Jonathan Dwyer NFL Draft scouting report

Jonathan Dwyer
5'11, 235 pounds | Running back | Georgia Tech

Shows great quickness working through the hole. Dwyer's acceleration is based more on power than on natural agility and foot quickness. Didn't really get asked to take a ball on a hand off and work around the tackles. Mostly worked to the outside on pitches, so his lateral acceleration is questionable.

Ball protection: Never had fumble issues at Georgia Tech. Had zero recorded fumbles in 517 carries. Shows good carrying technique.

Elusiveness: Agility is decent for the position. Show's a good first cut, but not a lot after that. Doesn't have the sudden movement to make defenders miss in the open field.

Pass catching: Was never really used as a receiver in Tech's offense. Had only 15 receptions in three years, good for 263 yards and a touchdown. Will need to learn proper route running. Has solid hands when he has to use them.

Pass blocking: This is what could make Dwyer a situational player early in his career at the next level. It's mostly an unknown if Dwyer has the skills and football intelligence to pick up blitzers. He has the size, however, to hold up.

Power: In the Georgia Tech option scheme, Dwyer's role as the fullback was to work between the tackles. He has good strength, particularly in his legs. Always keeps his feet moving, which helps him break through arm tackles.

Dwyer may not have the best height, but he has a good build for a running back. He has big, powerful legs and a good build in his upper body. Dwyer probably won't get much bigger than he is right now. In fact, a strength coach may ask him to trim up a little bit.

Speed: Has solid but not elite or even great playing speed. Dwyer broke some long runs for Georgia Tech, but he won't run away from a lot of safeties at the next level. Does take some time to get up to speed.

Showed great vision working through middle. Knows where a hole will develop in blocking and bust through it. Has very good balance and routinely keeps his shoulders square to the line. Vision in space needs to improve. Had his running lanes set up for him with the option.

Final word: Because he comes from a pure option offense, Dwyer is a little hard to grade. He shows good power and vision to work on the inside, his primary role in Tech's offense. Dwyer's size is also good, which helps his durability. Had some injury issues in 2009, including a shoulder stinger that limited him against Miami.

Where Dwyer needs to be questioned is in his ability to get around the edge quickly and move up field. Dwyer will also have to learn how to block and become more of a receiver.

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