoever the QB is for this team doesn't trust his other receivers besides Mason.  Baltimore's next to leading receivers after Mason are Ray Rice and Todd Heap, their RB and TE respectively. One word for those stats listed above, SAD.  Flacco has a cannon of an arm and needs some receivers that he trusts to throw the ball to, and the Ravens could help him with drafting Dez Bryant.  Some teams might be scared off by that the fact that Bryant was suspended three games into the season, but the Ravens need a proven receiver and Bryant is their man.  

22. NY Giants: Trevard Lindley CB, Kentucky

I admit I was one of the many people that thought who is gonna stop the Giants at the beginning of the season, with a stacked defense and Eli Manning handling the offense.  I also along with most people thought the problem on this team would be scoring points, with Plaxco Burress getting kicked off the team, and Amani Toomer getting cut in the offseason.  Most people looked at this team and said who is gonna step up in the WR department, well as it turns out thats the opposite case.  The Giants defense looked great until New Orleans exposed them and picked their secondary apart.  The injuries to Brandon Phillips and Antonio Pierce have hurt this team in numerous ways and they've looked the same.  The Giants need some quality depth in the secondary and Lindley would be a good start.

23. Arizona Cardinals: Charles Brown OT, USC

Every team in the NFL needs a solid LT and with some training Charles Brown could be a very good one with some help.  Everyone who follows the NFL and is involved in the NFL, with myself included wonder how many years Kurt Warner has left in the tank and how many years it's before Matt Leinart is ready to be an NFL QB.  With the severity of the concussion Warner suffered this year, I would not be surprised if Warner decides to hang up his helmet after this year and hand over the reigns to Leinart.  Leinart is a left handed QB, so I think the Cardinals are safe in the fact that they just drafted Levi Brown a couple of years ago and he happens to be Leinart's backside, but on the other side Jeremy Bridges is a 6th round pick and needs some depth behind him.  Also the Cardinals have a decent running game in Chris "Beanie" Wells and Tim Hightower which if the run gets going, then the passing game is easier.

24. Dallas Cowboys: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa

It's as simple as this, Flozell Adams is getting old, he's 34 going to be 35 by next season.  Playing on either the offense or defense line wears people down, especially your knees and legs, so you don't move as fast.  Dallas has a good running game in Marion Barber and Felix Jones.  They need someone who can move though consistently with some speed and Adams isn't going to be able to be that anymore for them.  Now as I said earlier, some teams will be scared off by the fact that they'll look at the example of Robert Gallery and see how he is not the hyped player he was in college, on top of the fact that Bulaga hasn't had great season the critics thought he'd have, but nether the less he's had a good season making the All American Second Team.

25. New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes DE/OLB, TCU

Hughes is one of those players that is fast enough to play OLB, but strong enough to play DE.  I'm not fond of these types of players, but the Patriots run a 3-4 defense which is the perfect setting for these types of hybrid players.  New England needs some more youth in the LB corps and have recently started on this mission to revamp it.  Hughes is a younger version of Terrell Suggs which the Patriots would love to have.  He could come up to the line and put a hand down to play line or he could stand up and play coverage.  This would be a smart pick by the Patriots because Hughes fits into their system so well.

26. Green Bay Packers: Ciron Black OT, LSU

The Packers now know what kind of QB Aaron Rodgers will be and they like what they've seen out of him, but on the other hand they don't like seeing Rodger's hit the ground so much.  Eventually all of those hit's will add up and take their toll on him, so the Packers would like to minimize that as much as possible.  Black has been an All American selection and an All SEC player.  Last season was a little a bit of a let down on his performance, but he's still a very good LT and has the psychical build of a bear, and has started 40 consecutive games for LSU which means that their trusting their QB's blindside to him, so should the Packers, that he can perform in the NFL just as well has he has in college.

27. Cincinnati Bengals: Golden Tate WR, Notre Dame

The Bengals have had an emotional season with it's ups and downs.  If someone had told me that at the beginning of the season that the Cincinnati Bengals were going to win the AFC North I would have laughed until I cried.  There's no way I think anyone would have believed that with the Steelers winning the Superbowl last year and the Ravens always looking good.  But after 15 weeks it's the Bengals that stand on top of the division, with the Ravens and the Steelers trying to claim a wild card spot.  On the down turn though, the Bengals lost one of their own in Chris Henry and made this season especially difficult.  Anyways completely from a football view, Henry was a giant lost to this team in the fact that it gave the Bengals a deep threat, but now that he's gone, their biggest target on offense is Chad Ochocinco.  He's of course always been a big target on their offense, but he hasn't opened his mouth as much and let his play speak for him. The problem is though, the Bengals don't have a WR that can stretch the field for them, so that Ochocinco can get shorter routes and Cedric Benson has some running lanes.  Golden Tate had an amazing season at Notre Dame, and while he's not the tallest target he is fast and has good hands.  The thought of a combination of Ochocinco and Tate is a scary one indeed. 

28. Philadelphia Eagles: Sean Witherspoon OLB, Missouri

With two of their three LB going down to injury and eventually the injured reserve early in the season, I though that spelled the end of the Eagles, bu they ended up bouncing back and are leading the NFC East after 15 weeks.  They made a trade with St.Louis to pick up Will Witherspoon, who's had a decent season with them and provided some veteran leadership with two younger guys starting at the two other spots.  The Eagles could use some depth though at LB especially if this happens again to them, things got so bad that they brought back Jeremiah Trotter from FA who had played with Tampa last year.  Some good younger depth would help this LB corps alot.

29. San Diego Chargers: Dan Williams DT, Tennesse

Jamal Williams went down right at the beginning of the season, and showed one thing, he's getting old.  He'll be 34 by the beginning of next season, and I think that San Diego will be looking to get younger at the position.  Williams unless something goes wrong with his recovery will be the first day starter, but he needs some younger depth behind him.  Dan Williams has been racking up a good season at Tennesse, and could make a push into the first round just because of the lack of NT in this draft.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Javier Arenas CB, Alabama

The Vikings are one of the few teams in the NFL that have to good fortune of not having any glaring needs that need to be addressed, I mean I could point out the fact that as Sportscenter put it Brett Farve is mercenary and the Vikings knew this when they signed him, and they are doing just fine with him.  On the other hand when he leaves/retire again, they could be in trouble with Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfelts becoming their starting QB, but there's not a QB worthy of taking this high, so the other problem that can be addressed is the fact that the Viking's defense is having a hard time defending the deep pass.  The Vinkings currently rank 4th against the run with the Williams in the middle, but a lowly 20th in the league against the pass.  One of two things needs to happen, they either need to draft a CB/S that challenges someone for their starting position in the secondary and or lights a fire under them, or the other option being draft a DE that gets some more pressure on QB and takes pressure off of the Williams and Jared Allen, but I think Ray Edwards has done fine.  Arenas is a little small, but he's played at Alabama so he knows what it's like to go against tough opponents, so teams shouldn't be too worried.

31. New Orleans Saints: Kyle Wilson CB, Boise St

The Saints have had a magical season even with some lucky breaks, but their luck has started to wear out the last couple of weeks.  One thing that is hurting the Saints chances to make the Superbowl besides the fact that they lack experience is they have so many injuries in the secondary.  Their entire secondary has at least missed one game due to injury and if it wasn't for some good luck this season, this team wouldn't seem so magical.  They need healthy depth in the secondary, not so much talent but young depth.  Well Wilson is good as a CB with 10 PD and 5 INT plus the fact that he can return punts which would replace Reggie Bush who some people will believe be gone at the beginning of next season.  

32. Indianapolis Colts: Joseph Barksdale OT, LSU

Indianapolis doesn't have many holes in their team at all.  The defense is solid for once and the offense is clicking on all cylinders, except the fact that Tony Ugoh who was drafted to be the franchise LT for years to come has done a horrible job and was benched for Charlie Johnson, who will be a FA at the end of the season, and will demand high dollar in the market, partly due to the fact that he's a quality LT.  Anyways the Colts don't have much faith in Ugoh that much is clear so look for them to draft a LT that could challenge Ugoh for his starting position.

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