Monday Morning Knee-Jerk Reaction

The Detroit Lions won a game, but the fantasy story is that Calvin Johnson continues to be invisible to rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford. I'm not sure how long they'll be able to keep him the biggest, most athletic invisible man in the state of Michigan.

Perhaps the best fantasy bet any owner could make this year is to play the defense playing against the Cleveland Browns. Wow, they're terrible. Brady Quinn isn't good enough, so Derek Anderson comes in and tosses three picks in a half? The question for Cleveland is whether they'll buy into Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead as much as they have Quinn.

If you can't pick up the defense playing against the Browns, pick up whomever is facing the Redskins. If the Browns are terrible, the Redskins are pitiful. They barely got out of St. Louis with a win, and then became the answer to Loserville trivia questions yesterday. Jim Zorn might want to polish his resume. At least Santana Moss got in the end zone Sunday.

The Broncos are still undefeated, and there might finally be fantasy value on the most shocking team in football. Correll Buckhalter broke 100 yards on Sunday, and rookie Knowshon Moreno had 90 and a touchdown. I'm still not putting any money on Kyle Orton, though.

 In Indianapolis, Reggie Wayne continues to look like the top fantasy receiver this year, and Dallas Clark is in an elite group of tight ends that score on a weekly basis.  Give credit to Peyton Manning, who's going to get his annual 4,000 yards despite having a group of receivers whose names elicit French poetry more than fantasy football.

After looking miserable in Week One, the Jay Cutler-led Chicago Bears have won two in a row. After the last two wins, it's looking more and more like Devin Hester might become a legitimate fantasy receiver this year. Oh, and rookie Johnny Knox has been lights out for three straight weeks. He's worth a look on waivers.

I had a few beverages Sunday, but I could have sworn I saw Fred Taylor's name in front of a 100-yard stat line with a touchdown. And Randy Moss had 10 catches for over 100 yards, too? Is Bill Belichek going to work for Fox News, because that offense looks fair and balanced!

News flash: Adrian Peterson can be stopped. The problem, though, is that Brett Favre still has a cannon. His home opener saw him break 300 passing yards in a huge, late victory over the 49ers. I was most impressed with Percy Harvin, though. His kickoff return was silly, video game fast. As long as Harvin's making special plays on kick returns and is a consistent target in the passing game, he's a great fantasy pick.

Speaking of silly video game speed, DeSean Jackson hasn't missed Donovan McNabb one bit. Kevin Kolb is the first quarterback ever to break 300 passing yards in both of his first two NFL starts, and Jackson's been his money man. Over 140 receiving yards and another touchdown Sunday make him a fantasy stud.

Finally, I'm going to formally jump on the Mark Sanchez Bandwagon. He's the first rookie to ever start his career with a 3-0 record, and he isn't making stupid rookie mistakes. In a season where experienced young quarterbacks like JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn look like they need a couple more years of college, Sanchez looks like the real deal. Two touchdowns passing, and another on the ground, with no picks on Sunday makes him a legit fantasy play.


Written by Tab Bamford

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