7 Round Mock

7 round mock

This is a 7 round mock.  The sunday games are not complete so the final Teams may be a little off,  I did look at many of the post by regulars on this site concerning team needs and used some of your thoughts.  ( But not all, there will be plenty of room for discussion.)     Hopefully not to many double positions or other errors.  

 Round 1

1  St Louis    Clausen QB  ND        " QB or not" has been discused in detail on this site.  With no real QB options on their team,  I believe St Lo takes the possible franchise QB

2 Det            Suh  Dt    Neb     best available and can make their D much better

3 TB             Eric Berry   S  Tenn          Best available

4  Wash      Russel Okung  OT     Ok State    Jason  Campbell has looked ok at times and I think they give him another year.   addition protection will help;

5  KC        Anthony Davis    OT   Rutgers      The rookie may be used as a right tackle initially.   This stradegy seems to have worked well in Baltimore with M Oher

6  Seattle   Trent Williams OT  Ok      If they stay with Matt, he will need help up front.

7  Cleveland     R Mc clain  ILB   Al    Normally ILBs do not go this early, but this guy seems to have it all.   speed, recognition, brains

8 Oak      Derrick Morgan     DT  G tech     Al Davis does not go for some speedster and makes the right pick.   Maybe

9 Buffalo    Sam Bradford  QB  Ok      Buffalo has to have a QB from somewhere.  I believe Bradford is the best of the draft availble ones.   I understand that because of the weather and the type of offense being run in Buffalo, they may consider someone with a stronger arm.   but i think decision making and accuracy will be the determing factors

10  Den (Chi)  Dez Bryant Wr      They need a second option even if Marshall stays.    This will help Orton.

11  Jacksonville  Gerald McCoy Dt         McCoy may not fall this far but he may.  In any case, they will not take Tebow at 11.   The Pros and Cons of this have been reviewed in deepth on this site.

12  Miami   Brandon Spikes  ILB   Fl    I know another ILB and one who is supposed to be falling.   But he is big , strong and fast and should have a strong combine

13  San Fran    Joe Haden   CB  Fl      They need help in the secondary and Joe looks like the best CB

14   Seattle (Den)   JC Spiller RB  Clem   Another way to help your QB is to add a dynamic RB

15   NY Giants     Earl Thomas   S   Tx    Earl did not have a great bowl game but did look very good this year.   

16  Tenn  Dan Williams  DT    With their mid season turn around I am having troble reading these guys.  

17   San fran (CAR)      Bruce Campbell OT    Md   More help for the QB

18   Pitt     Taylor Mays  S  USC    Mays is a brutal hitter in the mold of the steelers and they need help in their secondary

19   Atlanta    Warren Donovan  CB  MIch    this may be a reach but Atlanta needs help in the secondary and this guy is fast

20  Houston    Chad Jones  S    LSU       Chad looked very good in the Bowl game and may be the second best Safty in the draft

21 Cinn      Brandon Lafell   WR   LSU    Cinn must find their passing attack and Lafell is big strong reciever

22 GB         Brian Bulaga OT   Iowa      Even though GB improved their protection in the second half. They can use help in the OL.   Bulaga looked good in the bowl against strong competion and may move higher than this.   (should change his name to Baluga- great name for OL.

23 NE   Jerry Hughes     DE     TCU        They need to retool their D

24 Philly    Sergio Kindle     LB   Tex

25  Bal        Brendon Graham Mich    DE    No 1st round WG available and the Ravens need pass rush.

26 Arizona      Pat Roberson    CB      Fl ST       

27  Dallas    Matt Tennant        C     BC

28  San Diego      Jahav Best    RB     Cal     LT is nearing the end of his career and if Best is healthy, he is a good replacement.          

29 Jets    Damien  Williams   WR   Jets think Williams is 1st rounder. Williams looked very good in his bowl game.

30  Minn      Colt McCoy          QB   Tx       I continue to believe that McCoy is a possible Sunday starter.  I know he went to Birmingham to see Dr Andrews, but have not heard how that came out.   If Bret stays another year that would help Colt.

31   NO      Sean  Weatherspoon  OLB  MIssouri

32    Colts     Brian Price    DT   UCLA      this may be a steel at 32 

Round 2

33 St Louis    Greg Hardy  DE  Miss state

34 Det            Mike Iupati OL  ID            Mike is the best Guard in the draft but with his size and feet could play tackle also   

35  TB    Golden Tate  WR    NO     very productive year and has moved up   

36  Washington  Trevor Lindley   CB   Ky   

37   KC      Terrance Cody   DL  Al        I like Cody much better as a second rounder than a first.   He is big and has value but  really does not make many plays

38 Seattle   Carlos Dunlap  DE  FL      Character and inconsistany drops Carlos into Sencond round.  Should be about right at 38

39 Cle   Gabe Carimine OT  Wis         The rookie may be playing the Right tackle

40  Oakland     Eric Norwood     DE  USC     Eric is a little short but is a valuable player who does not take plays off, good pass rusher, and can possibly play different positions.

41 Buffalo  Corey Wotten   DE Northwestern 

42   TB (Chi)  Jason Pierre Paul   De    CF      Jason shot up the draft and now is starting to fall a bit.   If he is as athletic as advertized, he should have a strong combine and may go back to the 1st but  I doubt it

43  NE (Jacksonville)      Jared Oderick LB Penn State

44  Miami    Lammar Houston Dt  Tx

45 San Fran   Mike Johnson   OG  AL        This pick and the OT in the first should shore up the line

46 Denver  Vladimir Ducasse OL   U Mass   

47   Giants Ciron Black OT  LSU

48  NE (Tenn)  Andre Dixon  RB  Miss St        Two of the Three NE RB's  are getting up in RB years.     

49  Carolina  Eric Decker WR  Mi     Needs a strong combine to go this early, but when healthy I thought he was a second rounder

50   Pitts    Charles Brown OT       Ben needs more protection, even thou he could get rid of the ball a wee bit quicker

51 KC (Atl)  Jermaine Cunningham DE  Fl

52 Houston  Maurkise Pouncey  OL   Fl

53 Cinn    Jermaine Gresham TE       If the Ravens do not pick Jermaine in the first he could easily fall to Cinn in second

54 GB     J D Walten     C     Baylor

55 NE    Michah Johnson   ILB       Ky

56 Philly  J Arenas      CB  Al           Arenas is under sized 5/7or so but a PLAYER

57 Balt    Marty Gilyard   WR     Cinn      Marty is really skinny   but a PLAYER

58 Arizona      Pat Angerer  LB     Iowa

59 Dalles  Tyson Azuala     DT   Cal

60 San Diego   Major Wright  S  PIT

61 Jets     Brandon Lang  DE    Troy 

62 Minn  Brandon Ghee     CB    WF

63 NO     Arthur Jones      DT       Syracuse

64 Colts    Sam Young     OT  ND


Round 3

65  St Lo  Syd Quan Thompson  CB

66 Det  Vince Oghobasse DT Duke

67  Tampa Bay    Toby Gehard RB        I would take this guy even higher, realizing most mocker's would not.  He put up giant numbers all year and played big in the big games and the bowl game.   Runs a little high

68  Wash   no pick 

69 KC  Arrelious Benn WR Ill

70 Seattle (Philly)   Nate Allen  S     SF

71  Cleveland  Darryl Stuckey  S    Ks

72  Oakland    Mitch Petrus    OL  Ark

73 Buffalo  Arron Hernandez   TE    Fl       

74 Chi    Jon Asamoak      G       Ill

75 Jacksonville   Eric Olsen  OL   ND

76  Miami   Demaryious Thomas  WR   G Tech     Big receiver who made the most of the limited opportunities he got on the G Tech running  team. 

77 San Fran   A j Edds    OLB       Iowa

78  Denver  Johnathan Dwyer    RB    GT     I know Denver picked Knowshan in the st last year but   they have gone through 6 or 7 RB in the last few years and two of their RB will be 32 years old if they keep them next year.  .  If they can get Dwyer for third round money  grab him.   With this tandom of backs , Orton will look better.

79 Giants   Rennie Curan LB  Ga

80  Tenn   Sergio Render  OL  VT

81  Carolina   Kyle Wilson   CB     Boise State

82  Pitts   Perrish Cox   CB    Boise St

83 Atlanta   Boo Robinson  DT   WF

84  Houston     Kau Misi DE    Utah

85  Cinn      Kan Chancellor  S    WV

86 GB   Ricky Sapp  OLB   Clem

87  Oak (NE)  Selvish Capers T   WV

88  Phil   Ryan Mathews  RB        Westbrook may be done.   Ryan may never be an every down back but can run and Catch.   He ran for 17 td's

89 Bal    Jordan Shipley     WR    Tx       Ravens may be looking for two starting WR if Mason goes.  If the Ravens do not pickup a WR through trade or free agency, I believe they will draft two WR early in the draft .

90 Ari      Jason Fox       OT    Miami           If Fox is healthy this could be a valueable pick

91 Dallas  Robert Johnson    FS    Utah

92 SD  Navooro Bowman  OLB   WF

93 Clev  (Jets)  Damaro Alexander    WR    Misouri    He is big , fast and productive.   14 td's and 1781 yds this year

94 Minn  Zane Beadles    OT  Utah

95  NO   Roderick Muckelroy     OLB  Tex

96  Colts   Kareem Jackson  CB   Al


Round 4

97 St Lo     Desman Brescoe  WR    Ks

98  Det       Myson Lewis   CB     Vandy

99  TB       George Selvie   DE     SF

100 Washington  Dan Lefevour   QB  C Mich

101   KC     Justin Woodall   S     Al

102  Seattle    Alterrean Verner  CB  UCLA

103  Clev       Devin MCCourty     CB Rutgers

104  Oak       Jason Snead  QB      Miss       I am not sure how Al will handle his QB situation but Snead is a possiblity.  Snead had an up and down year at best

105   Buf    Mike Williams    WR     formerly of Syracuse      Not sure about T.O.'s future but Mike is a talented receiver.    If T.O. stays I am sure he will mentor Mike

106 Chi   Kyle Calloway    T     Iowa

107  Jack    Tim Tebow  QB     Fl     I do believe that Tim should fall to the 4 th.  ( Not sure Oak would pass on hlm with the 104)   Tim can contribute to almost any team.   Wild cat / Short Yardage BACK / QB   He is accurate and has a strong arm, but that release needs major work

108  Miami    Kris O Dowd    C

109  San fran    Tony Pike    QB      Cinn    His stock fell after the bowl game.    Tony's arm strength is questionable.  He has the size to play the position and has sucess at the college level.

110   Denver   Walter Thurmond     CB     Oregon  

111  Giants    Ted Larson       C        NCS

112    Tenn     Dekota Watson   LB       FL St

113     Carolina   Alex Carrington  DE  Ark State

114   Pitt    Lee Ziembe   T   AUB

115   Atlanta   Darian Steward  S   USC

116   Houston   Ben Tate    RB    Aub

117   Cinn   Jeffery Fitzgerald      DT   K State

118   GB     Terrell Skinner  S    Md  

119  NE      Brandon Carter   G Tex T  

200  Phi     Larry Asante     S   Neb

201  Balt    Akawasi Owusa    Ansah  CB  Ind          After seeing Reed talk about his medical problems , the Ravens may pick up Barry Church Toleto S here.

202  Ari     Cameron Sheffield   OLB   Troy

203  Dallas  Jacoby Ford      Rb     Clem

204  SD    Joseph Barksdale  T   Ind

205  Jets   Sean Lee  OLB   Penn State

206  Minn  Garrett Graham  TE  WIS

207  NOLO  Dexter Mc Cluster   RB/ WR     Miss State   I had Dexter penciled in here before I saw Reggie Bush play this weekend.   There was talk that Reggie Bush, who has had injury issues and had not been running well between the tackles, may be moved to try to relieve some salary issue.   I no longer believe NOLO will be looking to drop any of his salary.   He looked like a super start , number 1 pick.     I did not redo this pick but should have

208 Colts Reggie Stephens    G     Iowa   

Round 5

209 St Lo  Rico McCoy    OLB      Tenn

210 Det  Jaman Chaney  ILB     Miss

211  Cle (TB)  Riley Cooper    WR    FL      Riley has good speed and size and can find the end zone ( 8 TB's this year)   I believe Riley is a baseball prospect also.    Good value in 5th round.

212  Was   Chris Scott   OT  Tenn

213   MIA  ( KC)    Kyle Mc Carty    S     ND

214  Sea   Sean Canfield   QB     Oregon

215   Cle   Dettis   Pitta     TE     BYU

216  Oakland   Ryan Broyles      WR      OK     Ryan had 15 TB's for the year, plus he was big in the bowl Game

217  Buf    Roger Safford     OT    Ind

218   Chi     Naaman Roosevelt    WR       Buffalo     

219   Jac     Ed Dickson    TE    Or

220   Mia     JoiQue  Bell     RB     Wayne State

221   San Fran    Daryl Washington  OLB    TCU

222  Lions (Den)  Tony Moeaki   TE     Iowa

223   Giants   Joe Knight     RB      USC

224  Tenn    Shay Hodge  WR     Miss         

225  KC (Car)  Montario Hardesty     RB    Tenn

226  Pitts    Andre Dixon   RB   U Conn          Big Bowl game,  Ran through an SEC team

227  Atl        Daryl Sharpton     OLB

228  Houston    Blair Whitet   WR     MSU

229   Cin   Perry Riley    OLB    LSU

230   GB    Charles Scott   RB    LSU

231   TB   ( NE)   Devin Ross    CB    Ari       Speedy cover corner prospect,  would be a real value pick if he falls this far.

232 ST LO   Barry  Church   S   Toledo  

233 Bal  Andre Quarles   TE   Penn State       Andre has a history of caracter issues.  He had a good year and played very well in the mud of his bowl game

234  Ari  Terrel Troup  DT     UCF

235 Dal   Chris Carter   WR     UC Davis

236 San Diego   Malcolm Sheppard    OT  Ark

237 Cle  (Jets)  JC Wilson   DE    East Carolina

238  Min  Brandon Sharpe  OlB/DE      TT       Brandon is one of the leading Sackers for 2010  (15 sacks) 

239 PHI  (NO)  John Jerry   OG  Miss

240  IND  Mick Neal   DT    Pur

Round 6

241  Stl     Mike Polk    S     Ind

242  Det  Robert Vaughin    S   Conn

243  TB  Austin Lane   DE  Murray    Statw

244  Mia   (Was)    Cam Thomas    DT     NC

245 KC   Jeron Mastrud     TE    KState

246  Sea   Willie Young     OLB    NCS

247   Cle    Cliffton Geathers DE    USC            Big guy, who should have stayed in school another Year.  has potential but needs lots of work.

248    Oak   Kevin Haslam     OT     Rutgers

249  Buf    Cord Howard  OG    G Tech

250  Chi    Andre Anderson  RB   Tul

251  Jac    Jamal Wall     CB   T Tech       Wall is a big hitter

252   Mia   Antonio Coleman    OLB  Aub

253  San fran    Andre Roberts   WR     Citidel           I have never seen Andre, he has gotten alot of good press.  with a good East /West game could move up.

254   Den    Eric Cook        C    NM

255  Giants  Alex Carrington   DE    Ark State

256  Tenn  Stephen  Virgil  CB  VTech

257   Oak (Car)  Ed Wang    OT  V Tech

258   Pitt    Jay Ross       DT          East Car

259    Atl    Lindsey Witten   DE   Conn

260    Houston   Sherrick McManes   CB   North Western

261    Cin      Shelley Smith    OG       Col State

262    GB   Freddie Barns     WR        Bowling Green        It is possible someone takes Freddie much earlier than this.   With 1790 recieving yds and 19 tD's this year, he has the Stats.   He has the size and hands to play in the NFL, if not the speed.  He has not faced  top competion and needs to have a good East/ West bowl to move up

263   NE   Dorin Dickerson  TE/FB    Pit    Dorin is a good athelte, undersized for TE but found the endzone 8 or 9 times this year.  Good chance to catch on at NE

264   Phi   Roger  Safford  OT  Ind 

265   Balt   Le garret Blount     RB      Oregon     Big back with big character issue.   Seemed to do fine after being suspended.   Even with Maghee having a good year scoring,  Blount could be a long term fit with Rice.

266  Ari  Danny Batton  DE            SD State

267  Dal   Chris Hawkins     CB    LSU

268   SD  Davon Adams    WR   Aub

269  Jets   Shawn Lanvao  G   Ark State

270  Min   Chris Brown    RB   OK

271  NO   Courtney Herrdon   S     KS

272  Phi (Indy)  Thomas Austin   G   Clem 


Round 7

273  StL  Kieth Tostam    RB      Ok St

274   Det   Lonyae Miller    RB   Fresno State  

 275  TB  Derek Hardman   OT    E K

276  Was   Kerry Meier        WR   Ks

277   Sea   Pat Simmons   WR    Colgate

278   Cle   Emmanual Sanders    WR     SMU

279   Oak   Tony Washington  OT    Abiliene Christian

280    Buf    James Starks     RB       Buffalo  U       James has been out for the season with a injury.   If he is healthy for the combine this would be a good 7th round pick for Buffalo.   James   had  accumulated large amounts of yardage in his years at Buffalo

281  Chi   Reggie Carter  LB      UCLA

282  Jac   Tim Brown   WR      Rutgers

283   Mia    Kendrick Lewis    S    Miss

284   SF     Jeromy Miles        S     U Mass

285   Den   Chis Hall              OG   Tex

286   NYG   Clay Harbor         TE   Mousouri St

287  Ten      Adam Ulatoski OT   Tex

288  Car      Dennis Landolt    OT   Penn State

289  Pitt      Joesph Turner    RB    TCU

290  St Lo (Atl)    Andrew Lewis    G   OK  State

291 Hou        Joe Webb               QB/CB/WR          I believe Webb is going to the East West Bowl as a WR' --  great athlete but needs a position

292  Cin      Taylor Price    WR     Ohio          Has a lot of speed

293  GB      Mickey Shuler   TE      Penn State

294   Phi (NE)     Phillip Dillard     LB      Neb

295   Bal       James Ruffin           DE      N Iowa

296   Ari        Jonathan Crompton  QB  Tenn

297   Dal      Arthur Moats          OLB         James Madison

298   SD      Kavell Connor         OLB        Clem        

299   Jets     TJ Wards               S      Oregon

300   Minn   Anderson Russel  S     Ohio State

301  NO       Colin Peek             TE     Al

302   IN       Cody Grimm            S       VT























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