2011 1st round mock.

This is so TJ isnt the only mocker with a 2011 mock draft up. Two reasons these are very good 1) The 2010 draft is almost here and will be gone before we know it 2) Everyone should get an early look at these guys. Next years class has alot of really good front 7 players, OTs, and WR. I think its an even better draft than this year, and everyone says this one is deep. The top 3 OT would probably go off the board before O Kung to be honest. Remenber to keep an Open Mind! Dont be a Heckler and enjoy this. Also, Check out TJs so you understand the order. Im not predicting the Colts to win the SB (However it wouldnt be a bad pick) its just how it is. Thank you for reading. I am also doing this mock thinking every single team drafts the way my mock (Mock Draft #3) says.

1. Lions- Robert Quinn DE- He is just really good. One of the best athletes in next years draft. 52 tackles 11 sacks as a sophmore.

2. Patriots- Julio Jones WR Alabama- Julio is an athelete that has a shot to be the first pick. Jones may fall due to bad QB play but I have a feeling McElroy will step it up next year just enough.

3. Browns- Allen Bailey 3-4 DE/4-3 DT- We dont know if CLE will stay in a 3-4 or switch to a 4-3 (Depends on the coach) but I have a feeling they will be switching.

4. Rams- Matt Reynolds OT BYU- Reynolds is a best to say the least. Jason Smith has been playing RT all year and I have a feeling he wont work out at LT. I could be wrong but Reynolds is a value pick here. Alot of people say he is the number 1 pick next year.

5. Texans- Clint Boling OT Georgia- Boling is a guy that could challenge Reynolds for top OT.

6. 49ers- Ryan Mallet QB Alabama- Im with TJ on this one, I dont think Alex Smith is the anwser.

7. Cardinals- DeQuan Bowers OLB Clemson- Bowers is a very good DE in college and should transition nice.

8. Redskins- Marcus Fortson 3-4 DE- They might be switching to a 3-4. Forston hellps ease the transition.

9. Bills- Micheal Floyd WR ND- The Bills cant pass on Floyd here. To much value.

10 Chiefs- Patrick Peterson CB LSU- Peterson could go higher than this so maybe its wishful thinking. But hey, He is from LSU so he should fit in nice.

11. Dolphins- Marvin Austin 3-4 DE- Good Value

12. Bengals- AJ Green WR Georgia- Replaces Chad Ocho Stinko.

13. Bucs- Bruce Carter OLB- He should have came out this year.

14. Jets- Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt- Braylon Edwards is not that good.

15. Jaguars- Rahim Moore S UCLA- Good pick here, I have them going DL in my other.

16. Bears- Quan Sturdivant ILB NC- If he came out this year, I could have seen him sneak into the 1st round. In 2011, He is a steal right here.

17. Falcons- Jared Crick DT Nebraska- Crick is good,but will he be as good without Suh?

18. Saints- Blake DeChristopher OT- If Blake came out this year he would probably be a late 1st, next year the Saints replace one of the LT of the last decade.

19. Vikings- Jenaris Jenkins CB Florida- He can play oppisite of Winfield.

20. Baltimore- Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona- Gronkowski is the most complete Te in the 2011 draft if he doesnt come out this year.

21.Seahawks- Chris Gallipo ILB USC- I know they have Lofa but Carrol would love to get Chris this low.

22. Giants- Travis Lewis OLB Okla- I know I might have him in my other mock but he might not come out (Unless he already has and I dont know) Anyways, Giants get a very good player here.

23. Titans- Kyle Rudolph TE ND- Rudolph could go even higher if he gains some physicality without losing speed.

24. Broncos- Cameroen Heyward 3-4 DE Ohio State- I dont know if he last this long.

25. Panthers- Will Hill S Florida- Good player

26. Cowboys-Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss- Allows the Cowboys to move Ratliff into a rotation or outside.

27. Chargers- Richard Samuel RB Georgia- Samuel is the top back to me.

28. Steelers- Marcell Dareus 3-4 DE- Dareus is a very good pass rusher.

29. Packers- Michal Morgan LB USC

30. Patriots- Marcus Cannon OT TCU- They draft Matt Light's future replacement right in the area they usually draft linemen.

31. Eagles- DeAndre McDaniels S Clemson- The eagles should address S as soon as possible.

32. Colts- Jarvis Jenkins DT- Colts address the DL.


Thats my best shot, Still a long way to go. Yes I know Mark Ingram isnt in there. Just because you win the Heisman doesnt mean you go in the 1st round.

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