MOCK DRAFT PREDICTIONS (If Not, You Dont Belong here)

I know you probably want to know what this is, well it is exactly what it says. Alot of us mockers are well known for the one liners we all use. Example, "Tim Tebow wont go before round 3!" or "Colt McCoy is a top 10 pick!" Well im here to hold you to those assumptions. Anyone could say Jevan Snead will go in the 4th round and it would be totally forgotten if it wasnt true, The thread would be lost in the shuffle and they could still proclaim them selfs a "Mock Draft Guru" (No Pun TJ). So this thread will be bookmarked for future reference. Im asking every mocker to pick predictions that they feel are sure fire, lock down, for sure going to happen. There is no rule to what kind of predict it could be. Examples below.


EX. "CJ Spiller will be the first RB off the board."

EX. "Sam Bradford will be the first QB off the board."

Now it could be selveral different things. Like who the 3rd OG will off the board will be. Honestly, Anyone can say that Jimmy Clausen will go in the first round or Suh will be a top 5 pick. To be honest, If that the prediction you want to make, then make it. But remenber, thats the easy way out and in no way shows you are a "Mock Draft Guru." Im asking for BOLD predictions that we have debated about (i.e. Terrence Coy, Tim Tebow, Mike Iupati, and Tony Pike are a couple big ones).


Also, Just to note, This thread is HEKLER FREE. Im sure you all know what a heckler is. A hekler is someone who critizes without actually attempting the same thing. So, Being a heckler would be me critizing Tom Cruise for being a bad actor, When I myself am no actor.  Also, This thread is also DEBATE FREE, I love debating just as uch as the next mocker, but this thread will have alot of issues that could be debated for hours. So for the sake of this thread not filling up with 20 different conversations about Tony Pike going in the top 10, save that for another thread. I really hope everyone will praticipate so we can look back and really name a champion.

If you win and happen, you do not receive anything at all. You will have, complete braggin rights for a full year and you can proudly display it in your sig if you so choose. You may ask, "How will we determine a winner?" Well, I will pick the winner by two factors;

1. Creativity- The boldest pick. One like "Tyson Jackson will be a top 3 pick!"

2. Quantity- The most amount of predictions made that actually comes true.

Obviously these two factors will tie in together. If you go thru and list 32 people that you think will go in the first round and they line up with Todd McShay's Big Board, Then I probably wont take you serious. Also, If you have a bold prediction in your mock draft, use that. For example, I while back I saw a mock with Anthony Dixon in the first round, This is a perfect prediction. It isnt common but it really isnt ridiculous. Also, This will be shut down a week or two before the draft in case someone signs before the draft or it is leaked out who a team really wants. Also, Rec this up so it stays at the top for a couple weeks so we can get some good ones please.


Also, Just to be fair I will participate, However, my predictions will not count against the game, They will jist be there for fun. This makes it where I have no chance of winning.


UPDATED**** I thought of a really good Idead to find out the winner. Instead of me just choosing it. I will display the top 5 in a different post and everyone can vote.

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