Mock 1.0 (edited)



It seems Sam Bradford actually is in the draft......




1) Rams- Jimmy Clausen-QB Notre Dame. Its between him and Suh. I think as Pro Days and the draft nears, Clausen's stock as the best QB and top offensive player in the draft will be solidified.


2) Lions- Ndamukong Suh-DT Nebraska- Lions luck out with a player like Suh on the board who would be perfect for Jim Schwartz. He can probably fit in as Schwartz's new "Haynesworth" in their defense.  Along with Louis Delmas, the D is forming a nice core of defensive players up the middle

3) Bucs- Eric Berry- FS/CB- Tennessee- The Bucs have a decent young team for one that finished in the top 5 of the draft, they ended the season really well. Between Berry and Gerald McCoy, there's a few nice defensive playmakers here on the board for them, but Berry's potential outweighs McCoy, so he's there pick. I would've even given them Rolando McClain, but I think they'll retain Barrett Ruud.

4) Redskins- Russell Okung-LT OK State- Many think they'll go QB with Shanahan the new coach...but actually, Jason Campbell's really a pretty good QB when given time.  If they went with a QB, he'd get killed. Right now I say Okung's the best LT on the board..but it could be Bruce Campbell or Anthony Davis.

5) Chiefs-Rolando McClain-ILB Bama- The best LB in the draft, he'll fit any scheme but in KC's 3-4 he'll thrive. Maybe a reach, but the guy's as smart as any defensive player in the draft...and oh yea, he's extremely big and athletic for a ILB.  Since the Chiefs are so hell bent on becoming NE Patriots midwest...McClain can be their Teddy Bruschi.

6) Seahawks-Gerald McCoy-DT Oklahoma- Seattle's DL has almost no pass rush. They get a potential steal here as a few of the other team's ahead have greater needs and in the case of the Chiefs, no need for a 4-3 DT. McCoy could instantly start. Hopefully, drafting this high and getting a talent of this caliber finally overcomes SEA's ability to draft DL busts. Pete Carrol being a defensive coach, should help McCoy pan out. I wouldn't count out CJ Spiller here either as Seattle could use a playmaker. Its just McCoy's too good to pass up here.

7) Browns.-Joe Haden-CB Florida- Cleveland gets lucky with the #2 DB in the draft, although he's probably as talented as Eric Berry at his position. A lock down corner who likes to hit, what more is there to want in a CB? I'd consider a WR a possibility, but all are too big of reaches at this point. If Dez Bryant does wow at his Pro Day..he should be in the mix tho cuz hopefully they want Brady Quinn to succeed (If they don't...Sam Bradford is in the mix here too...)

8) Raiders- Brian Price-DT UCLA- Really...I wouldn't be surprised to see Carlos Dunlap, Sam Bradford or even CJ Spiller or Trindon Holliday here....Undead's so unpredictable. But!!! Price may run a quick 40!! He's also a good player who i expect to shoot up the draft boards in April. He's a whole lot like Senderick Ellis from USC a few years back. This would be a good pick to help OAK's defense.

9) Bills-Sam Bradford-QB Oklahoma-Bills lose their entire coaching staff...and still have no one. They're probably the toughest team to draft for because of this. Only reasoning I'll give is that new regime's bring new QB's. Bradford has plenty of question..but really none of them are physical tools. His arm strength is above average and his accuracy rivals Clausen. He may be overrated because of his college' style of offense. He should be sitting at least a year or 2, and that would decrease his bust probability.

10) Jaguars- CJ Spiller RB-Clemson- hmmm.....could possibly make for the best tandem in the NFL alongside Pocket Hercules...behind last year's top 2 OT's, would form an extremely potent running game. Derrick Morgan is probably the more likely pick, but I think they'll wait on the DL picks.

11) Broncos-Dan Williams-DT Tennessee-I think they'll wind up keeping Brandon Marshall, so WR is not a huge need, although I can see them picking Dez Bryant anyway. The Broncos could use a NT and Big Dan Williams has the size to switch to a 3-4 NT.

12) Dolphins-Morgan Burnett-S Georgia Tech- LB and NT are needs, but both NT and ILB who are worthy of this pick are off the board. Safety is a need too..and Burnett with his size and speed is the best available. Boom.

13)  Niners-Anthony Davis-OT Rutgers- Could come in right away and start at RT. Adam Snyder is a decent RT, although while his specialty is run blocking, his pass blocking is not very good. With Vernon Davis emerging as an excellent passing threat, I'm sure they'd rather let him do even more of that instead of helping out Snyder. Davis is a LT caliber athlete, but Joe Staley is entrenched there so they get an excellent bookend to complement him

14) Seahawks-Bruce Campbell-LT Maryland-the Hawks need a replacement for Walter Jones, but he's not ready to go out to pasture and graze yet. Campbell may be the most talented OT in the draft, but his injury concerns will drop him from potential top 3 pick to here at 14.

15) Giants- Earl Thomas-FS Texas-I like him better then Burnett, but Burnett was a better fit IMO for the Dolphins then Thomas. Main reason for that is Burnett is bigger, so Parcells likes that for some reason. Giants get lucky and get the #2 safety in the draft. Coupled with new DC Perry Fewell's ability to make any DB into very good players, Thomas should be no different. More and more I read about Thomas...I hope he falls here.

16) Titans-Derrick Morgan-DE-GT-falls for some reason..probably cuz I forgot I didn't put him to the Jaguars....but the best pure pass rusher in the draft, probably goes higher.

17 ) Niners-Sergio Kindle-OLB Texas- Niners get the best 3-4 OLB on the board. They made their RT pick with their first pick, now they address the pass rush. Safety is also a need, but those are off the board.

18) Steelers- Brian Bulaga-LT Iowa-Steelers OL has consistently taken criticism for its pass blocking..but really, most of that is Big Ben doing his thing. They could use an infusion of talent, and Bulaga definitely is that for them. Could be a LT or a RT, either way, probably will start from day 1.

19) Falcons-Carlos Dunlap-Florida-DE/DT-Very elite athlete...not very elite brain. Could be a steal, could be a bust. Falcons need to find out cuz they have no pass rush.

20) Texans-Everson Griffen-DE USC- Kinda like JPP, he'll shoot up the boards. I think JPP has a better workout and goes ahead of him, but the Texans may get the better DE. Opposite Mario Williams, should form a nice DE tandem

21) Bengals-Dez Bryant-WR OSU- Their WR other then 85 are merely OK, and really, 85 isn't as good as his rep says. Maybe he's slowing down? Either way, they could use a playmaking WR for Carson Palmer. Their D took massive strides this year, so they can ge the best on the board.

22) Packers-Jerry Hughes-OLB TCU-Packers really could use some OL help, but since it solidified at the end of the season as they got healthy, it doesn't seem as gigantic a need. Getting Clay Matthews one year, and Jerry Hughes another? That's some serious talent along the front 7 along with the others.

23) Patriots- Mike Iupati Idaho OG- Pats OL took a big step back this year, they could really use some talent. Iupati is massive and could start at either G position. Really could use some defensive help, but not sure if there's any with Iupati's value.

24) Eagles-Chad Jones-S-LSU-Eagles secondary is consistently good. From Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent, to now Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel, you can always count on them having a good CB pair. They lost Dawkins this year...and while many thought it was probably better for the team..they did suffer because of lack of toughness back there. Well...Chad Jones could be the answer. Or...he could be Hakeem Nicks' breakfast toast.

25) Jets-Damian Williams-WR USC- reunite Sanchez with his former USC WR. Sanchez could really use weapons that actually want to catch the ball...unlike Braylon Edwards. The team has not many needs. CB could be one, but I'm not sure Donovan Warren warrents a first rounder.

26) Ravens-Golden Tate WR ND- Ravens, like the Jets, get a WR for their young QB. Tate plays bigger then his size and would make a good target for Flacco.

27)-Cardinals-Charles Brown-LT USC- Jeremy Bridges is starting at LT? Brown is a bit small, but he's very strong and athletic. Should bulk up once he gets on an NFL salary vs. USC's salary...

28) Cowboys-Brandon Lafell-WR LSU-Could use a OT to replace Flozell...but while Trent Williams could make sense, he's not a NFL LT. The Pokes could use a WR to complement Monmouth's finest...and that's not Roy Grade F Williams.

29) Chargers-Jahvid Best-RB-Cal-Very few needs on this team, I expect them to retain one or both of their FA WR's. Tomlinson's winding down, Sproles is nothing more then a complementary back, Best is right up there with Spiller as far as talent, just his injury concern will drop him. The rich get richer here.

30) Vikings-Jevon Snead-QB Ole Miss-Another team with seemingly few needs...Who knows how much longer Farverer's playing? Snead could sit for next year...or possibly start next year with the talent around him in Minny. A good understudy for Farve, many similar qualities with Snead and a young Farve.

31) Saints-Taylor Mays-S/LB getting richer. Not sure where he'd fit, but Sean Taylor (RIP) thrived as a big S with Gregg Williams in Washington. Mays will fall because of his coverage concern, but he's BPA right here.

32) Colts-Navarro Bowman-LB Penn State-Yup...another pick change. No one has any real clue on what exactly the Colts draft strategy is year in and out...but I'd like to think Polian has his own board and goes by his very own BPA..not Kipers. Bowman is an elite LB prospect, but a bit small for many team's liking. Not the Colts. As a fast sure tackling machine of a LB, could really keep them in line to get this 32nd pick..again.

YAY I did 1 round!


Round 2

33) Rams-Arthur Jones-DT Cuse-should be a first rounder but falls cuz of his injury, should be good to go for camp. Good run stuffer.

34) Lions-Brandon Spikes MLB Florida-Lions fans jump for joy!

35) Bucs-Jared Odrick-DT/DE Penn State. More beast then he gets credit for.

36) Redskins-Ciron Black-OT/OG LSU- Skins line sucked. Stephen Heyer was their RT? Skins pull a JAX Jaguar and get bookends...good move

37) Cheifs-Terrence Cody-FAT Alabama- Good fit here...He's a big risk even for a 2nd rounder, cuz you just don't know how he's gonna hold his weight...but for the 2nd round?

38) Browns-Jermaine Gresham-TE Oklahoma-Brady Quinn could REALLY use a safety valve. OG or RT is also an option, but there's value in the later rounds. Gresham's too good to pass up.

39) Oakland-Donovan Warren-CB Michigan-merely OK at Meechigan, he'll shoot up boards cuz of his 40 time. 40 time? Sign up Undead

40)Seahawks- Brandon Graham-DE Meechigan-trying to really upgrade that DL

41) Bills-Trent Williams-OT Oklahoma-Reunite Trent and his buddy Sam Bradford? Or maybe they're not buddies?

42) Bucs-Eric Norwood-DE/? South Carolina- this year's "too small to play DE" DE, has a lot of Dwight Freeney in him...just not gonna run a 4-4 and not quite as big. Bucs get a good pass rusher tho

43) Miami-Demarious Thomas-WR-GT- Got their safety in round 1, no NT's or LB's worthy here they get a hell of a WR with tons of potential. Falls cuz uncertaintly coming from a option offense

44) Patriots-Corey Wooten-DE Northwestern-Big DE should fit in nice as a 3-4 DE, could be a poor man's Rich Seymour?

45) Broncos-Tyson Alualu-DE-Cal- 2nd DE in a row, fits a need for the Horses. No ILB's worthy of a pick here, they really solidify the line after getting Big Dan in round 1.

46) Giants-Darryl Washington-MLB TCU-Giants fill a need by getting some speed for their LB group.

47) Patriots-Brandon Lang OLB Troy State- Pass rush. How many 2nd round picks is illegal?

48) Panthers-Jason Pierre Paul-DE USF-Panthers get a potential replacement for Peppers if he leaves or DE mate if he stays. Probably goes higher.

49) Niners-Javier Arenas-Bama- CB is not a gigantic need, but Arenas is an excellent nickel corner candidate with potential to start outside someday, maybe even right away. Real value is special teams. Great value here.

50) Chiefs-Maurkice Pouncey-OC Florida-falls, but the Chiefs luck out

51) Texans-Mardy Gilyard-WR Cincy- could be a hole at WR, no more with Mardy there.

52) Steelers-Major Wright S Florida0Underrated for some reason...gets overlooked a bit with all the other Florida secondary players..but a good solid 2nd rounder here.

53) Patriots-George Selvie-OLB USF-another pick? well..more defense.

54) Bengals-Rob Gronkowski-TE Arizona-good value here, could use a better all around TE for Palmer

55) Eagles-Reshad Jones-S- Eagles S weren't all that good, they go SEC S just like they did awhile back for that Dawkins guy...

56) Packers- Selvish Capers-LT WVU-Pack gets an athletic tackle to protect Rodgers

57) Ravens- Kareem Jackson-CB Bama- Can't see him falling any farther, probably goes a lot earlier

58) Jets-Lamarr Houston-DT Texas-Maybe not the best fit for a NT, but could sqeeze over to DE for now. Could bulk up to become more NT-worthy too.

59) Cardinals-Ricky Sapp-OLB/DE-Clemson-good pass rusher

60) Cowpokes-Brandon Ghee-Wake Forest- Newman needs to be replaced. Ghee probably goes higher, but they get a steal here

61) Vikings-Mike Johnson OG-Bama-Left side of the line is very good, Anthony Herrera on the right? Not so much.

62) Chargers-Kyle Calloway-RT Iowa-Who is their RT?

63) Saints-Pat Robinson-CB FSU-could fill in as a rook, but more for depth

64) Colts- Vince Oghobaase-DT Duke-Colts continue to try to get bigger DT's.


So...there it is.


Took me all damn day....that's why I don't do it.


Love it, hate it..anyone I missed (and not Tebow and Colt McCoy..I left them out for a reason)?


**think its a little better now..took some people's input and made some changes. And yea...Terrence Cody is still a reach.

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