Linemen, linebackers 40-yard dash times has put up its latest lists of 40-yard dash times. Here is how they looked:


Lawrence Sidbury, Richmond - 4.64
Connor Barwin, Cincinnati - 4.66
Brian Orakpo, Texas - 4.70
Everette Brown, Florida State - 4.73
Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech - 4.75
Stryker Sulak, Missouri - 4.77
Cody Brown, Connecticut - 4.84
Victor Butler, Oregon State - 4.84
Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State - 4.81


Aaron Curry, Wake Forest - 4.56
Stanley Arnoux, Wake Forest - 4.61
Gerald McRath, Southern Miss - 4.61
Clay Matthews, Southern California - 4.67
Jason Phillips, TCU - 4.69
Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina - 4.72
Brian Cushing, Southern California - 4.74
Marcus Freeman, Ohio State - 4.74
Zack Follett, California - 4.75
Moise Fokou, Maryland - 4.76


- Michael Johnson did himself a favor with his time (which was unofficially a 4.67). So did McRath and Sulak.

- Southern California's Rey Maualuga pulled up injured during his 40 saying he heard something "pop."

- Curry, Matthews and Orakpo did what everyone expected them to and have really solidified their places in the draft.

- After the jump are more unofficial times by the linemen only. I'm at work trying to sneak in a peak whenever I can, but couldn't watch any of the linebacker drills. It also isn't every lineman, just the ones I saw. If you have any others, leave them in the comments.


Orion Martin, Virginia Tech - 4.75
David Veikune, Hawaii - 4.75
Larry English, Northern Illinois - 4.77
Aaron Maybin, Penn State - 4.78
Mitch King, Iowa - 4.81
Kyle Moore, Southern California - 4.82
Paul Kruger, Utah - 4.84
Will Davis, Illinois - 4.86
Matthew Shaughnessy, Wisconsin - 4.86
Brandon Wiliams, Texas Tech - 4.87
Evander Hood, Missouri - 4.89
Tyson Jackson, LSU - 4.91
Pannell Egboh, Stanford - 4.92
Maurice Evans, Penn State - 4.97
Demonte Bolden, Tennessee - 4.98
Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn - 5.01
Tim Jamison, Michigan - 5.09
Fili Moala, Southern California - 5.09
B. J. Raji, Boston College - 5.13
Terrance Taylor, Michigan - 5.24
Vance Walker, Georgia Tech - 5.33
Ron Brace, Boston College - 5.47

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