World Cup Draw Roundup: International Reaction, Games in 3D, and Hype Galore

So that all happened. Our live blog's a fun read, especially if you want to relive the moment of panic we all had when Ivory Coast was selected for Group G out of order and we all had the same bleak vision of Didier Drogba destroying the US back line.

But how about what other countries are saying about the draw? And what special measures are being taken to turn this World Cup into a global spectacle greater than any before it?

International Press Clippings

The Daily Mail pulls no punches: Calling England's route an "easy ride", the paper reports that the Brits have been made second favorites (behind only Brazil) to win the cup by bookmakers William Hill. A columnist for the Daily Mirror says that England "must take advantage of their good fortune." The BBC had a lively chat, too.

Basically, they realize their group is tough, but balance will be key, according to coach Dunga.

South Africa
The home nation probably didn't get the draw it was expecting. "Bafana Bafana have received no favors, another paper notes.

"Tres abordable" means "very accessible," and that phrase showing up in their coverage means the French are happy with their lot.

Games in 3D?

Sony's going to use the World Cup to trot out some 3D technology. Sadly, it won't be in the United States. From a press release:

⇥Viewers will be able to enjoy 3D experiences at the following locations: ⇥During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, FIFA will host the “International FIFA Fan Fest™” public viewing events in 7 cities around the world (Berlin, London, Mexico City, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, and Sydney). 
⇥At Sony’s commercial displays located within the “Fan Fest,” people will be able to enjoy and experience promotional highlight trailers of the FIFA World Cup in 3D.⇥In anticipation of the Official 3D Film, viewers will be able to watch promotional trailers for the film of the World Cup in 3D at retail outlets (including Sony stores) that sell Sony products around the world. â‡¥
⇥Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to produce and distribute the Official 3D Film on the Blu-ray Disc*1 and other formats.

Here Comes the Hype 

Newsday's Neil Best sees an unprecedented promotional effort from ESPN on the horizon, while SI's Grant Wahl is hopeful that Twitter's trending topics are evidence of growing interest.


This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see The Sporting Blog Archives.

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