Brady Quinn Era Lasts 10 Quarters: Browns Name Derek Anderson Starting QB

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Cleveland Fans: Was Brady Quinn Given a Fair Shot?

SBN’s Dawgs by Nature offers a reaction to today’s news:

This is a tough situation as a fan. I want to win, and right now, I believe Anderson can at least attempt to move the ball better than Quinn has been doing solely because he is willing to gun it down the field. However, Brady Quinn still has not received a fair shot to grow like many other quarterbacks have received, and if he is our long-term answer, he should be playing.

A good point—while Anderson might offer some relief in the short term, you’d have to think that Cleveland’s fate in the distant future rests in the hands of Brady Quinn. True, you have to “win now” in the Nat-ion-al Foot-ball League, but given that Anderson threw three interceptions in last week’s game, there’s no real indication that he’s about to set the world aflame.

Given the choice between a proven D-plus and a D-minus that could evolve into a B-plus, it seems peculiar to choose the former. Then again, Eric Mangini’s tenure in Believeland so far could best be described as “impetuous and misguided,” so maybe it makes sense.


Brady Quinn Era Last 10 Quarters: Browns Name Derek Anderson Starting QB

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting the Derek Anderson will replace Brady Quinn as the Browns QB this Sunday against the 3-0 Bengals:

Mangini said "giving Derek the opportunity is something I think will help us offensively.'' He said Anderson's performance on third down Sunday in Baltimore -- including 3-of-4 on a field goal drive -- helped him clinch the job. He said he needs to improve on throwing interceptions, after throwing three in Baltimore. 

He also said he expects Quinn to continue to work hard. "I'm not saying it's all Brady,'' said Mangini. "Derek did some things that were positive and that's what it's based on.''

Of course, the headline is tounge in cheek: Quinn will most certainly get another chance under center. And it'll probably be sooner rather than later if Anderson continues to average an interception every six attempts.

Quinn's numbers as the starter this season: 62.9 rating, 60.8 completion percentage, 5.4 yards/attempt, one TD, three INTs.

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