NASCAR and Disney Reach Tenative Sponsorship Agreement


I just heard from a very reliable source involved in NASCAR (he kind of looks like a mouse as a matter of fact) that there will be a big announcement regarding NASCAR and Disney. The announcement will take place just prior to the start of The Chase portion of the season. Well I'm going to scoop this, its too good to not tell.

The final 10 races will have a Disney theme, culminating in an all Disney theme at Homestead in November. Each of the top 10 drivers in The Chase will carry special Disney paint jobs for the final 10 races, with the entire 43 car field in special Disney paint themes at Homestead. This is a diecast collectors dream. Apparently they are still working out deals with existing sponsors, to have co-sponsorship but the alcohol sponsored teams might have to be exempt as Disney won't have alcohol advertising on their cars. They expect to have all of the paper work cleared up by mid-July. Also, Tim Allen will be the grand marshal for the race, with the race's sponsor being changed to Binford Tools (real men don't need instructions). This is to coincide with the Disney produced Tim Allen reunion show of his old sitcom 'Tool Time' to be aired in November.

Rumour has it that they have already considered some paint schemes for certain drivers. Some of these themes will also be carried over to the Driver's fire suit and helmet, kind of creating the Disney character in the car too. Here is a partial list that was forwarded to me:

Tony Stewart as Stich - his car will be purple with a Lilo and Stich theme and Tony's suit will be tailored to look like Stich and his helmet will be painted to look like Stich's head

Kyle Busch as Goofy, with Gawrsh written across the hood - Goofy fire suit and helmet scheme as well

Kurt Busch as Dopey in a Seven Dwarves theme - fire suit and hemet too

Kasey Kahne driving a Prince Charming theme, with his fire suit looking like a medieval Prince's attire

Krissy Wallace in an all pink car with the Disney Princesses on it and her firesuit looking a bit like Cinderella

Dale Jr. in The Incredibles car with him looking like, yep you guessed it - Mr. Incredible

Jeff Burton as Eyore and Kevin Harvic as Pooh - paint, suits, helmets, the works

Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson will be Woody and Buzz (I don't know which will be which yet).

That's all I've been given so far. When I get more from the big cheese eater I'll let you know.

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