Slow News Day So I'm Creating My Own


I think the biggest story today is that Carl Edwards has a new tire changer.

Other than that there really hasn't been anything new in the world of NASCAR except that my archives have finally been moved over from my old site - yessss!

So all of this lack of news leaves me with nothing other option but to create my own news ... hmm where should I start?

Oh I know, how about this?

Let's turn the Nationwide Series into a two-teir racing series.  The 'haves' in one class and the 'have-nots' in another class and have them race on the same track at the same time in their respected classes like what they do with the DP and GT classes in the Rolex series.

This way NASCAR can introduce the CoT on schedule instead of post-poning it.  The 'haves' can race the CoT while the 'have-nots' can stay with the old car.

Or maybe this?

Jeff Gordon will never pass David Pearson on the all-time win list.

Now that Gordon has ended his 40-something win-less streak everyone is talking about how he is now going to pass Pearson who sits at number two on the all-time win list with 105 wins.  Hey he'sonly won one race in the last 48 or so and I'm here to tell you its not going to happen, the Silver Fox will stay number two for a long time to come.

O.K. if that didn't get you going this will;

Rick Hendrick will remove Tony Eury Jr from his Crew Chief position after Talledaga if Dale Jr doesn't at least finish in the top 5.  If Dale Jr does have a good run at 'Dega but continues to falter after that and is not in the top 12 before June Eury will be gone for sure.  Perhaps Eury will go to the 5 and Guftason will move over to the 88.  I can't think of a better driver to help make a crew chief better at his craft than Mark Martin, but rest assured if Mark is in the top 12 Hendrick probably won't move Guftason away from the 5 team.

There you have it, the news according to me - although its more like rumours and speculation rather than news isn't it?

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