Miami Destroys Georgia Tech, Continues to Confirm Its For-Realness

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Jacory Harris Receives Appropriate Levels of Fawning

Dr. Saturday writes that after their win over Florida State, we thought Miami might be for real — now we know they are. And the main reason? Jacory Harris, of course:

[T]here’s no way to minimize Jacory Harris’ emergence as the best quarterback in the ACC. There’s not really any competition right now: As well-protected as he was against a Tech front that terrorized Clemson last Thursday, Harris still was exceptionally comfortable, aware and accurate to receivers who were mostly wide open and — this is a big deal for Miami receivers, given their recent history — held on to almost every ball. In two games, Harris is hitting 70 percent of his passes for 11 yards per attempt and 16 per completion, with dangerous/suddenly reliable targets all over the place, a sublimely ridiculous buzzcut and an as yet unflappable presence in the pocket; already, it looks very easy for him.

Meanwhile, Chris Littmann at The Sporting Blog is about to do it — he’s about the break out the “Heisman” talk:

The notion of Harris making his way to the Heisman ceremony seemed laughable, not only because Harris had done little in his career, but the odds were stacked against him breaking through the Bradford-Tebow-McCoy trio. […] But look at the way this is laying out for Harris, who has already landed himself two Top 25 wins. Next week he gets to go into Blacksburg to take on the Hokies. After that, he’ll get a shot at what could be a Bradford-less Oklahoma. If, and it’s certainly a big if given the caliber of competition, he comes out of this games maintaining similar stats and an unblemished record, how does he not become a serious part of the Heisman conversation? A spot has opened up thanks to Bradford’s injury, and Harris is in prime position to step up and snag it.


Five Key Takeaways for Georgia Tech Fans

From the Rumble Seat has a five-point recap of the Yellow Jackets’ short-comings last night against Miami, the most troublesome of which would seem to be this:

It’s becoming more and more apparent that teams with decent defensive coordinators and two weeks to prepare can stop the triple option. Our passing game and other aspects of our offense must become weapons rather than liabilities SOON.

Josh Nesbitt’s current passing stats through three games: 15-for-40 (37.5%) for 357 yards, two picks and two TDs. Yep, that does not qualify as weaponry.


The Best Two-Game Resume in College Football Belongs to Miami

One does not lose a game when one throws a soul-breaking block like this:

Miami won a close rivalry game against Florida State on the road, and just erased a conference rival at home. (Georgia Tech, a run-first triple option team, had under 100 yards rushing on the night. They were, for lack of a better word, an irrelevance.) They ran well, passed well, defended savagely and with great passion, and missed two field goals on the night. That last clause sums up their total list of errors on the night; the rest completes the best two game resume any team in the nation has right now. (After two games.) (Against ACC teams.) (Let's not go crazy yet.) (Even if you already have manscaped appropriately, Miami fan.


33-17: Hey, Beaches Is On!

Beaches really is on. Like this game for Georgia Tech fans, it is a tear-jerking tale about life, death, and mostly death, actually.

Speaking of death and other things only happening once in a lifetime, Miami’s kicker Matt Bosher misses a FG. Tech racks up a garbage time TD to make it 33-17, but that score is beyond deceptive. We’re going back to Animal Cops: Philadelphia.


31-10: Hope You Have Some Snacks

Nitro Circus is on. That’s always entertaining, especially when that fat guy nearly kills himself, or JolIe Van Vogt rides a motorcycle off a cliff in hot pants and a sports bra. Really, it’s quality viewing. Man vs. Food is also on, where you can watch Adam Richmond kill himself slowly with horrible amounts of food. It’s like Nitro Circus, but for your arteries.

If you hate yourself, Dane Cook is on Comedy Central, but if you really, really want to commit suicide with your eyes, Eagle Eye is on HBO. How does a computer kill people with power lines it can’t possibly control? If you’re asking this question, you clearly shouldn’t be watching Eagle Eye.

Oh, and Tech is enduring a horrible beating. Only positive in the safety just given up by Tech on a flubbed punt through the endzone, carelessly booted through the endzone for a safety and a penalty? Jesse Palmer saying “Well, you have to appreciate the eye-foot coordination there.” 33-10, Miami.

(Ace of Cakes is on too. Will they get the cake to the table without dropping it? Probably, but you’ll root them for them to drop it anyway!)


Heh. He Said Penetration.

I did, but with reason. Tech just scored, making this a slightly more competive game, but the notable thing strategically is how far Miami’s defenders penetrate just a few nanoseconds after the ball is snapped. Josh Nesbitt seemed to be having a hard time making reads in the offense last week against Clemson, and the speed of Miami’s linebackers in particular is shortening the time he has to make pitch/keep reads.


Miami Ends This Game

It would be one thing if this were just Jacory Harris having the game of his young career for the second week in a row, but the pavement Miami just threw over what used to be the Georgia Tech defense on the opening drive of the second half showed that this is no one-man show. Miami ran nothing but power football and play-action, took the ball down the crown of the field, and all but ended any semblance of competition. Barring disaster, this is dunzo.

Daredevil, You've Been Fired: Jacory Harris is the Man Without Fear

Jacory Harris would work as a beekeeper without protective clothing and come home without a sting. He could save babies from house fires without singing so much as a hair on his head. He lacks anything resembling a fear gland, stands in the pocket while rushers roar around him, and lobs the ball downfield to wide open wideouts with zero regard for anything happening in his immediate vicinity.

13/18, 188, 2 TDs, no picks, and a bravura performance at the half against Georgia Tech. In case you wondered what Miami was missing all these years, a good chunk of the question comes with the answer "a quarterback who laughs at fear and sends Christmas Cards to Doom himself signed with a smiley face."


Miami Extends Lead With Another TD Pass

Jacory Harris is making things look easy out there.

Harris extended Miami’s lead with 13-yard touchdown pass to Dedrick Epps. Miami is now up 14-3 halfway through the second quarter.


Miami Takes Lead With Big 40 Yard TD Pass

That didn’t take long.

Less than two minutes after Georgia Tech grabbed the lead with a field goal, Miami fired back with a 40-yard touchdown pass from Jacory Harris to Laron Byrd on the fourth play of the drive.

Miami leads, 7-3.


Long Drive Leads to Georgia Tech Field Goal

Thirteen plays and almost seven minutes later, Georgia Tech is now on top.

Scott Blair kicked an easy 32-yard field goal to give the Yellow Jackets an early 3-0 lead. As much as G. Tech wanted a touchdown after chewing up so much clock, they’ll have to settle for three as Miami takes over.


Derrick Morgan May Have A Large Game

One thing to watch in this game will be the matchup of Tech DE Derrick Morgan, who has 5 sacks in two games and will face Miami’s unbalanced, NFL-style offensive line. The Canes only allowed two sacks to FSU last week despite relentless blitzing, something due both to excellent protection and to Harris’ ability to evade the rush with his legs.

Miami Hopes To Forget That Thing From Last Year. What Thing? Exactly.

Yeah, this didn't go so well for Miami last year.

One of the more stunning lopsided results of the '08 season came in Georgia Tech's 41-23 victory in Atlanta over a Miami team that had, prior to the game, looked to be an improving young defense capable of playing well with Paul Johnson's three-card-monte offense. Not so: Tech gained 472 yards on the ground on a cold night in Bobby Dodd both because the defense looked lost against the triple option in motion and Miami's offense had a disastrous night. 

This is not last year, however. Miami has Jacory Harris at QB now, fresh off a stunning performance in a thriller against Florida State, and a new pro-style offense coordinated in a promising first effort by OC Mark Whipple. The defense, still young-ish, has the same dazzling talent with inconsistent execution, but does have at least a year's worth of practice to prepare for the endless guessing associated with defending the triple option.

Tech has its concerns, too: in both of its early games the Yellow Jackets came out strong, but then took the second and third quarters off to watch the other team creep back into the game, especially versus a dangerous Clemson team.

The 7th Floor recognizes the importance of winning this game for Miami's national prominence, while From the Rumble Seat is asking Conan "What is good in life" in preparation for a game they, too, regard as completely necessary in terms of the ACC and national reputation.

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