Some Observations of Saturday Night's Race

2009_bud_shoot_out_medium Well I barely managed to stay awake through the Bud Shootout Saturday, not because it was boring but because my son is sick and he had us up at about 5:30 am - not to mention I'm a little under the weather myself - but none-the-less I manged to stick it out and write a quick post before going to bed.


Anyway, here are some random observations I made while watching the race;

  1. Can Joey Logano really race in the Bud Shoot out?  Isn't he under drinking age?  Isn't there some sort of law against his participation in an alcohol sponsored event?  I seem to recall that Kurt Busch wasn't allowed to race in a certain race because he was too young for the race sponsor's product.
  2. The CoT really is durable, I mean The Biff was involved in three seperate incidents before he parked it.
  3. Jeff Gordon can still wheel a car around that track.  Did you see him drive through that crash unscathed?  Man.
  4. Those cars were pretty quick considering the 'no testing' ban.  In fact they were faster this Feburary than last Feburary.
  5. Speaking of the CoT, there is a kind of good side and bad side to it when it comes to handling.  The good is that drivers are now able to save it when they are getting sideways - did you Denny Hamlin get so sideways that he should have wrecked but didn't?  The bad is that the cars are so loose at the start of a run that they get sideways and at the end of a run they get so tight that they push towards the wall.
  6. The Hendrick cars really have a handle on their set-ups.
  7. It was nice to see Smoke up front - I hope he can do that more the rest of the season.
  8. The Dinger had a good run, but was it good enough to attract a full-time sponsor?  Don't count on it, not yet anyway.
  9. I expect to see a good run from Jamie McMurray this week, but can he do it for the rest of the season?  I don't know but would expect he won't be back at Roush-Fenway if he doesn't.
  10. Where the heck is the darn spell check on this thing?

Tomorrow I'll have my thoughts about the all Martin front row for the 500.  CYA.

Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR 

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