NBA Power Rankings, Week 6: Where The Gods Are Still Laker Fans

When you got it, you got it, and right now the Lakers got it.  Across the body shots, while fading away, and behind the three-point line aren't suppose to drop in.  But for the Lakers, everything is falling. 

Speaking of falling, Chicago takes the biggest cliff dive after a horrific week capped off by a loss to the Nets at home.

See where everyone else falls in line.

Team (First place votes) Last Week Movement Record Team Blog Comment
1 Los Angeles Lakers (12) 1 - 16 - 3 Silver Screen and Roll Peninsula is Mightier, "When the gods are Kobe fans...look out world."
2 Orlando Magic 2 - 16 - 4 Third Quarter Collapse CelticsBlog, "Knicks twice and Warriors once makes for an easy week.   Actually their entire December schedule seems to be a nice gift from Santa."
3 Boston Celtics (1) 4 1 16 - 4 Celtics Blog Third Quarter Collapse, "Tough to rank a team as good as the Celtics this low, especially after a 4-0 road trip and a 7-0 overall streak. Their next 7 games look extremely winnable. Should they run the table, they'd enter Christmas Day's matchup with the Magic on a 14-game winning streak, having not lost since mid-November to--you guessed it!--Orlando."
4 Cleveland Cavaliers 5 1 15 - 5 Fear The Sword Silver Screen and Roll, "They've yet to pick up the kind of steam LA, Boston, and Orlando have, but they're back to being outside contenders."
5 Denver Nuggets 6 1 16 - 5 Denver Stiffs Silver Screen and Roll, "They've won 8 of their last 10, by a margin of 10.7 points per game, and have solidly established themselves as the second best team in the West."
6 Phoenix Suns 3 3 15 - 6 Bright Side Of The Sun Posting and Toasting, "Teams that can't hang with my Knicks fall short of elite."
7 Dallas Mavericks 7 - 14 - 7 Mavs Moneyball SLC Dunk, "The Mavs are a quiet 15-7 while Dirk is averaging a career-high of 27 PPG.  He's also getting to the free throw line a lot."
8 Atlanta Hawks 8 - 14 - 6 Peachtree Hoops Silver Screen and Roll, "The buzz has quieted down a bit, but they still look 4th best in the East."
9 Utah Jazz 12 3 12 - 8 SLC Dunk Third Quarter Collapse, "Carlos Boozer's rounding into form and the team's offense has been lights-out of late."
10 Houston Rockets 13 3 11 - 9 The Dream Shake The Dream Shake, "Well, Aaron Brooks, thanks for finally showing up.  Suddenly, the Rockets win three straight - is it just a coincidence that ABZ was on his game during that span?  If it weren't for Brandon Roy's ability to make anything against Houston within forty feet, we'd be ahead of Utah in the standings..."
11 San Antonio Spurs 9 2 9 - 9 Pounding The Rock SLC Dunk, "The Jazz are now 3-0 against the Spurs on the season.  I don't know if I can live in that world.
12 Portland Trail Blazers 10 2 13 - 9 Blazersedge Blog a Bull, "Am I the only one who's miffed when Portland's stars insist they play better with or without certain teammates on the floor? If you were that good it could work with changing parts."
13 Miami Heat 11 2 11 - 9

Peninsula Is Mightier

Third Quarter Collapse, "11-9 is not a bad record, and the Heat are getting better-than-expected contributions from Jermaine O'Neal and Quentin Richardson. Yet I can't regard this team as anything better than mediocre: they're 3-1 in games decided by 3 points or less, and would've been 4-0 were it not for Kobe Bryant's dagger over the weekend. That trend won't continue throughout the season, which is why this team isn't a playoff lock just yet, even with Dwyane Wade.
14 Oklahoma City Thunder 14 - 11 - 9 Welcome to Loud City SLC Dunk, "With Denver, Portland, Utah, and the exciting Thunder,  the northwest division is one of the best in the league (sorry Minnesota)"
15 Sacramento Kings 16 1 9 - 10 Sactown Royalty CelticsBlog, "Every team from here down stinks."
16 Charlotte Bobcats 17 1 8 - 11 Rufus on Fire Clips Nation, "A team of contrasts.  Great defense, terrible offense.  Good home team, horrible road team."
17 Milwaukee Bucks 15 2 9 - 10 Brew Hoop Celtics Blog, "What happened?"
18 New Orleans Hornets 19 1 8 - 11 At The Hive Clips Nation, "They have a better record without Chris Paul than with him.  Go figure."
19 Los Angeles Clippers 21 2 9 - 11 Clips Nation Clips Nation, "Found out this week that Griffin won't be back as soon as hoped.  "Around .500" will be a lot tougher in Dec. than it was in Nov. given their schedule."
20 Toronto Raptors 20 - 9 - 13 Raptors HQ Raptors HQ, "Two straight wins is nice, but this team will need to put three or four
more wins together in a row before anyone can say that the fiasco against
the Hawks last week is behind them." [Ed. Note - This was submitted before their win over Minnesota."
21 Washington Wizards 26 5 7 - 12 Bullets Forever Third Quarter Collapse, "In their loss to Detroit on Sunday, the Wizards' "Big 3" of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antawn Jamison scored 41 points on 41 shots; the Pistons' starting lineup will earn a combine $9.2 million this season, which is less than what Arenas will have banked by the All-Star break. Is it time to rebuild?"
22 Detroit Pistons 23 1 8 - 12 Motown String Music Blog a Bull, "I sort of enjoy that the old 'entitlement' Pistons are gone, and Dumars went back to his roots: acquiring cast-offs with a chip on their shoulder."
23 Memphis Grizzlies 24 1 8 - 12

Straight Outta Vancouver

Silver Screen and Roll, "They've won 7 of their last 11 games, including their most recent victories over Dallas and Cleveland. Not bad."
24 Golden State Warriors 25 1 6 - 14 Golden State Of Mind Third Quarter Collapse, "Mikki Moore starts over Anthony Randolph. I'm not sure what else needs to be said about Don Nelson, whose desperate pursuit of Lenny Wilkens' all-time victories record becomes sadder after each self-consciously unorthodox personnel move. The shame is that, in Monta Ellis, Randolph, and Anthony Morrow, Golden State has a solid core in place. It deserves better."
25 Chicago Bulls 18 7 7 - 11 Blog A Bull Blog a Bull, "People may think that a couple short injuries are no big deal, but the Bulls have a spectacularly awful bench outside of the top-7 rotation. And one of them already starts."
26 Indiana Pacers 22 4 6 - 12

Indy Cornrows

Silver Screen and Roll, "High on the list of things not to be proud of is collecting as many wins as New Jersey in the last 10 games."
27 New York Knicks 28 1 7 - 15 Posting And Toasting Posting and Toasting, "Lesson learned: You can get away with spotty if you just hit your shots!"
28 Philadelphia 76ers 27 1 5 - 16 Liberty Ballers Peninsula is Mightier, "Iverson returning could turn things around...but until I see it, I'm not buying."
29 Minnesota Timberwolves 29 - 3 - 17 Canis Hoopus Canis Hoopus, "Having Kevin Love as a teammate apparently makes players more confident in themselves. His double doubles and Rambis' move away from a complicated offense haven't hurt, though."
30 New Jersey Nets 30 - 1 - 19 Your Blog Here CelticsBlog, "We did it!"


These guys haven't been linked with Tiger, yet, but  they did manage to vote and comment this week,

Blog a Bull - Bulls
Bullets Forever - Wizards
Canis Hoopus - Timberwolves
CelticsBlog - Celtics
Clips Nation - Clippers
Indy Cornrows - Pacers
Peninsula is Mightier - Heat
Posting and Toasting - Knicks
Raptors HQ - Raptors
Sactown Royalty - Kings
Silver Screen and Roll - Lakers
SLC Dunk - Jazz
The Dream Shake - Rockets
Third Quarter Collapse - Magic
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