All the Tweets Fit to Print (And More from Media Days Around the NBA)

With news swirling around the internets in the wake of today's deluge of NBA media, much of the good, substantive stuff is yet to come. Until then, Twitter is perfect for the sort of rapid fire news to which we've all become accustomed, anway. So, what's new in the Tweet world?

Marc Berman of the New York Post has some updates on the Knicks:

[Eddy] Curry has lost weight but must lose grotesque Media Day beard. Curry already missed last 4 pre-camp workouts with hamstring and calf.

And Newsday's Alan Hahn was also on hand to cover the Knicks:

Al Harrington is 260. But its a hardcore 260. Looks solid. Said he lifted 8 weeks, no basketball, in the summer. First time lifted weights.

Curry about his post 2010 status: "The only way I can approach it is to make myself better for me and this team. if that’s their goal, to showcase me or whatever...then so be it."

Chris Duhon says the only stats the expiring contract guys on the team need to worry about is in the Win-Loss column. Duhon was money today.

Eddy Curry didnt only lose weight, he apparently grew 1 inch in height. Knicks list him at 7-0 now. They also list him at 295 so...yeah.

The Houston Chronicle's Jerome Solomon spoke to Houston's Tracy McGrady and reported the following:

McGrady says he is healthier now that at any point last season, but he'll be smarter about coming back and not rush it. ... Tracy McGrady says he went at it so hard during his rehab workouts that one time he passed out.

Brian Windhorst, of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, spoke to embattled Cavs guard Delonte West. Before the lights went out, that is:

Delonte West declines to comment directly on arrest. He is in good spirits. ... An omen? Complete power failure at Cleveland Clinic Courts.

While Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears was on hand in Cleveland, as well:

Cavs forward LeBron James says he still has not decided if he will play for USA during the 2010 World Championships next summer. ... Lengthy electrical outage putting damper on Cavs media day with Shaq still pending to talk. LeBron jokingly blamed Shaq.

From SBN's own, Ben Q. Rock:

Peeked in the Magic's training room. There's a framed photo of Dwight and Jameer sitting on the bench watching the Lakers celebrate.

J.J. Redick is wearing a Kings of Leon shirt.

And maybe my favorite tweet of the day:

Just walked up to Adonal Foyle. He was talking about socialized medicine.

Nothing says "NBA Media Day" quite like "Adonal Foyle expounding on the virtues of socialized medicine." Awesome.

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