Curt Schilling Continues To Talk Possible Senate Run

While he hasn't said yes, he refuses to say no. Indeed, as speculation lingers and the former Red Sox star refuses to quash the rumors, Curt Schilling may actually make a run at the United States senate.

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Reactions Coming from All Sides

With news of Schilling's possible senate bid emerging yesterday, it provoked reactions from people in all walks of life.

A few members of the Boston Red Sox spoke to the Boston Globe:

"He would be good at filibustering,’’ wrote Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein in a text message.

Asked what he would bring to the Senate, Dustin Pedroia said, "A big appetite.’’ It was a funny comment, considering Schilling had said in a NECN interview earlier in the day that he had a "full plate’’ in his private life right now. Not to mention the weight clause in his final contract with the Sox, which prompted this response from a Sox personnel member: "He’d have to lose a few pounds to go on TV, wouldn’t he?’’

While an aide to Massachusetts Republican mainstay, Mitt Romney, spoke to the L.A. Times:

Charley Manning, a political strategist and friend of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, said news of Schilling’s interest in the seat was creating a lot of buzz among Republicans. "I think it’s the most exciting part of the Senate race so far,’’ he said.

Of course, being a popular baseball pitcher does not a great senator make. Just ask Jim Bunning, the Kentucky Republican and former major league pitcher for Detroit and Philadelphia, who was asked by GOP colleagues not to run for office next year.

Ah, yes: Jim Bunning, the man who last year predicted that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would die of pancreatic cancer within nine months.The track record for athletes in politics has been mixed, but as a major league pitcher-turned-senator, Schilling would have a particularly shining example to emulate in the form of Jim Bunning.

Bloody sock or no bloody sock, and bloviating tendencies not withstanding, anything would be an upgrade over that crochety old guy from Kentucky. Even his Republican colleagues want him gone. Hopefully Schilling will enjoy a better reception.


The Floor Recognizes the Bloviating Buffoon from Massachusetts

Solely for the headline, with Rob Iracane's analysis as a bonus:

So, why would Schilling possibly want to run for the Senate in the state of Massachusetts? His two biggest areas of support among his constituents are Red Sox fans and neo-conservatives. Red Sox fans have pretty much turned on him and would probably vote for Billy Buckner over Curt at this point, while you have a better chance of finding an uneaten Twinkie in Schilling's pantry than finding a conservative voter in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

Curt Schilling Continues To Talk Possible Senate Run

Yesterday, news broke that Curt Schilling was considering running for Ted Kennedy's vacant senator seat. When asked about it, he said, "Right now, I'm not even going to speculate on it." So naturally, on Thursday morning's Dennis & Callahan Show on Boston's WEEI, he speculated on it.

Are you contemplating a run for the vacant Massachusetts Senate seat?

I’ve thought about it.

Most dread the idea of campaigning and debating - the fight.

The fight would be fun. The whole spotlight/media crap, not so much. But the fight would be a lot of fun, because pretty much anyone you’re fighting against who’s in office right now doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on. There’s nobody who can stand up and say, ‘Look at what I’ve done over the last two, four, six, eight, 12, 20 years.’ Because those are the people who the pitchforks and torches are out for.’

Schilling expands on some of the pros and cons of running (essentially, "ability to change the world" vs. "family, time, commitment"), acknowledges that his mouth would probably get him into trouble, and admits that his biggest detractor would be his support of George W. Bush ("I supported Bush is the No. 1 reason. That’s the reason people wouldn’t vote for me.")

So what now?

I don’t go anywhere with it. It’s turned and blown up into this epically huge thing…

I did an interview yesterday where I said, ‘Yeah, I’ve thought about it.’ But if you listen to the full interview, you understand very clearly that what I’m saying is that a lot of things would have to align themselves. The chances of it happening are slim to none, but they ran with, ‘I’m thinking about it.’ So it’s just gone nuts. The easy thing would be to say, ‘Absolutely not.’ But I’d be lying. It’s not an absolute certainty one way or the other. If there’s the potential and possibility and some things align themselves on the home front, ultimately it comes down to the conversation between Shonda and I – the wife and the kids. I’m pretty sure it’s not something she’s remotely interested in, even though we haven’t had the conversation to any degree.

He can speak in technicalities all he wants, but it's pretty clear the pitcher once nicknamed "Red Light" for his ability to always know which camera was focused on the dugout during games is not done living life in the public eye. You can listen to the interview in its entirety at the WEEI website (Part I and Part II).

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