Mock Draft #2

Based off of standings. My mock is mine, I own it, of course SB nation has the exclusive right to show it off in all of its greatness. There are a couple picks that people may not like and I really dont care. Feel free to leave a sentence describing how bad it is (SlimShady). If its the 49ers or Chiefs pick, I firmly beleive you will be wrong and you firmly beleive I will be. Also, Any prospect that has came out and said he isnt coming out is not in my draft (Unless I didnt know). Please tell me is someone has chosen to stay in school so I know for my next. Other then that I including Underclassmen I think will come out.


1. Browns- Ndamukong Suh DT/DE- I dont think they go QB. Of Coarse they could trade this pick to the Jets for Vernon Gholston and a 5th, It is Eric Mangini. I think he sticks with Brady Quinn, and signs Suh a week before the draft.

2. Rams- Jimmy Clausen QB- Even a ND hater like myself has to admit he has played very good this year. There are a couple QBs that could go here instead but Clausen has the hype.

3. Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy DT- To me this is a potental bust pick. Im not that high on McCoy, I live Big 12 football and to me, Granger might even be better but injuries have hurt his stock.

4. Lions-Russell O'Kung LT- Bakus has been bad, He lacks the strength to hande Bull Rushers and the speed to handle speed rushers. Backus was once a good OT, Now he would have trouble making a roster as a starter. O kung is a bit overrated but stll gives Stafford a chance to breath.

5. Redsins- Anthony Davis LT- I think they resign Cambell, They have serious issues on their O line. Backus just might be able to start for them. lol

6. Raiders- Taylor Mays S- I know this is almost a cliche but its so true. Mays is a Raider.

7. The Kansas City Chiefs- Terrence Cody NT- If Berry comes out, He could be the pick but as of right now, I think its Cody. First off this is my team and Im not just putting him here because I like him. I honestly think Pioli could pick him. I would rather have his teammate McClain but Pioli always builds his d line early. I didnt like the T Jax pick at first either and he has played pretty solid.

8. Seahawks- Sam Bradford QB- Dont be so quick to think he will even be here. Long way to go before April.

9. Broncos- Rolando McClain ILB- Broncos have needs along the DL and OL too but nobody here is worth taking, Best player on the board is McClain.

10. Bills- Ryan Mallet - I think he is a beast but Ive only watched a few games. Each of them he was pretty impressive. He has NFL arm strength and accuracy. Im also not high on Jake Locker at all.

11. 49ers- Bruce Cambell OT- They need a solid OT. Bruce Cambell is a beast, I think he is the best in the draft but injuries cause him to slip.

12. 49ers- Jevean Snead QB- I know you guys might not like the pick but He will be a first day pick, He is better then Jake Locker, He lost Oher and has been under pressure. He has NFL arm strength and accuracy. After the combine, NFL GMs will see Lockers duck throwing problem and Snead will reclaim the spot. He also plays in a tougher conference then any QB in the draft projected as a first day pick.

13. Texans- Joe Haden CB- Dunta's replacement.

14. Jets- Jerry Hughes OLB- I dont see them going WR.

15. Miami- Sergio Kindle OLB- They need a future replacement for the two aging vets.

16. Titans- Carlos Dunlap DE-He slips because of the off the field issues, The Titans get a steal.

17. Steelers- Morgan Burnett S- The steelers take Burnett, They might not make the playoffs because of the injuries.

18. Jaguars- Derrick Morgan DE- Jags need a pass rush.

19. Falcons- Greg Hardy DE- Same as Jags, Hardy is the best player on the board.

20. Giants- Earl Thomas- They neeed to help in their secondary. Edited- Arthur Jones DT- I guess Thomas is staying in school. They have some FA DT, He gets plugged in because I dont want to waste time thinking.

21. Ravens- Brandon Spikes ILB- They replace Bart Scott and have the future replacment for Ray Lewis.

22. Seahawks- Brian Bulaga LT- They should have made this pick sometime in the last 3 years. Walter Jones was amazing while he lasted.

23. Cardinals- Charles Brown OT- AZ needs an OT bad. Gandy isnt working out.

24. Cowboys- Trent Williams- This is a tuff pick, I think they need an o linemen but I dont see a LT on the board worth the pick, So they settle for Williams who is falling after a bad year. I think he will struggle at LT and this might be a reach.  Edited- Dez Bryant WR- I cant beleive I forgot him, please feel free to make fun of me, Unless you have Lawrence Marsch in your mock draft.

25. Packers- Jason Fox OT-Aaron Rodgers hardly gets 3 seconds to throw sometimes. Still, he has been balling out of control, imagine what he could do with time. Again, I think this is a reach pick but desperate teams take desperate measures.

26. Eagles- Travis Lewis LB-Eagles signed Trotter back this year because they were so thin.

27. Patriots- Von Miller OLB- The Patriots seriously lack a rush OLB.  Banta-Cain is awesome deapth but he isnt a sure fire starter. But I think him and Von Miller would sure that posistion up.

28. Bengals- Trent Williams OT- You can never have enough O Line men, I dont know if they even need him but its a good value pick.

29. Chargers- Damian Williams WR- This kid is a serious route runner. I love him.

30. Vikings- Jake Locker QB- Vikings think they get a steal but he will be a bust.

31. Colts- Sean Wetherspoon OLB- I really think the Colts would go OT if a good one like Bulaga or Brown were on the board.

32. Saints- Navarro Bowman LB- This could be Mike Iupati, For some reason I could see them letting Evans walk if they got the opurtunity to draft a very good OG.



33. Rams- Joesph Barksdale OT- Rams replace Barron early.

34. Buccaneers- Golden Tate WR- Best WR on the board.

35. Browns- CJ Spiller RB-Best player on the board.

36. Lions- Ras-I Dowling CB/S- I think he will play S for the Lions. This gives them a very good start at rebuilding their secondary.

37. The Chiefs- Mike Iupati OG- Look, this is as far as he falls. Feel free to argue this pick because he will probably go alot earlier. Above Average Pass Blocker and a Great Run Blocker. Davin Joseph Clone.

38. Raiders- Everson Griffin DE- Replacement for Seymour or his counterpart.

39. Redskins- Gabe Carimini OT- Like earlier, The Redskins need OTs. This gives them 2 bookends.

40. Buccaneers- Allen Bailey DT-He is shooting up draft boards so he might not even be here.

41. Bills- Ciron Black OT-Bills have some young talent on their o line, but not much.

42. Seahawks- Patrick Robinson CB- He could fall but he is a good cover corner. Trufant isnt getting younger either.

43. Texans- Jonathan Dwyer RB- Texans fans might say they dont need him, but they also dont think they need a replacment for Amobi.

44. Panthers- Dan LeFevour QB- To me he is the 5th best QB in the draft behing Snead, Mallet, Bradford, Clausen.

45. Miami- Jermaine Gresham TE-Miami has a bunch of 2nd tier WRs. Ted Ginn is not the number 1 they thought he would be, or they knew he wouldnt be for all the booers on draft day. Henne will have a huge target to get the ball to.

46. Jets- Demaryius Thomas WR- This kid is good, In the big 12 or SEC or even any other offense he would be alot more effective.

47. Pats(TEN)- Mike Pouncey OG- I think he could go higher, He is picked here to replace Logan Mankins.

48. 49ers- Kris O Dowd C- I just dont see him falling, I dont even know if the 49ers need him but his strength will allow him to play C/G and I know they need o line help. Something Snead does not have at Ole Miss

49. Patriots- Jared O Drick DE/DT- Perfect size for a 3-4 DE.

50. The KC Chiefs- Eric Norwood OLB- A perfect replacement for Vrabel even if he sits for half the season, probably would start from day one if they dont resign Vrabel.

51. Giants- Greg Jones LB- Giants need help on defense. Crazy because earlier in the year, people would say they had "zero needs" on this very site. Crazy how things change.

52. Steelers- Phil Taylor NT- Hamptons replacement but it is very hard to mock the Steelers. They will take the player that is on the top of their board even if he has to sit a year or two.

53. Ravens- Trevard Lindley CB- Big and physical, gives them someone to play with Foxworth or whoever.

54. Broncos- Javier Aremas CB- Even though the Broncos secondary is very good they are old.

55. Cardinals- Marvin Austin- Cardinals add a a 3-4 DE to help free up LB to get to the QB.

56. Cowboys- Quan Sturdivant LB- Cowboys add a talented LB to their defense.

57. Packers- Nate Solder LT- Solder is a very good pass blocker. He is 6'9 and runs a 4.8, Thats just ridiculous.

58. Eagles- Brandon Graham DE- Eagles add grahm to play oppisite Cole.

59. Patriots- Javid Best RB- I know the Pats dont need a RB, but Best is the best player on the board.

60. Bengals- Chad Jones S- Bengals need a S, Jones could go higher.

61. Chargers- Vince Oghobasse DE/NT- The Chargers wont ever win a SB in San Diego, And they will never win one without a good DL. I hate you Chargers. If you ask John (obviouslygay) He would tell you this is a good pick.

62. Saints- Sean Lee ILB- This guy is underrated, He is a tackling machine. The Saints get a big steal here.

63. Vikings- TJ Ward S- Ward is underrated. Vikings get a good player late in the 2nd.

64. Colts- Selvish Capers OT- Colts add an Ot to replace Ugoh. Ugoh has been ok but never lived up to his pick.

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