Gang Green Nation: AFC Championship Q&A

We sent over some questions about the AFC Championship game and the New York Jets to Gang Green Nation – see the results below.

What weakness of the Colts are the Jets going to exploit?

The Colts are small up front defensively. They gave up over 125 yards on the ground during the regular season. The Jets have one of the most physical offensive lines in the game and a power back, Shonn Greene, who has broken out in the Playoffs. The Jets are going to pound it and try to control the clock.

What weakness on the Jets will the Colts go after?

The answer is always the rookie quarterback for the Jets. No matter how well the Jets run it, they aren’t going to win in Indianapolis unless Mark Sanchez makes a few plays. Gang Green may have a great defense, but Peyton Manning will put up points. Sanchez has only one turnover in the past four games, but fans surely will flash back to the middle of the season when Mark was giving the ball away like it was candy. The Colts have two excellent pass rushers in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis who look to strip the ball whenever possible. If Sanchez gives the ball away even once, it may be too much for the Jets to overcome.

Evaluate the Jets head coach (and staff) in terms of being ready for a playoff game like this.

I think Rex Ryan is one of the best X’s and O’s guys in the business. With that said, I think the most important thing he has going for him is the confidence he’s instilled in his players. It’s been talked about to death in the media. He believes in his guys. His guys believe in him. This Jets team is showing up in Indianapolis expecting to win. After a pair of road Playoff wins, it would be human nature for a team to feel like it’s playing with house money, particularly with a rookie quarterback. That’s not the case in New York.

Give us a ‘surprise’ player who could be a star on Sunday.

Dustin Keller. He had a disappointing regular season, but he’s caught the touchdown catch that put the Jets ahead for good in the first two Playoff games. This game is a homecoming for him. He played his college ball at Purdue. You need to score touchdowns in the red zone when Peyton Manning is the other quarterback. I’m sure we’ll see the Jets look to the tight end in scoring position.

Finish this statement: If we don’t win this game I’ll…

Be very proud of my team. The Jets had a great season and silenced a ton of doubters. They have a great young core and are set up to be back in this game for years to come. With that said, you can only rationalize a loss to a certain degree. No Jets fan under 41 can say they were alive for a Super Bowl featuring our team. These opportunities come along rarely so a loss would be a bitter disappointment.


My head tells me beating the best player in the league in his building will be very difficult. The offense will have to control the ball on the ground to limit the time Peyton Manning has with it. The defense will have to play a terrific game. The secondary has to hold firm against an explosive passing game. The Jets may need a nonoffensive touchdown on either a Brad Smith return or a turnover.

The Jets actually have the right players to make all of this happen. My heart tells me it does, and Gang Green pulls a 20-17 upset.

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