How I'd Fix The Chiefs (Its Possible)

Im copying this idea off of a couple posters fan shots. I know someone else did the Chiefs but I think I can do better. Here is my shot at fixing the Chiefs.

Rd. 1- Eric Berry FS/SS- First off, I read somewhere he is considering staying in school. The more I think about it, The more I think its crazy. He cant improve his stock at all. Even if he comes out and says he isnt going pro, I think someone would talk him into entering the draft. HE would imediatly become the best player in the Chiefs secondary. This would give the Chiefs a very young secondary as well. Brandon Flowers has shown promise to be an elite CB, Him and Berry would team up with Carr and Maybe Page or Brown to make a pretty good secondary.

Rd. 2- Damien Williams WR- Look, I never thought the Chiefs would make this pick, but they are dying for WR help. Honestly, They could take a look at Bryant at the #3 pick. I dont know if Damien makes it to the second round, but if he does, The Chiefs couldnt pass him up. (It would be an early second rounder) The Chiefs might set a record for the most drops by a team in one year. If they had reliable WR, They would be picking around 6th instead of 2nd or 3rd. Benn could also be a good pick here if Williams is off the board.

Rd. 2- Mike Johnson G- Johnson is a great run blocker. He could imediatly help out in the run game, and has a chance to be a very good G. Alot of Chiefs fans thought we wouldnt have two high 2nd rounders, but the Falcons have struggled (Awesome). It does make losing TG alot easier.

Thru the first 3 rounds, The Chiefs have addressed 3 of their biggest needs. This draft looks good to me so far.

Rd. 3- Eric Norwood OLB- The Chiefs LBers are bad. Bottom line, They have to upgrade them thru the draft or FA or it could be a long long year. I know alot of you guys might say this is to low, but its a high 3rd round pick. Norwood has been slipping lately because of his size. He isnt 6'4 like most 3-4 OLB. I know people might say "What about James Harrison and Dumerville?" And if you do I will say exactly. Right now I have Kindle, Graham, Hughes, Morgan, Dunlap, Sapp, Hardy, and Wotton all ahead of him as OLB/DE prospects. This is not out of the Question considering how high the Chiefs 3rd will be.

Rd. 4- Boo Robinson NT/DE- I know this is late to address NT, but the Chiefs missed out on Williams and Cody in my draft. Robinson shows good technique and strength at the point of attack. The Chiefs would definitly have to sign a NT to start if they want to be competitive, But Robinson is a project they could work on.

Rd. 5- Vladimir Ducasse G/OT- Ducasse is very raw, Pioli has always took project at the OG posistion for some reason. Stephen Neal for example. Ducasse is big enough to play OT and strong enough to play OG.

Rd. 5- John Fletcher DT- Fletcher is another project. He has the size at 6'6 to be productive. Fletcher has had a pretty productive season for playing on such a bad defense.

Rd. 5- Kerry Meier WR- Kerry is the slot type of guy that Pioli loves. Eventhough we already have someone to play slot, Meier would be an upgrade.


Thats how I would start to fix the Chiefs. I highly doubt they will win much next year if they did have a draft this good but it would be a good start. I think they would have 4 starters out of this draft, and Ducasse and Meier could contribute imediatly.

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