Stricker Prevails, Takes Control of the FedEx Cup

After criticizing Ernie Els for his work ethic earlier in the week, Tiger Woods struggled through the first three days of the Deutsche Bank Championship, but followed with a magnificent final day. Still, it wasn't enough, and Steve Stricker finished with the win.

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Rooting against Tiger in FedEx Cup playoff is downright un-American

Rooting against Tiger Woods is an un-American as rutabaga pie or soccer. But that's not stopping Waggle Room's Ryan Ballengee from hoping Tiger loses the FedEx Cup to Steve Stricker:

By all measure, Tiger Woods is having a great season. Five wins and a ton of money will create that perception. Still, Woods knows there is something missing from the '09 war chest. There is no major. He let modest chances slip away in the first two majors, played terribly in the third, and was bested for the first time with the 54 hole lead in the other. For the year, Woods would likely tell you he was negative two for four this year. The FedEx Cup is Woods' shot to gain some measure of redemption for the lost opportunities in the most important championships and project that he is still on top of golf's highest mountain - alone. While the public and media may put the kabbash on the Playoffs' importance, Woods knows this matters to him in some small measure.

Seemingly, it matters to Stricker also. The Wisconsin native is not exactly in line to win a major anytime soon. Picking away at high finishes and the win here and there have been how Stricker succeeds. To win the FedEx Cup, though, would be his biggest career achievement. And he would likely do it in a showdown against a man who is highly motivated as well.

For Woods, this would just be another feather in a very full head dress - but a plume that he psychologically needs. For Stricker, it would be his biggest feather.

A sporting concept only matters when there are at least two competitors that care about it, and the final showdown is meaningful and compelling. Perhaps, then, the FedEx Cup will get what it desperately needs if both Stricker and Woods can deliver at East Lake in their roles as hero and villain.

I suppose Ballnegee rooted for the Russians during the Miracle on Ice too.
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