Canal Street Chronicles: NFC Championship Q&A

We sent over some questions about the NFC Championship game and the New Orleans Saints to Canal Street Chronicles – see the results below.

What weakness of the Vikings are the Saints going to exploit?

I hope the Saints take advantage of the mediocre offensive line of the Vikings. Brett Favre can take over a game but if the Saints defense can create good pressure and keep Favre uncomfortable in the pocket, their chance of victory skyrockets.

What weakness on the Saints will the Vikings go after?

To properly answer this question I would first have to admit that the Saints actually have a weakness and I’m not so sure I’m willing to do that. Seriously though, I’m probably most concerned about the offensive line being able to the handle the Vikings defensive pass rush. I expect Payton to give the front four some help up front, getting creative with his tight ends and running backs.

Evaluate the Saints head coach (and staff) in terms of being ready for a playoff game like this.

Of all the coaches remaining in this years playoff, I genuinely believe Sean Payton is by far the most prepared. Since he’s taken over the team in 2006, he has had a noticeably intense focus on winning a championship. As an example of his savvy, last week he brought back the franchises most beloved player, Deuce McAllister, as honorary captain. You can imagine how fans and this city reacted; if they weren’t pumped for the game before, they certainly were afterwards. Classy and respectful, no doubt. But also a genius PR move and morale booster. Payton wants this bad.

Give us a ‘surprise’ player who could be a star on Sunday.

LT Jermon Bushrod. He’s not going to score any points and you probably won’t hear about him too much but Bushrod will be responsible for making sure Jared Allen never even gets a whiff of Drew Brees’ scent. It’s one of, if not the most, important job on the field but one that gets little recognition.

Finish this statement: If we don’t win this game I’ll…

pull out each one of my armpit hairs slowly. Seriously, this is the most important game in Saints history. They have never been to a Super Bowl in 43 years of history.


I know people think this is going to be a great, close game but having been in the building last week when the Saints beat the Cardinals, I think home-field advantage will be too much. Saints run away with it, 38-17.

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