2010 NFL mock draft the way it should be done!

 Hello gentlemen, people who know me know that I start doing my official mock drafts right about now and I do one every other week. I will also give a brief description of the player!

This is my first of the season and it goes like...

*= NFL comparison

1. STL- Jimmy Clausen QB- I love him and i think he is gonna be a monster. * tony romo

2. Detroit- Ndamukong Suh DT- Beastly, enough said * Hiloti Ngata

3. Gerald McCoy- 2nd best DT in the draft and is STRONG! * tommy harris

4. Washington- Russell Okung- I know a lot think they need a QB, but they may have the worst OL in the NFL * Ryan Clady

5. KC- Eric Berry- 3rd Best player in the draft in 10 years in my opinion * Ed Reed

6. Seattle- Sam Bradford- New coach, franchise QB is old and they need the future QB * Phillip Rivers

7. Cleveland- Joe Haden- Need a lock down CB and this is their guy * Leodis McKelvin

8. Oakland- Taylor Mays- Al Davis wants Mays badly, eventhough Mays would drop to about 25 Davis s the worst drafter EVER * Roy Williams

9. BILLS!- Anthony Davis- We need an OL, but i would like to have McClain but you can't throw the ball on your back * Jason Peters

10. Jags- Tebow- Will be an awful pick, but they need more fans at games * Mike Allstot running with Vick throwing

11. Denver- Dez Bryant- Marshall is all but gone and they could use a WR * Ochocinco

12. Miami- Rolando McClain- he's a beast, will be best value pick of the draft * Patrick Willis

13. Donovan Warren- they could definatly use a good CB * Lito shephard

14. Bruce Campbell- Get that OL to protect Bradford * Brandon Albert

15. NYG- Brian Price- They could definatly use a DT and this kid has great potential * Shuan Rogers

16. Tennessee-Derrick Morgan- Need a DE * Aaron Kampman

17.San Fran -Brian Buluga- Need a OT really bad * Micheal roos

18. Pitt- Earl Thomas- Need another S across Troy * Reggie Nelson. (RB is an option here as well)

19. ATL- Everson Griffen- Need another DE because Jamaal Anderson is a bust and Abraham is gettin old * robert mathis

20. Texans- Dan Williams- Need defensive pressure so DT is important * Chris Jenkins

21. cinci- Areleous Benn- Would have been a top % pick if he didn't get injured, might not be 1st rounder but cinci needs another WR badly

22. NE- CJ Spiller - Need a RB cause Maroney isn't great and need a true run game not just screens to Faulk. hopefully they don't get Tebow because God know what bellichek would do with him, lol, * Reggie Bush

23. GB- Charles Brown- Need an OT despiratly * Jason smith

24. Philly- Carlos Dunlap- Andy Reid likes having good DE's so i think this is the pick * Jamaal Anderson

25. Ravens-Damian williams - No Wr's at all so they will draft one * Jimmy Smith

26. Arizona- Trent Williams- Could use another OL * Jason Smith

27.  Dallas- Terrence Cody- Allows Ratliff to move to DE *Shaun Rogers

28. SD- Chad Jones- If Al Davis wan't an idiot SD would pick Mays but instead they do for a different SS- Adrian wilson

29. NYJ- Jason Peirre-Paul- Jet's #1 priority is DE and this is their guy * RIP Gaines Adams

30. Minnesota- mike Iupati- having trouble running the ball? IDK but RG is one OL need and if they get one it's running all day again

31. NO- Sean Witherspoon- Some D help would be nice *Jon Beason

32. Indy- Greg Hardy- Mathis and Brock are FA and they will need DE * Adawale Ogundele( however you spell his name)

hope you enjyed and hope you read in 2 weeks!

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