Reaction from Sacramento's Media Day

Out West, Sacramento held its media day earlier today, SBN's Sactown Royalty was on hand for the festivities. Below are some of their notes. Click here for the rest of their notes, as well as a great collection of photos:

  • Paul Westphal knows how to talk. His first question in the media scrum was on how he chose his assistant coaches. Twelve minutes later, he got his second question. Saying he is long-winded is a disservice to marine mammals. (I'll have something on Westphal for FanHouse later.)
  • Tyreke Evans has a bobblehead. There it be in yar photograph. He was not happy with the representation of his hair. Jason Thompson, Kevin Martin and Spencer Hawes also had bobbleheads, though no one made a big deal about those because they are old news.
  • No Gavin or Joe Maloof in the building, though both are expected in Sacramento later this week.
  • Seriously, Beno Udrih was on fire. Sam Amick had a long chat with him, and Sam says he'll have a piece on Udrih on Wednesday. You should look forward to that.
  • Desmond Mason, who was a pleasure to talk to, made a great point about the Glory Era Kings that gets ignored a lot: they -- Webber, Divac, Peja, Bibby, Christie -- were incredibly solid with the fundamentals of the game. Mason said it's important for the team to get its base there and work upwards. Can't agree more.
  • Mason on why he doesn't do any of the social networking/media stuff: "If you don't have my email, then I don't want to talk to you." Fair enough.

Also for Sactown Royalty, Geoff Petrie's not worried about job security and, in one of my favorite pieces of the day, "The Chalice of Point Guard Purity." I still don't think Tyreke Evans is a point guard, but the title made me laugh out loud, and was backed by a thorough debunking of John Hollinger's empty statistical assertions, which too often go unquestioned. Good stuff from Tom Ziller.

My favorite news of media day came in the form of two tweets, one from Ziller, and one from Cowbell Kingdom, a Kings blog that's part of the True Hoop network. First, this is the type of thing you learn at an NBA media day:


And this is what you see:


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