QB Jeremiah Masoli Elgible To Play Immediately After Winning Appeal

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Jeremiah Masoli Wins Appeal, Immediately Eligible To Play For Ole Miss

In a surprising twist, the NCAA Division I Subcommittee for Legislative Relief has overturned the decision that required Jeremiah Masoli to sit out this season, making the quarterback eligible to play immediately for Ole Miss.

The announcement was made by the school Friday afternoon.

Initially, the NCAA had denied a waiver request from Ole Miss to allow Masoli to play in 2010. According to the NCAA rules, "football graduate student-athletes must receive a waiver in order to compete if they enroll at a university other than where they received their undergraduate degree." 

Except more reaction at our Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion.



Jeremiah Masoli Still Not Cleared For Game Action At Ole Miss

Oregon castoff Jeremiah Masoli is earning accolades down in SEC country from his coaches for his work on the practice field, but at the moment the practice field is the only environment in which he's allowed to contribute:

[Masoli] has yet to receive an NCAA waiver of the one-year residency requirement for a transfer student. It's a request that typically is rubber-stamped if the transfer enrolls in a different graduate school program than is offered at his previous school.
"There aren't many of these type waiver requests made and we've never processed one because of the requirements that must be made for consideration," said David Wells, Ole Miss' assistant athletic director for compliance. "I anticipate that we will hear something prior to the start of the season, sooner would be better than later.

I'm told by everyone I ask that this is essentially a non-issue, but even if it takes more time than they'd like, later would actually be fine: The Rebels open with Jacksonville State, followed by Tulane and Vanderbilt. And the head coach? Why, he's not concerned in the least:

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he has a plan for his quarterbacks, but doesn't want to reveal it until senior Jeremiah Masoli is cleared by the NCAA.
"I'm just glad we've got three and all three can play," Nutt said.

Forgive me for taking this out of context and hauling downfield with it, but: Lord deliver us, Houston Dale Nutt has A Plan. Please, oh please, say it involves rotating all three quarterbacks on the roster. Or fielding all three at once. Those early-season patsy games could do with a little levity.

Follow this story and more at SB Nation's Red Cup Rebellion.


UNLV Is The Latest Rumored Landing Spot For Jeremiah Masoli

Today, former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli received some good news in that he is allowed to play next year since he completed the required classes at Oregon.   That explains a lot to why he has not looked into transferring to an FCS school.  So far Masoli has been linked to multiple schools as a potential landing spot, but has yet to find a home.  Today the latest rumor has the former Duck linked to UNLV and SB Nation's Mountain West Connection feels that it is a bad idea for UNLV take on Masoli:

This looks to be all rumor with no legs, because UNLV is transitioning into a more pro style run based offense and away from a spread option offense that had been run the previous five years at UNLV.  Plus, UNLV all ready has three really talented quarterbacks starting with Omar Clayton and Mike Clausen who are a similar player to Masoli, and then there is redshirt freshman Caleb Herring who the staff is high on and is more of a traditional drop back passer and is going to be the future of the Rebels in the Bobby Hauck offense.

Masoli is in a real bind since most schools start fall camp in a few weeks, so he really needs to make a decision.  Two tips for Masoli, perhaps look at a school that has a system that will benefit his play and one that does not have a starting quarterback in place.


Jeremiah Masoli Exploring Transfer Options, Leaning South

Reports place him anywhere from the WAC to the SEC, but all indicators agree: Jeremiah Masoli, a Duck no more, is headed for warmer climes:

The former Oregon Ducks quarterback has visited the campus of Louisiana Tech and is planning on making a visit to Mississippi State, this according to a TV report by KNOE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana.

The Oregonian confirmed his visit to the Ruston campus but reported that the San Francisco native has not visited Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs and doesn’t have any plans to.

Either of these developments coming to fruition would be marvelous for all involved, as both the Southeastern Conference and the state of Louisiana have a history of harboring colorful series of felonious footballers. For maximum verisimilitude, however, not to mention immediate playing time, Masoli will want to follow in Police Blotter All-Star Ryan Perrilloux's illustrious cleatsteps and sign with Jacksonville State. Welcome to your own personal sun belt of freedom, kid. You'll be running your own riverboat-based counterfeiting ring in no time at all, and no one will care long as you win on Saturdays.

[UPDATE]:  Via The Oregonian, it appears Masoli is indeed considering Louisiana Tech, but not Mississippi State. Desolee, SEC.


Jeremiah Masoli, Suspended For 2010 Season, Will Stay At Oregon

While Oregon football looks to move on from a rather tumultuous offseason with the start of spring practices on Tuesday, there was still a bit of news that trickled out of Eugene on Monday. According to The Oregonian, Jeremiah Masoli, the quarterback who was suspended for the 2010 season after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor burglary charge, will stay at the school, and in theory, could make a return to the field in 2011.

The options are limited for Masoli. He could transfer and play this fall, but he could not go to the Football Championship Subdivision (Division I-AA) level — he would have to drop down to Division II or Division III, and even then his eligibility would not be a certainty.

Masoli's NCAA eligibility clock runs out after the fall of 2011, so he can stay at Oregon and play in 2011 and in any subsequent bowl game.

It is unknown if Masoli will have any presence with the team this year (he could be allowed to practice with the scout team). Senior Nate Costa and sophomore Darron Thomas will compete for the starting QB job.


Jeremiah Masoli Suspended For 2010 Season; Two Other Players For A Game

Chip Kelly announced Friday that Jeremiah Masoli will not take the field for Oregon in 2010.

"I want to apologize to the fans of the University of Oregon," Kelly said. "I want to apologize to the faculty of the University of Oregon. This is not what our football program is all about."

Sadly for Oregon, that seems to be all that their football program is about right now: how to deal with players who end up in the criminal justice system. Also having their punishments announced Friday: Rob Beard and LaMichael James, who pleaded guilty to harassment and will each miss the first game of the season.

Our Oregon blog, Addicted To Quack, is as satisfied as anyone can be with something like this.

With all the speculation that has been happening over the past few weeks, I think that these punishments are fair. James and Beard made mistakes, and when presented with poor situations, made the wrong decisions.

Jeremiah Masoli’s crime was much more premeditated, and he reportedly broke Chip Kelly’s number one rule: he lied to the coach. I’m honestly surprised he wasn’t entirely kicked off the team, though I support the University standing by the student-athletes and helping them compete their education.

One can fairly wonder how long fans will remain so patient.


Report: Jeremiah Masoli's Locker Cleaned Out

This is very early and very sketchy and should be taken with about a deer lick of salt, especially seeing as how Chip Kelly's already said his decision won't be announced before tomorrow. But: An ESPN Radio guy out of Portland is saying, and Yahoo's Dan Wetzel is repeating, that Jeremiah Masoli's locker in the Ducks' complex has been emptied. That same radio source is also reporting that LaMichael James will not receive a suspension. We'll be updating this story the rest of the night, so stay tuned here and at SBN's Oregon blog, Addicted to Quack, for all the latest.


Oregon Coach Kelly Will Decide 'Disciplinary Action' On Friday

Friday will be a busy day for Oregon football. Unfortunately, they will be occupied not on the field, but rather in the court room.

On the same day that running back LaMichael James will appear in court for a change of plea hearing and sentencing, another pair of Ducks will face arraignment for a completely separate incident. QB Jeremiah Masoli and receiver Garrett Embry were both charged with burglary on Wednesday. While the crime occurred in the same time period as when they were accused to have stolen from a fraternity, "the district attorney's office would not confirm or deny that the charges stem from that incident."

Both players are facing one count each of burglary in the second degree, which is a Class C felony.

Wednesday night, via the team's official Twitter account, head coach Chip Kelly issued the following statement:

"I am carefully considering the latest news concerning Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James and will make a decision regarding disciplinary action on Friday, March 12."

Embry was dismissed from the team on Jan. 8.

Friday's court arraignment is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET.

For all things Oregon, follow our Ducks blog, Addicted to Quack.


Report: Oregon Players Not Considered Suspects

According to KMTR in Eugene, Oregon, police have said that Jeremiah Masoli and Garrett Embry are not considered suspects in a case that they allegedly stole laptops from a college dorm. They are mentioned in the police report about the theft, but they "are not considered suspects at this time." 

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