3-round mock draft



1st Round:

1. St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Look at the teams with QB issues. They are drafting in the first 10. Haynesworth's team went went 4-12. New Orleans and Indianapolis have weak DT's. This is why QB is always the pick at the top of the draft.

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

No explanation necessary.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Many holes to fill, looking for an impact player. Could also be Berry.

4. Washington Redskins - Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

The Redskins cannot run or pass with their current line. Good blocking is the key to Shanahan's offense, not the QB.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

This could be a tackle. But, I'm sorry to say, the Chiefs will likely be picking in the first part of the draft next year too. If they cannot land a decent tackle in the second round, at worst they can land the next Oher or Otah next year. An impact safety is tougher to find.

6. Seattle Seahawks - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Hasselbeck is wearing down. And tackle can wait until later. A good fit for Bradford, he has time to rest his shoulder and learn the pro game from a vet.

7. Cleveland Browns - Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

They have Jackson, but Mangini comes from the Pats system, where they like to have two good ILBs. McClain is the best available player.

8. Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell, T, Oakland

Easily the biggest need, besides a consistently good QB, which will not be found here.

9. Buffalo Bills - Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa

Might take Bradford if he falls. Were hoping Locker and Mallett came out. But tackle is a definite need. They'll take whoever is highest on their board at the position. The Bills need a sure thing rather than another 1st round disappointment.

10. Denver Broncos - Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

If Marshall does not come back, this pick could be Dez Bryant. But the front three are the source of their defensive troubles. Williams could play NT, or lose a few pounds and play LDE.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

The Jags had 14 sacks on the whole season. Tebow may help sell seats, but not if they do not win games, which they will not with their pash rush. They should hope Tebow falls to them in the 3rd - they need a backup QB anyway.

12. Miami Dolphins - Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

They would be happy if McClain falls. Spiller is an option because of Brown's injury or Williams' age. Parcells loves RBs but has never noticed speed. Kindle has the athleticism to rush the QB and defend the pass, similar to Matthews Jr. last year. Plus, he did not complain about his reduced pass rush role this year, showing he is a team player.

13. San Francisco 49ers - Earl Thomas, FS, Texas

Read the SF sites, safety is more of a need than corner, where they at least have several options when players return from injury. It's pretty bad when the safeties look bad with Willis in front of them, considering he covers more ground than any ILB in the game.

14. Seattle Seahawks - Charles Brown, T, USC

This could be Spiller, especially with Carroll as coach, but I think the new staff realize the player they have in Forsett and pick up a complimentary back later. DE is also an option, Kerney has nothing left. But Hasselbeck is running out of his nine lives. Carroll picks his guy from USC.

15. New York Giants - Brian Price, DT, UCLA

The best player left at one of their defensive holes. Spiller a possible choice with RB surgeries and their KR/PR a free agent, but he does not fit their offense. They could also choose Haden if they think Ross can stick at safety, but that would be a risk.

16. Tennessee Titans - Joe Haden, CB, Florida

They have Ford if VandenBosch leaves. Their backup corners are less talented. Haden is also the best player still on the board, and CBs have been less of a risk in the 1st round.

17. San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Davis, T, Rutgers

If they win the coin toss with Tennessee, Haden may be the pick. He is the best talent available, allows them to jettison Clements and his contract, and there will be good right tackles available in the second round. But Davis is a great athlete to have at right tackle.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan

There were times this year that the secondary could not hold for one play.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

The top corners are gone. A lot of complaints about Anderson at LDE, but Biermann has been helping. Jenkins has been a disappointment. They need a second good WR to free up White.

20. Houston Texans - C. J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

A lot of people see him going higher. But he is not the next Chris Johnson, he is the next Reggie Bush. Similar size, speed, abilities, and running style. Both available in the same metallic mint green paint. Watch the 10-min video on the Field Gulls site. Even when he runs up the middle, he tries to break for the sideline and use his speed to escape. Does not make tacklers miss. Will be more of a weapon catching the ball like Bush. The Texans will be a good fit for him.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

The Bengals need a reliable WR. The two Jets games were painful to watch.

22. New England Patriots - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

The pass rush disappeared this year. Seymour and Vrabel were missed.

23. Green Bay Packers - Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma

An obvious need, although I was leaning towards Von Miller before he went back to school.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

A man among boys on the highlight tapes. With the Justice extension, allows the Eagles to jettison both Andrews brothers, freeing up lots of cash.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

An obvious need. Has the physical gifts to succeed.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson

Any left tackle here would be a reach. Instead they pick a rush guy that played OLB in college.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Taylor Mays, S, USC

A big athlete that fills a need, for an owner that likes big athletes. May not face the pressure of having to start right away, giving him time to develop.

28. San Diego Chargers - Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama

A team with no big holes. Could use some young blood on the DL as well as a running back. Thought about changing the pick, but it would create too much work redoing my draft. RB is not a desperate need for a team that barely tries to run the ball.

29. New York Jets - Damian Williams, WR, USC

A fellow USC teammate for Sanchez. Edwards has too many drops and will demand too much money.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Chad Jones, FS, LSU

The safety talent still on the board here exceeds other positions of need.

31. New Orleans Saints - Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

The best 4-3 OLB in the draft. A solid player that would go higher in other years.

32. Indianapolis Colts - Everson Griffen, DE, USC

Would have been Lewis from Oklahoma if he came out, or Weatherspoon if they draft first. But Indy always surprises and does not reach for need. Although this actually is a need, with no depth at the position their defense revolves around. Griffen provides a good contrast to Mathis, the smallest LDE in the NFL.

2nd Round


1. STL - Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

Spagnuolo has seen what top TEs can do in the NFC East, and they do need a good set of hands. Similar to the Delmas pick last year in that you can say BPA.

2. DET - Best, RB, Cal

His quickness, like Harvin's, will play well on turf. Good complement to Smith in the backfield, and a running game is needed to take pressure off of Stafford.

3. TB - Ghee, CB, Wake Forest

Barber is on his last legs. This would give them two solid to potentially great CBs.

4. KC - Black, T, LSU

Can play left or right sides, depending on who they like best at what position. The offensive line needs a lot of help.

5. WAS - Matthews, RB, Fresno State

The most likely back in the draft to be an every-down player.

6. CLE - Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

Pool's return is questionable and Elam is nothing special. Will start at SS or FS.

7. OAK - Dunlap, DE, Florida

The athlete Al Davis loves is a reasonable pick here. With his size and speed he can play multiple positions on the line. It would be great if Seymour would stay and teach him.

8. SEA - Hardy, DE, Mississippi

The replacement for Kerney.

9. BUF - Bowman, LB, Penn State

Another Penn Stater for Buffalo. Maybe their scouts don't like to drive far.

10. NE from JAC- Benn, WR, Illinois

A deep speed threat to add some variety to the passing game. The Pats pass game has become too predictable, whereas in the early Brady years it was the most unpredictable with everyone getting the ball.

11. MIA - Spikes, ILB, Florida

The large physical ILB that Parcells loves. Could be Angerer if he was larger.

12. TB from CHI - Shipley, WR, Texas

Good hands and quickness - a good fit for a young QB.

13. DEN - Jones, DE, Syracuse

More help for the line.

14. NYG - Allen, S, South Florida

The desperately needed safety that can cover.

15. CAR - Decker, WR, Minnesota

A younger Muhammed, whoever their QB is will need some help. I hope they give Moore a chance.

16. NE from TEN - McKnight, RB, USC

A versatile RB that is used to playing on a strong passing team.

17. SF - Lindley, CB, Kentucky

They get a good corner here, if he has a good camp then it is the end for Clements. If they pick Haden in the first, I would choose Calloway at RT or Gilyard at WR.

18. KC from ATL - Norwood, OLB, South Carolina

Vrabel may be done and Hali is sill learning the position. Selvie from South Florida could be the choice if they want more athleticism.

19. HOU - Houston, DT, Texas

His jerseys will sell well for the novelty of the name. Provides the strength they need in the middle.

20. PIT - Johnson, G, Alabama

They need to both protect their QB and open holes for the running game.

21. NE - Alualu, DE, California

A natural 3-4 end to try and fill the large hole caused by the trade of Seymour.

22. CIN - Odrick, DT, Penn State

They have big bodies but no pass rush up the middle.

23. PHI - Stuckey, S, Kansas

A productive tackler from the safety spot, Sean Jones was a bust.

24. GB - Schofield, OLB, Wisconsin

A hugely productive year in college, will allow Matthews more freedom to play coverage. Could also be Selvie or one of the Troy ends, but I'll go with the in-state product.

25. BAL - Robinson, CB, Florida State

They miss McAlister and Rolle.

26. ARI - Fox, T, Miami

Warner does not play another year without some protection.

27. DAL - Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

Will help them in the return game. With Austin outplaying Williams, the Cowboys will be looking to stick with the speed formula.

28. SD - Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

Would benefit from playing behind Tomlinson for a year. Not impressed by his bowl game.

29. NYJ - Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

Lito Sheppard's contract and trade conditions make it difficult to keep him, and the backups were constantly hurt. If Sheppard is kept, this could be a 3-4 DE.

30. MIN - Pouncey, C, Florida

The middle of the line needs help. Favre is fragile and Peterson did not get good holes this year.

31. NO - Neal, DT, Purdue

Ellis has been a disappointment considering his draft position.

32. IND - Washington, LB, TCU

Could play in the middle or outside, but Indy cannot let this talent pass by here. If they draft before NO, they could steal Neal.


3rd Round:

1. STL - Muckelroy, LB, Texas

Time to help the defense with a good athlete, the line can wait until the next pick.

2. DET - Franks, CB, Oklahoma

Their division competitors are all passing teams now.

3. TB - Calloway, T, Iowa

Trueblood was among the leaders in penalties and endangering the QB stats.

4. KC - Render, G, Virginia Tech

Expect last year's starters to hit the gym once the second lineman gets picked near the top of the draft.

5. OAK - Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

Will mature behind Ellis at RDE. Gives them two DEs with high upside for the future.

6. PHI - Jackson, CB, Alabama

If only Sheldon Brown could cover Dallas WRs as well as he complains about his salary.

7. CLE - Hernandez, TE, Florida

Puts another weapon on the field to help the QB.

8. BUF - McCluster, RB/WR, Mississippi

The Bills need some excitement on offense. And to not change the system the week before the opener.

9. MIA - Johnson, FS, Utah

Giants and Raiders fans could have told you that Wilson is not a free safety. I still have nightmares about the second-to-last play of the 2008 Super Bowl.

10. CHI - Young, T, Notre Dame

Cutler had better protection at Vanderbilt. I echo Urlacher, what happened to running the ball?

11. JAC - Tebow, QB, Florida

Will be drafted as a QB, backup for now, play the wildcat.

12. NYG - Angerer, ILB, Iowa

Makes plays, something no existing Giants LB can claim.

13. CAR - Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

Can block and catch.

14. TEN - Graham, DE, Michigan

Will compete with Ford for a starting job.

15. SF - Alexander, WR, Missouri

A big target used to their spread offense.

16. DEN - Pike, QB, Cincinnati

There were bound to be growing pains for Orton transitioning to an offense where they actually want him to throw the ball. Pike would fit the team well if Orton does not work out.

17. HOU - Jones, S, Georgia

Someone had to fall out of the pack of 2nd round safeties. Good value here.

18. PIT - Wright, FS, Florida

There are free agency and injury concerns with the safeties.

19. ATL - McCourty, CB, Rutgers

Lack of depth was exposed by injuries, although starters were not stars, either.

20. CIN - Edds, LB, Iowa

Allows Maualauga to move to the middle.

21. OAK - Jerry, G, Mississippi

A big force to assist the running game.

22. GB - Arenas, CB, Alabama

Falls because of his size, but will be an asset covering guys like Harvin and Knox.

23. PHI - Hardesty, RB, Tennessee

Westbrook's concussions are a concern, depth is needed at the position.

24. BAL - Brown, WR, Central Michigan

Need a speedy guy who can run as far as Flacco can throw.

25. ARI - Asamoah, G, Illinois

More QB protection.

26. DAL - Ulatoski, T, Texas

Dallas likes big lineman, and this guy is the biggest.

27. SD - Wilson, CB, Boise State

I have had many SD fans tell me that the corners played poorly this year.

28. CLE - Gerhart, RB, Stanford

Harrison is the primary, but they need a second back with different skills.

29. MIN - Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

Eventual replacement for Berrian and a big target to help the next QB.

30. NO - McCoy, QB, Texas

May not have the most talent, but I'm looking at him strictly as a backup for this specific team. Should be best equipped to handle the pressure of leading a good team in big games.

31. IND - Capers, T, West Virginia

Because questions about Manning's blind-side protection cannot remain. If he has a blind side.

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