Moisture Mayham in Montreal Has People Talking

Some say that NASCAR should have parked the cars after the rain came and dried the track before resuming the race in Montreal last Sunday.

I guess they have a point, I mean look at all the wrecked cars and caution flags after they switched to the rain tires.

Brad Coleman jokingly Twittered me last night saying that the only thing left on his car that they could use in the future was the driver's seat.

Others say it turned into a better race after the rain came and they put on the tires especially if you are a demolition derby type of fan.

I guess I can see that point of view too.

But what I found exciting was the fact that the wet track really tested each driver's skill.  Obviously some were better at it than others like Marcos Ambrose who didn't really slow down after he put rain tires on even though he didn't win the race.

Let it be known that Marco Ambrose didn't loose the race because he slipped on a wet track, he lost it because he made a driver error protecting his lead.

I honestly believe that NASCAR made the right call by letting them race and if they continue to race in the rain at tracks like this while using rain tires these drivers will get better and you won't see as many wrecks.  Practice makes perfect after all.

They race in the rain in many other racing series so why not in NASCAR?

Based on the geometry and aerodynamics of a NASCAR-type stock car I realize that not all tracks are suitable for racing in the rain (i.e., Daytona), but for those tracks that are suitable why not?

Go ahead tell me if you agree with me or not?  Let's hear what you have to say

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