Jerry Jones Makes Wade Phillips His Head Coach Through 2011

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Let's Not Go Too Crazy: Phillips Extended Through 2011, Not '12

The contract extension reached between Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips runs through July 2011, not 2012. In other words, for the next two seasons, not three. Whatever.

From the Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas Cowboys have made it official that Wade Phillips has a contract for the 2010 and 2011 season. The agreement was announced in a lunchtime press conference at Valley Ranch with Phillips and owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Phillips is 33-15 in his three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and has won two NFC East titles. He joined the team in 2007 and became the team’s full-time defensive coordinator for the 2009 season.

Over at SB Nation’s Cowboys blog, Blogging The Boys, they’ve got a rough transcript of the press conference in question. Head over there to read what Jones and Head Coach Wade Phillips had to say. Below, an excerpt from Jones:

Evaluating our team and where we can go, it’s not without work, but Wade is a great value for this franchise and for fans. Build on the foundation of the last 3 years. Continuity is the exception toady instead of the rule. It will benefit the team. Get us where we want to go, and if I didn’t believe that we wouldn’t be here. This team is going in the right direction, the arrow is going up. The players are embracing Wade’s leadership, knowledge. I ust talked to a practice squad player, he expressed it best – "I want to get everything I can get from coach Philips, everything from Paul Pasqualoni, it was a d-lineman, everything I can get from their experience and resourcefulness.

As a Cowboys fan, myself, all I can say is… Wade Phillips, Jerry Jones, and Tony Romo have slowly killed my hope for this franchise, and until one (or more) of them leaves, I will be off in the corner listening to Radiohead, reading Boys Will Be Boys, and mumbling about swagger.



Wade Phillips Contract Extended By Cowboys Through 2012

Not only will the Cowboys exercise the option on Wade Phillips’ current contract to retain him as head coach next season, but Jerry Jones likes him so much, that he plans to keep Phillips around through 2012.

This seems like an odd move given that Phillips’ job security for next year was in jeopardy much of this season. If the Cowboys fall short of the playoffs (or perhaps, the Super Bowl) next year, it isn’t hard to imagine Jones firing Phillips, and then owing him the remainder of this new extension. A wait-and-see approach may have made more sense, but then again, Jones likes to shoot from the hip YEEHAAWWWW.

The official announcement is expected to come at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

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