Yankees Sweep Boston, Clinch AL East

After sweeping the Boston Red Sox this weekend, the Yankees won their 100th game of the season, and have clinched the American League East.

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Looking Ahead to the Yankees in the Playoffs

The Yankees clinched the A.L. East. That is SO yesterday's news. The playoffs are just nine days away, so there's no time to waste thinking about the past. It's time to look forward, and that is exactly what Pinstripe Alley is doing today, addressing all the major storylines for the Yanks. 

  • The bullpen: outside of a few locks, who will make it? The locks are Mo, Hughes, Aceves and Coke (Robertson if he's healthy). Gaudin has a good shot because he's so versatile. Bruney made a strong case today with 1.2 perfect innings. Marte has been terrible, but don't discount the need managers feel for lefties.
  • Will Joba start or a relieve? He had a solid game on Friday against Boston. If the Yanks pick the longer LDS series, Joba could be moved to the pen for it. But then, if the Yanks advance, does it screw him up if/when he goes back to starting?
  • Who should start Game #2? Do you want to throw back-to-back lefties, or switch them up with Burnett?

They also touch on if it's better for the Yankees to have the longer or shorter ALDS series (team with the best record gets to chose), Gardner vs. Melky and who will round out the playoff roster.


A Good Day to be a Yankee Fan

After assuring themselves of a playoff spot earlier in the week, today, the New York Yankees took it a step further: clinching the American League East with an oh-so-sweet win over the hated-Boston Red Sox. Today’s win gave them a sweep over the Red Sox for this latest series, and brought the season series to an even 9-9.

After a rocky start cast doubt on this year’s prospects, the Yankees have rebounded in dramatic fashion. Suddenly, they are the best team in baseball and the swagger is back. To that end, our own Pinstripe Alley celebrated in muted fashion.

This is the Yankees, where success is expected, and working yourself into a frenzy over a divisional crown is considered poor form. No, just kick back, smile, and think about the playoffs while having a cold one:

You’re the Yankees.

You’ve won the division again after a year away from the postseason. You’ve won your 100th game. After an 0-8 start, you split the season series with your arch-rivals 9-9. […]

After a long, wet day at the Stadium, I’m going to go kick back with one of my own.

Stay classy, Division Champs.


Yankees Cough Up Lead, But Win in the 9th on A-Rod Sac Fly

The Yankees wound up winning on an A-Rod sacrifice fly in the ninth inning. The Angels had a minor threat to tie the game up once again in the bottom of the ninth against Mariano Rivera. Mike Scioscia rolled the dice on a hit and run with Juan Rivera at the plate and Reggie Willits trying to go to second, but the Yankees got the strike em out, throw em out double play.

Definitely seemed like a preview of October baseball in Anaheim tonight. If you’re a Yankee fan and want to continue celebrating, check out Pinstripe Alley later on and if you listen closely enough, you’ll probably hear the champagne corks a poppin. As for the rest of baseball…well, another October featuring the richest team around. Ho hum.


Yankees Back Into Postseason Thanks to Oakland Win Over Texas

The Yankees-Angels game has yet to be decided, but the Yankees have already clinched a postseason berth thanks to the A’s beating the Texas Rangers in Oakland. That means that the best team that $200 million can buy has become the first team in 2009 to clinch the chance to play in October. Who says money can’t buy happiness? Or at least a chance at a World Series ring?


And We're Tied...

Maicer Izturis tied the game up with an eighth-inning single and the Angels have come all the way back from 5-0 to make this a nailbiter. It’s the kind of thing that the Yankees are usually the one doing, not getting done to them.

Phil Hughes has come in to try and weather the storm for the Yanks.


And Now It's 5-4

Aceves gives up a bases loaded walk to Bobby Abeau and now the lead is whittled to one run.

The Angles have replaced Ervin Santana with Matt Palmer and so far he’s holding the mighty NY line-up in check through the top of the 7th.


Angels Keep Chipping Away

Gary Matthews’ run-scoring single in the sixth makes the score 5-3. The Yankes have turned to Alfredo Aceves to try and plug the leak. No luck so far.


The Angels Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

Another Matsui HR in the 5th put the Yankees up 5-0. Now the Angels are fighting back. In the bottom of the inning, Chone Figgins homered and Vlad Guerrero singled to drive in a run to make the score 5-2.

Yanks Strike First

Thanks to two 2-run homeruns in the 3rd inning courtesy of Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui, the Yankees lead 4-0 in the top of the forth.

Not looking good for Ervin Santana, who hasn’t won since August 22nd.

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