Sunday Evening Crew Chiefing (is that a word?)


Well I've had almost 24 hrs to digest the race from Saturday night, although I did watch the final 20 laps this morning while eating the Lucky Charms before they expire - why is it that I get to eat all the things my kids want to try but end up not liking them?

Anyway, the end result of the race really came as no surprise and didn't cause me to choke on one of the colourful marsh-mellow shapes the Evil Leprechaun on the box of cereal tells me I'll enjoy.

I said it on Friday and I'll say it today, nobody, absolutely nobody in NASCAR today can restart like Kyle Busch can and he proved it again to us again on Saturday night.

So I'll quickly run down some thoughts I had while watching the race:

1)  Last year I wrote an article comparing Kyle Busch to Alex Ovechkin who plays for the NHL's Washington Capitals and after watching Kyle Busch celebrate his wins on Friday and Saturday I'm reaffirmed in my conviction that Kyle Busch is indeed the Alex Ovechkin of NASCAR.

2  If Tony Stewart doesn't win at all this year he'll 2nd and 3rd em up to the Championship for sure - no one has ever won the Championship without winning at least one race, what a record to break eh?

3)  Speaking of winning at least one race in a Championship season that has only been done 4 times since 1949 and the last one to do with Matt Kenseth in 2003.

4)  Jeff Burton runs better after hitting a wall?  What does that say about RCR right now and their car set-up?

5)  Newman has a good run, but he wasn't as good as Kyle or his boss for that matter.

6)  Hamlin kicks butt but loses again!  This kid can't seem to buy a win lately - especially here.

7)   Was that Montoya in the top 10 at the end, or am I seeing things as result of a sugar high from eating the Leprechaun's wares?

8)  OK is no-one else surprised at how well Dale Jr ran Saturday?  (more on this tomorrow)

9)  What an awesome run by Hornish - but then again I was sort of expecting it even though my reason was edited out.

9)  To answer your email stating "Where the heck is Track Rants?  It's the 3rd of the month you know" it'll be up probably Monday or Tuesday as that weekend thing doesn't work too well sometimes.  Sorry.

10)  Hmm ... McMurray scores a top 10 and is Roush's top dog for the race.  Does this firm up his position at Roush-Fenway or does it really matter as he's gone no matter what anyway?

11)  Hey the 29 team got a top 10!   Oops ... I mean the 07 team got a top 10!  Yay for the 29 te- ... er, um ... the 07 team! ... ya (I think) ... right?

12) Kudos to Ambrose and his team for finishing 11th - what a great run for him, especially after he hit the wall earlier and munched the back end of his car up pretty good.

13)  OK that was pretty cool that Busch trusted his crew well enough to catch him when he dove backwards into them off of the car without their knowing he was going to do that - I probably would have dropped him thinking, "What's that clown doing? Idiot went and drank too much NOS again.  I hate it when that happens, but it really helps him on his re-starts!"

14)  Finally, all I've got to say about the picture is that the spoils goes to the victors!

Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images

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