Stock Up, Stock Down! Pt. 1

I was wondering who you guys thought have hurt or helped themselves thru the Bowl Games so far. Ill have a couple people that have hurt their stock and a couple that will help. If you guys want to add someone thru your comments please do. Lets try to keep a consensus or a debate going on who might slip into the first round and fall out?


LB Sean Wheatherspoon- Im a Mizzou fan, and Ive said he shouldnt be a top 20 pick since last year. Im convinced that he shouldnt be selected until the late 2nd or early 3rd. He has never had the physical tools you look for in a 1st round LB but has kept his stock relatively high because he has a nose for the football. After watching him get beat and miss tackles the last two game, its plain to see. As much as I love spoon and hope he has a good career, He isnt worth a 1st round pick and maybe even an early 2nd. My prediction Spoon goes in the middle of the 2nd.

QB Chase Keenum- He wasnt going to be a real high pick anyways, but after his performance, I hope he has a year of eligibility. He was awful, He pretty much gave that game away.

RB Evan Royster- His stock was down before today, but he just isnt the impressive back he once was. With players like Dwyer and Spiller ahead of him, Royster might be lucky to get picked in the 3rd. He doesnt have blazing speed and he is terribly strong. I think with a good combine though, He can still see the 3rd. Of coarse, He could blow up in the second half and blow me away.


OG Mike Iupati- Nobody helped their stock more then Iupati. He had a great game, He didnt miss one assignment and completely showed his stregnths. This guy can run block. At one point he blocked two guys, the on another play he ran his guy to the ground and imediatly got to the 2nd level. Iupati was considered a border player before this game. I think he could possibly go around 20-32. Teams like the Giants, Eagle, Packers, Colts, Saints, and several others could look to add this talented OG. If he impresses at the Senior Bowl, He would solidfy a top 25 pick.

WR Freddie Barnes- This kid played great in a losing effort. His stock has been rising lately anyways and his performance yesterday helps alot. He has 155 catches on the season. Still people will question his LOC and that will hurt. I think he could sneal into the 3rd round.

SS Chad Jones- Ive seen people with him in the 1st round, thru out the year I thought he played well. But so far today he has been all over the feild. Ive seen him struggle in coverage, which might keep him out of the 1st round, but the 2nd is a almost a sure thing. He is big, fast, and physical and has improved his mental side of the game. He could be one of the fast risers come draft time.

OT Anthony Davis- Davis has always had the size NFL teams covet, bu just this year, he has came on as a pass blocker. He played very well in Rutgers bowl game. With a solid combine, He could shoot into the top 5 and maybe be the first tackle off the board. This time last year, Sndre Smith was almost a lock as the 1st OT off the board. He still has alot of work to do Run blocking.

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