Recent Draft History: Seattle Seahawks

 2008 Draft:

1 (28) Lawrence Jackson, DE  STARTER
Well, maybe not a for sure starter, but he did start 14 games for the Hawks, starting nine at one end before being benched and subsequently coming back in and starting five more as an injury replacement at the other end.  If Jackson could be said to have a problem, it would be that he can't seem to generate any rush yet, though he flashes some tremendous explosiveness, and thus isn't starter quality material.  On the other hand, he is progressing nicely, which is standard issue for even the really good Dlinemen.  He certainly won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
2 (38) John Carlson, TE  STARTER
As a rotational and package starter on the end of hte line, Carlson has impressed.  Probably the best pick of the 2008 draft for Seattle, he was also the highest rated TE.  Seattle had to trade their third rounder to move up and get him, but knowing they needed help at tackle, with none available in the draft, they did the next best thing in picking up an end blocker (who works hard at getting better) and quick outlet for the QB.
4 (121) Red Bryant, DT  Backup
Bryant's less than stellar college career followed him to Seattle where injuries sidelined him too often.  Seattle looks to be trying to establish some depth in the rotation, despite losing linemate Rocky Bernard, and the worry is that any depth added could potentially bury Bryant amongst the backups for good.
5 (163), Owen Schmitt, FB  Backup
Seattle refused to throw Schmitt into the mess that was 2008, probably because his pass blocking wasn't yet significantly better than Leonard Weaver's.  That won't be an option in 2009, and Seattle needs to findout whether the top rated blocking FB in the draft has what it takes to start.
6 (189) Tyler Schmitt, LS  Backup
When a guy is drafted specifically to be a longsnapper, even if it is with a 6th round pick, it is a serious blow when they can't contribute.  After going to IR before the season, Schmitt didn't miss out on much, and his stock isn't likely hurt in Seattle.
7 (223) Justin Forsett, RB  Backup
Another player with a lot of potential who was never given a chance to do anything in 2008.  With the 'hawks moving to a likely committee system int eh backfield, there is a good chance that 2009 could be Forsett's chance to get a lot of carries.
7 (235) Brandon Coutu, K  Backup
The more of Ruskell's drafts I analyze, the less I understand what he is trying to accomplish.  Coutu wasn't able to win the starting job as a rookie, yet was retained on a roster that was decimated with injuries.  It is likely he goes into 2010 trying to win the starting job again, but I have to wonder what happens if he once again isn't up to tthe task...  Do they give him a raise?

 2007 Draft:

2 (55) Josh Wilson, CB  STARTER
Wilson has been a solid player, and continues to get better every year.  His next couple of years represent a sort of watershed for him:  if he can earn recognition as a #1 caliber corner and supplant the aging Trufant as the go-to guy, he'll be set.  But if he can't overtake Trufant, he may find himself labelled a #2 or nickel corner for life.
2 (38) Brandon Mebane, DT STARTER
Mebane may be the key to the Seattle defense, eating up blocks in the middle and making his LBs look like aces (not that they aren't) and helping whoever lines up at over-tackle look like a stud.  He has a bright future in Seattle, even if he never gets the recognition he deserves.
4 (120) Baraka Atkins, DE  Backup
Atkins has been kind of a slow-starter, but the feeling is that he is now starting to come on, and could be pushing for starting time going forward.  It is importnat for Seattle to be able to go to the well when it comes to their DEs right now, so Atkins' development couldn't come at a better time.
4 (124) Mansfield Wrotto, G  STARTER
In a season where the Oline devestation was truly epic, Wrotto showed that he could have staying power.  He stereotypes to easily as a "moose":  that is, he doesn't always seem to understand what is going on around him, but he has the strength and power to flatten guys out.  If he can develop his mean-streak, he could be a force to reckon with.
5 (161) Will herring, LB  Backup
Herring spent the season watching from the bench, but may be called upon in 2009.  The seahawks have been consistent in tehir methods to keep him around, so they see some potential.
6 (197) Courtney Taylor, WR  Backup
Taylor has developed into a legitimate special teams force on coverage teams, but his inconsistency at the WR position could be spelling his early NFL demise.  He needs to work on being a better pass catcher, work on catching balls outside of his frame, and just generally working harder, or no QB will ever trust him.  He has flashed his potential, but he needs to deliver consistently.
6 (210) Jordan Kent, WR  Backup

Despite getting a lot of opportunities in Seattle's decimated WR corp in 2008, he simply didn't look good enough to warrant increased playing time with the new WR corp falling into place.  Probably on his way out.

7 (232) Steve Vallos, C
Like Kent, Vallos is a player that didn't show enough upside to guarantee any sort of long term staying power.  Another player who is probably better off not in the plans.

 2006 Draft:

1 (31) Kelly Jennings, CB  STARTER
Jennings still has a lot of learning to do, and he could start by trying to inject a little physicality to his game.  At his size he may end up pigeonholed as a pure cover corner, and that could leave Seattle with no true number one guy when Trufant decides to move on.
2 (63) Darryl Tapp, DE  STARTER
Mostly a rotational starter, Tapp may have maxed out his potential.  He will likely make a solid rotational guy/backup for years to come, but if Seattle asks him to do doo much, chances are he won't be able to deliver.
4 (128) Rob Sims, G  STARTER
Sims is no doubt starter quality on Seattle's current line incarnation, but as part of the wounded group in last season's MASH parody, he may find that the extra year of development was what he needed to push him over the top and keep his spot.  As is, he will be in competition for it for the near future.
5 (163) David Kirtman, FB  Out of NFL
After not really making any noise in camp, Kirtman was finally released in 2008 and spent time on the Chargers and 49ers practice squad.  The Saints were looking at him for a practice squad contract, but no word on whether they made the offer.
7 (239) Ryan Plackemeier, P  Backup/Cincinnati
Plackemeier was released in late 2008 after having no impact for the seahawks.  The redskins temporarily picked him up before waiving him, and he eventually landed with Cincinnati.
7 (249) Ben Obomanu, WR  Backup
Not a lot of talent or work ethic here, and it really shows.  He is buried on a depth chart that just keeps getting deeper, and he has very shaky footing.
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